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Random Questions With Hunter Hillenmeyer


Packers linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer recorded 249 tackles (165 solos) with 6.5 sacks as a two-year starter at Vanderbilt University.

But despite playing in the high profile South Eastern Conference, Hillenmeyer admits that he has never experienced fan support like that of the Green Bay Packers.

Self-described as a "relentless" player on the field, the 5th-round draft choice managed to take a break from his offseason workouts to answer a few random questions from Where did you grow up and what is the best thing about your hometown?

Hillenmeyer: "I grew up in Nashville, Tenn., and I've lived there my entire life. I played high school football there, college football there. It's pretty sad, but every school that I've ever been to, from pre school through college, has been on the same street (West End Ave.)."

"It's just a great city. I think that my favorite part about it is that it's big enough to have professional sports and all the niceties of a big city, but it's still small enough that it doesn't take you 30 minutes to get everywhere."

What are your plans before the season starts?

"I'll go back to Nashville after the Rookie Symposium and just get my mind off of football for a little bit, but still stay in shape while I'm there. I'm going to my little nephew's christening in New York. That's probably the only time I'll leave town. I think I'm only there for about two weeks so I'll just be sitting at home, relaxing."

What athletes did you admire growing up?

"I may get in trouble here in Green Bay, but my favorite player was Mike Singletary. I just loved the way that he played, his intensity. He wasn't the biggest guy on the field but he was probably one of the most feared players ever."

Have you seen any movies lately?

"I saw The Italian Job. It was pretty good."

Do you watch any reality TV? If so, what shows?

"Yeah, I do, I'm ashamed to admit. I watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I don't watch them religiously every week, but I check them out every now and then."

What's the strangest autograph request you've received from a fan?

"Someone asked me to sign a styrofoam plate at Brett Favre's softball game. Someone else asked if they could have my autograph and then they wanted my water bottle."

What's the funniest thing you've ever seen on the football field?

"I was talking with one of our high school coaches before practice one day, he was always screaming and yelling at the guys and it was kind of a love-hate relationship with the players. Our punter, who got drafted by the Giants, sent a huge, spiraling punt down the field during pre-practice and hit the coach in the side of the head. It was probably the funniest thing that I've ever seen. After a few choice words, he asked why he couldn't get a "heads-up."

What made you fall in love with football?

"I don't know. I've always played since fourth grade. The very first game that I played in, I broke my arm, so my mom was determined to keep me from ever playing football again. "

Who's had the biggest influence on your career?

"I would have to say my dad. Not just with football, but in general. My parents have been such huge supporters in whatever I'm doing and my mom almost had a heart attack when she found out that I was going to be playing S.E.C. football. She's always been afraid of the contact sports. They've always been supportive and told me that no matter what you do, you have to give 100 percent and follow through with it."

What was your favorite stadium to play in during college?

"Florida (Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, a.k.a. "The Swamp"). I think it's the loudest stadium I've been in."

Have you ever been to Disney World, and if so, what was your favorite ride?

"I can't remember any names of the rides, but I was scared of roller coasters when I was a kid. I do remember my brother getting an ear-ache while we were climbing up the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. My parents still talk about that being our worst traveling experience as a family."

Do you have any special hobbies?

"I play golf. For exercise during the off-season in college, we would play ultimate frisbee."

If you could have dinner with three people (past or present) who would they be?

"Jesus Christ, the first Hillenmeyer to come over, and maybe some other historical figure like Julius Caesar or William Shakespeare, just to offer a different perspective."

What's the best thing about being a Packer?

"The fans. They're unbelievable. And also the way that everybody is so focused on the goals and achieving things as a team and doing the things that it takes to achieve that ultimate goal. Just the way that people go about their day-to-day workouts and running. You don't want to be the one slacking off. You want to be as accountable as the next guy and that's probably why they've been so successful."

What is your favorite midnight snack?

"Ice cream."

What is your favorite movie?

"Shawshank Redemption."

What is your favorite game show?


What is your Favorite TV commercial?

"I love those Terry Tate, Office Linebacker commercials."

What is your favorite holiday?


Who is the funniest player on the team?

"Mike McKenzie. He's always cutting up in meetings."

Who is the best dressed player on the team?

"Not me. I've been getting critiqued by some of the other players. They seem to have a problem with my dress code. I even had a fan ask me why I had socks on with my sandals before the charity softball game. I was about to put my cleats on."

In one word, describe your play on the field.

"Relentless. I think that several guys, after making a great play, take the next play off. I try not to do that."

Describe the most memorable play of your career.

"During the high school state championship, two of my friends were involved in an interception at the end of the game to clinch the game when all the other team had to do was take a knee and kick a field goal."

Who is the first person you telephone after a game?

"My parents, if they're not there."

Can you cook? If so, what's your specialty?

"Yes, I'm a wonderful cook. My specialty is Skillet Sensations."

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