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Press boxes don't break out in laughter very often

The Packers finished drives in the second half


Walt from Skandia, MI

My wife walked by the den during the game, took one look at the all-white uniforms and said, "Who does that laundry?" It made me think how much more interesting the game would have been if it was raining and muddy.

I'm stunned a detergent hasn't stepped forward yet to sponsor the color-rush games. Wait for it.

Brandon from Oshkosh, WI

Just a comment about the announcers. They said repeatedly how Aaron Rodgers has a better completion percentage when he gets rid of the ball quickly and find it odd that it goes down when he holds it longer. Do people that cover the game as a livelihood understand he is holding it longer because no one is open, making it harder to complete the pass?

Aside from a strong running game, timing is a quarterback's best friend.

Chase from San Jose, CA

Anybody that thinks the Packers can win like this every week is forgetting about our 15-1 season. The positives beyond the win are obviously Montgomery and Gunter. Anyone else stick out to you guys?

I want to take a closer look at Kenny Clark on the film. I loved the way Gunter started the game, fired up and confident from the get-go.

Gene from Los Angeles, CA

Hey guys, what was the last question that someone asked McCarthy in the after-game press conference? He didn't take too kindly to it.

A national writer asked him to confirm a report that Lacy had gained back the weight he lost in the offseason. To those of us who are around McCarthy every day, the response was predictable, but I didn't mind a short press conference. It was already going to be a long night.

Jonnie from Detroit, MI

Hello, gents! I watched the game on Thursday, and I had to laugh when the TV announcer almost tripped on his own tongue saying, "Carey gets the . . . carry." I know live TV announcing is a completely different beast from writing, but are there any humorous player name/football phrase combinations that you try to avoid when writing your columns?

The tricky one in recent years here is an offensive story that mentions the two Rodgers (Rodgerses?). After the Hail Mary in Detroit last year, I felt like my story was an Abbott and Costello routine to keep it all straight.

Larry from East Dundee, IL

Do you think the NFL will drop the Thursday night games? Seems to me this game day is bad for the teams playing with less recovery time for players.

It's not going anywhere unless it comes up in the next CBA negotiations.

Ryan from Menomonie, WI

I loved the excitement Martinez showed during his interception. I think for a moment maybe he forgot they can get back up in the NFL.

Press boxes don't break out in laughter very often. After a long/short week, we needed that.

Isaac from Nashville, TN

Wild swings of emotion, delusions of grandeur, paranoia, claims to see the future: Does it ever strike you that taken as a whole, the Insider Inbox sounds like a madman?

Sounds like?

Chris from Sartell, MN

Thrilled with the win and the positive energy it will likely produce in our locker room! One thing has had me scratching my head the last few games, however. Why do our punt returners consistently call for a fair catch near our goal line (inside the 15)? Seems like a good gamble to see if it would roll into the end zone, or maybe bounce backward for better starting field position.

It's not a good gamble. There's a huge difference for an offense to start at the 9-yard line versus the 2-yard line. You don't take the risk. Those 7 yards are way more valuable than the 11 you might get if the ball happens to bounce your way into the end zone.

Julia from Gresham, OR

Hello Insiders, how well will our new "five WR offense" work against teams like the Falcons or Vikings?

I think we're going to find out eight days from now.

Justin from Titonka, IA

What changed in the second half?

On defense, the Bears were severely limited at quarterback. On offense, the Packers finished drives. The 160 offensive yards in the first half (plus 62 yards in pass interference penalties) produced two field goals and a failed fourth-and-goal. The 246 yards in the second half produced three touchdowns.

Andy from Brookfield, WI

Hello Insiders, did the Packers use the pass to open up...the pass?

They dominated time of possession with 56 pass attempts. It was a strange marriage, but they made it work for one night.

Look inside the Packers locker room both before and after Thursday night's tilt with the Bears. Photos by Evan Siegle,

Nate from Mishicot, WI

OK, guys. We all need to know, if you guys fought, who would win? Straight-up bare-knuckle brawl.

Wes watches UFC. I wouldn't stand a chance.

Langdon from Duluth, MN

Initially, I was disappointed with the color-rush choice, but the white uniforms were very nice. I wouldn't mind seeing those more often.

I thought they worked for a night game. They looked sharp under the Lambeau lights. Not so sure about an afternoon, sun-splashed game.

Jeffrey from Saint John, IN

Well, at least we can complain about the kicker. I think we covered everything to complain about now.

