Packers vs Giants Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Giants Wild Card game. See his take on the first half

Wow. What a finish to the first half. Let's go folks.

Comment From Wes

You just can't make this stuff up.

Five years after Hakeem Nicks ended the first half with a Hail Mary TD in the playoffs, Cobb returns the favor. Unreal.

Comment From Spencer

Bend but don't break defensively?

That's been pretty good so far. The defense was really holding things together there while the offense sputtered.

Comment From Guest

I don't know my NFL history, but has anyone thrown as many crazy Hail Marys as Rodgers?

Certainly not three in a span of 13 months. That has to be some sort of record.

Comment From Jerry

I hope the ribs aren't broken.

Me, too. As many are saying here, thoughts with Jordy.

Comment From Jerry

Bold move by coach McCarthy to call timeouts to get ball back, considering how the offense was plahing.

The first one only saved the New York offense 4 seconds, but it saved Green Bay's offense plenty on the other side of the 2-minute warning. It was a low-risk TO. He didn't call the last one until fourth down.

Comment From Craig

Totally outplayed yet leading by 8 points.. ridiculous!

Welcome to the NFL playoffs. Jared Cook dropping that pass over the middle was the best thing that could have happened. If he catches that, the half is over.

Comment From Wyatt

Looks like Randall is playing some good ball today?

He came to play, no doubt.

Comment From Tony

Get ball at beginning of 2nd and another TD would really put pressure on Eli? D doing just enough

For sure. This first drive of the third quarter, need to build on the momentum.

Comment From Andy

Spoff, I thought during the week the key match up was our O line vs. their D line. Do you see that in the way it's played out so far?

The Giants are rushing in a very disciplined fashion, not giving Rodgers anywhere to escape. That was clearly their plan coming in. They have good cover guys, and Rodgers keeps waiting for guys to break open.

Comment From Cheesehead4evr

What a turnaround!

I believe at one point the total yards in the game were something like 197-8, and the Packers were only down 6-0. Give the defense credit.

Comment From Matt

A hail mary is a hail mary, but I was much more impressed with that TD pass to Adams. Incredible play

For sure. The streak route down the sideline to Adams to get down there was a beautiful throw. That's what we expect to see from Rodgers, but it's tough against these DBs.

Comment From Sivas

I cant handle more injuries...

I'm not sure the Packers can, either.

Comment From Guest

How do they get more pressure on Eli

Capers isn't blitzing much because he needs the safeties back to help on the receivers. They'll be OK as long as they can keep stopping the run with safeties back. You can see Manning checking to run plays at the line sometimes when it's a deep cover 2. He wants to make them pay for that strategy by running them out of it.

Comment From Connor

What is it about the Giants that give the Packers fits?

Disciplined rush and good cover guys. They're the No. 2 scoring defense in the league for a reason.

Comment From Matt

Looked like Montgomery was finally starting to get going at the end there. I hope we can just grind clock in the 2nd half

It would be good to find some running room, but I think he got those yards because the Giants were totally playing pass.

Comment From Rob

Props to special teams...field position huge so far

Definitely. Schum is having a dynamite game, and Janis has been superb on coverage. Harris clearly doesn't like to fair-catch the ball. Hyde with one nice punt return, too.

Comment From KD

Any reaction from the press box on that hail mary?

There were some welps of amazement. Right before the play, I pointed for Wes to the spot in the end zone where Nicks caught that one 5 years ago. I'd say Cobb caught his about 10-15 yards away from it.

Comment From SeanG

I need to start checking with my doctor to see if my heart is healthy enough for Packer games

This team sure is entertaining.

Comment From Matt

What's the story with Martinez?

knee injury, return questionable

Comment From KD

Still a one score game. Offense can't continue to stall out like they did in the first quarter and most of the second.

Have to find some way to consistently move the ball. It's not going to be easy.

Comment From Lambeau Leaper

Unpredictable first half. What to expect for the 2nd?

Just as unpredictable, probably.

Comment From Guest

Why no update on Jordy?

Because they didn't give one. Rib injury, that's all we know.

Comment From Skip

With the pass protection as tight as it is, I am surprised that Rodgers isn't scrambling for more yards. Is there something we're not seeing?

He can't get out. The Giants are giving him no escape lanes.

Comment From Seth

Second half, build on the momentum - one can never have too much. Which is more important, getting the passing game in a rhythm or the run game?

It doesn't matter. Just move the ball, do whatever it takes. That's how this team is built right now. Do whatever it takes. Kickoff coming up, gotta run. Thanks everybody.

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