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Rayner Gives Kicking Advice To Manitowoc Woman Looking to Cash In On Sunday


When watching a professional football game, how many countless times have you heard a fellow fan scream out, "Oh, I could have caught that!" or, "Even I could have kicked that field goal!"

Well, Tina Jacquart of Manitowoc, Wis, will get that chance this Sunday, when the Packers play host to the Arizona Cardinals.

Jacquart will attempt a 40-yard field goal during a timeout of this Sunday's Packers-Cardinals game. If she happens to split the uprights she will have a check written in her name to the tune of $100,000.

Jacquart was randomly chosen from five finalists in the 'Kick for Cash' contest sponsored by Piggly Wiggly, along with Johnsonville Sausage, Coca-Cola and Miller Lite and says she started practicing with her husband as soon as she learned that she had been chosen.

"We went and bought a football right away and it came with a pamphlet that teaches you how to kick, so we went to our high school and started kicking," she said.

Although Jacquart isn't getting her hopes up she says she is simply happy to have the opportunity.

"The field goal is too far, but I'm glad to be able to go to my first Packers game," she said.

Jacquart also got the chance to get a couple of tips from someone who knows a thing or two about putting a ball through the uprights, Packers Kicker Dave Rayner.

"She has the basics down," Rayner said. "She's kicking it straight so that's better than a lot of people can do."

Rayner jokingly pointed out that if Jacquart happens to be successful this Sunday she will need to remember her coach.

"I'm not asking for 10 percent or anything but dinner and a card signed by her would be nice," Rayner said.

If Jacquart does indeed walk out of Lambeau Field $100,000 richer this Sunday, dinner shouldn't be a problem.

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