A protection issue in the kicking game inevitably crops up at some point during a long season. Best to have it occur late in the fourth quarter with a game in hand.

Scott from Memphis, TN

In the uniform prep photo album, what is the green part being pulled out by the equipment team?

It's a slippery faux jersey top that allows them to slide and fit the actual jersey over the pads much easier. Then they just yank it out and move on to the next one.

Brian from Alta Vista, IA

I know it will probably depend on the bigger need when the time comes but who do you think has a better chance of coming back in eight weeks? It will be a tough decision for TT. It will all depend on how the running backs and corners play I think.

It will depend on each player's health, and yes, how those position groups are playing at the time and the team's needs. We know that both Shields and Lacy can't come back this year, but it's also possible neither will. Either way, any decision is a long ways off.

Seth from Bartlett, TN

After an exciting win against the Bears, with an impressive display of creative play calling, I'm re-energized. The only piece missing on a pass heavy night was Jordy. Can this offense compete against top teams without strong performance from its top receiver? I think the answer is maybe, due to young talent, but am interested to hear your analysis.

It'll be about matchups and how other teams line up against the four- and five-wide looks. After Nelson won his deep route and drew the PI against a safety, the Bears put Porter on him and Rodgers had better matchups elsewhere. I thought Nelson had a step on another go route down the sideline, but the ball wasn't thrown. Then he didn't look right getting up from that midfield collision, so I don't know how that affected him the rest of the game. I think Nelson has some big games coming up, but if they're not needed every week for the Packers to win, all the better.

Mike from Waukesha, WI

Insiders, what did you think of Aaron Rodgers channeling his inner Dude during the postgame press conference?

That's definitely a question for Wes.

Nick from State College, PA

How does a receiver get more separation? Is it just speed? Footwork? Strength? I honestly do not know the finer points of playing WR and would like to know more.

I don't know them all either, but I remember years ago having a conversation with Greg Jennings, and he talked about making every route look the same for the first few steps off the line of scrimmage. Same stride length, same tempo, same head angle, same everything, until the moment he needed to execute a specific move or assignment. I've never seen anybody do it better.

Paul from Nevada City, CA

Insiders, what sort of "balance" with the run game might develop given the "pounder" is out and there is more "speed," along with the Ty package?

It'll be whatever it takes in a given week. I've always called this a week-to-week league, and we might be seeing a week-to-week offense for a while.

Reed from York, PA

Vic said, "The Packers need a pounder. They lost a good one." Nobody wants to talk about Ripkowski. I thought it horrid he didn't get the goal-line carry in the Chicago game when Montgomery got stuffed between the tackles. I also don't understand why Rip wouldn't become that pounder.

It's all a work in progress. Lots of folks up in arms about Ripkowski not getting the ball on fourth-and-goal, yet they're all forgetting he was stuffed on third-and-1 on the opening drive in the red zone vs. Dallas. Just as he's doing with rotating personnel vs. the no-huddle, McCarthy is trying to find what works best when, and with the current state of the running game it's going to continue to evolve.

Charlie from Bozeman, MT

Montgomery poses a threat when lining up in the backfield. Is Ty a matchup nightmare for defenses, in particular linebackers, when catching balls out of the backfield?

I wouldn't say matchup nightmare, but he's a curious chess piece. If the defense assigns a cornerback to him, the opponent is a little lighter against the run. Assign a safety or linebacker, and slipping Montgomery out for a quick throw can give him space to make somebody miss. Going forward, will defenses be able to disguise at the line of scrimmage who's accountable for him, so Rodgers won't know? Should be fun to watch.

Joe from Pittsburgh, PA

After the horrible Julio Jones non-call last Sunday, isn't it way past time that the league makes pass interference calls reviewable? I hate to see great games decided by a blatantly missed call.

I think it's only a matter of time. Did you see the look on Richard Sherman's face when he came to the sideline after that? He knew.

Melvin from Madison, WI

Hi Insiders, what's your opinion on baseball so far? Who've you got winning the World Series?

I'm watching the Cubs as intently as I can, because I love the history and drama surrounding them, though I missed Games 2 and 5, of course. I wonder if a Packers-Bears game has ever had lower ratings in the Chicago market. The set-up is priceless. The Cubs can only get to the World Series for the first time since 1945 if they beat one of two pitchers against whom they scored a grand total of zero runs this past week. You can't make this stuff up.

Gary from Davenport, IA

If the Indians win the World Series and their fans started referring to Cleveland as "Titletown," would Packer fans be offended?

That's a rhetorical question, right?

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