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Packers WR Randall Cobb using 'his intelligence and his drive' to make plays

Key comments from the Green Bay’s coordinators

WR Randall Cobb
WR Randall Cobb

GREEN BAY – The Packers' three coordinators met with the media Friday prior to the team's trip to Philadelphia. Here's a sampling of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia

On facing the Eagles' special teams:

I've been playing against the Eagles for a long, long time. And when you go into their place, you have to be ready for a physical football game. They're well coached, they're a fast, physical unit and the culture of the Philadelphia Eagles is to play fast and to play physical and to be in your face all the time. And so it will be a good challenge for us, going into their place, playing at night, their fans, their atmosphere, what it's like in there, it should energize you to be able to play in that atmosphere on a Sunday night. So I think we're excited about it and we'll see how we handle the challenge. We'll see how we respond.

On whether great returners are born or made:

There's only one Deion Sanders. Know what I mean? There's only one Billy 'Whiteshoes' Johnson. So some of these guys have an innate ability to go back there and change the game, to make a difference, what Devin Hester did. And obviously, what did Cordarrelle (Patterson) just do? Right, set the record. I remember Devin coming out of high school, and I think some of those guys have these rare gifts to go back there and change the game. I was at South Carolina playing against Deion when he was at Florida State and I was coaching South Carolina, and I think he did everything that particular weekend in '88. I think he won the 100 in a track meet that week and I think he hit two home runs and I think he had a punt return and a kick return for a touchdown. So, when you get a chance to get around some of those rare guys like that, it's what they do.

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry

On his past with LB Justin Hollins:

The thing I noticed about Justin, which we're going to have to rely on that again, is how really savvy and smart and how he was able to make a seamless adjustment. He literally got here walking out to the practice field. But we'll see what happens. He was able to get a little bit of work yesterday, got a little more work today. He's played a lot of football. He just played in the Super Bowl (nine) months ago. He's played a lot of ball, and he's been on the biggest of stages so it's not going to be too big for him. He's a great kid and hopefully we can use him.

On Eagles QB Jalen Hurts:

Jalen's an unbelievable talent, was a big-time recruit coming out of high school, had a phenomenal college career and they've really catered – this is his team, they've catered this team, they've made this offense, they've made this team, they've adapted it to what he does really well. I think that's pretty cool. They haven't tried to make him something that's not. They've allowed him to be who he is and he's arguably in the MVP discussions now.

On facing the Eagles and that offense:

They have two really good receivers. They have a quarterback that's not just a guy that can drop back and hurt you with his arm, he can hurt you with his feet, so you've got to account for that. And then they have three pretty good guys they can just turn and hand the ball off to … and then they arguably have one of the best offensive lines in football. But again, that's why they've lost one game. They're a very good team. The thing I think that has kind of reared its head at least the last couple weeks, they've turned the ball over six times in the last two games. They had two last week and they had four in the one game they lost to Washington. But they're a very good team, they're a very efficient team. They know exactly who they are, and they're saying hey, this is who we are, this is how we're gonna play, stop us. It's a challenge for us, but every week in the National Football League is a challenge. So we're up for it and we can't wait.

Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich

On WR Randall Cobb:

There's two things that stick out most about Cobb is he is such a great competitor and he is so intelligent that even on a banged-up ankle, whatever, he can go out there and just use his intelligence and his drive and get open and make big plays. That's what I love about the guy. He's just so competitive and just such a good team guy that it's fun to be around. And he's good for the room teaching young guy. His knowledge is incredible.

On when he thought WR Christian Watson could be special:

First practice. First time I saw him run routes. You saw the speed, his get-off and just how he attacked the secondary and you were like, 'Wow, this guy has a chance to be pretty good.' I think it was his drive off the ball compared with his size. A lot of times, you see a really fast guy that might not be very big but he's 6-4 and he is coming off the rock at a good rate. When you watched that the first time, you're like, 'Wow.' That's what impressed me the most right away.

On TE Josiah Deguara:

I like how he's becoming more involved in the offense. He gives you versatility, not only is he a movable piece in the blocking surface to create gaps to give defenses problems, but he's also good in the pass game. He's a good team guy, plays hard, intelligent. He gets the ball in his hands, he can make some plays, too, so I like how he's being more involved, especially in the run game.

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