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Resilient Packers Remain Confident


Sitting at 1-4 and in fourth place in the NFC North Division, the Packers find themselves in uncharted territory heading into Sunday's meeting with the division-leading 3-1 Detroit Lions.

Despite a difficult four-game losing streak, the players in the Lambeau Field locker room know that they can still salvage this season. That sentiment was expressed Wednesday by a variety of players, but most notably by quarterback and longest-serving Packer Brett Favre.

"We've had our share of adversity, but at some point everyone goes through difficult times," Favre said. "By no means have we given up on this season. This is just the way it's going to be.

"You wonder week after week if these challenges are getting tougher and we're not able to stand up to them, but I don't see that with our team yet."

To a man, the Packers said that they are focused on getting things turned around, and doing so right away with a win Sunday at Ford Field.

Linebacker Na'il Diggs said that his team can't afford to look at the big picture, but just take each week as a one-game season. He is confident in the talent on the roster and that they will be able to put things together to get a victory.

"That's really what it is - you try to get on a winning streak of winning one game," said Diggs. "You take it and then the next game after that. This is a difficult position for us. It pains me because I know we're better and I know we have the guys to win games, but it's just not happening. That's the part that really stings."

Aaron Kampman is sure that the mindset of he and his teammates will be turned in the right direction this week as they prepare for Sunday's crucial intradivision match-up.

"You have a choice when you're faced with adversity, and I believe that all the men here will choose to respond positively to it," the defensive end said. "No one in this locker room has been in this situation before, but obviously the guys who have been around long enough know that you just keep sawing wood."

Favre reminded everyone at his weekly press conference Wednesday that while 1-4 is a new situation for him and his teammates, he is heartened by the way they pulled together last season after a slow start and believes a repeat performance isn't out of the question.

"We're all upset and frustrated by what's happened, but there was a time last year where I thought you could write us off - numerous times," Favre said. "But we ended up making the playoffs and were one of the hotter teams going into the playoffs. Will that happen this year? I don't know, but I don't see any reason why we can't. It starts today and how we handle practice and the adversity throughout the week will determine how we play on Sunday."

Darren Sharper, the dean of the Packers defense, is sure that the team has the capability of changing their early-season fortunes; it's just a matter of getting it done on the field.

"I know that we're confident and I know that we can play better than we're playing," Sharper said. "In saying that, you have to go out and play that way. All the talk and the things like that at this point is really useless. We need to go out there and perform well on Sunday - play well when the lights are on."

Favre concluded that getting back on the winning track for the Packers is a matter of pride. He knows that he is the leader of the team, but when asked if he will be giving a motivational pre-game speech Sunday, the 35-year-old gunslinger said he will most likely let his legendary right arm do his talking.

"We make a lot of money to do what we do," said Favre. "We're obviously very fortunate to do what we do and to have an opportunity to play week in and week out in the National Football League. I don't see what I can say. I know people look to me as a leader on the team. I've always felt that you lead by actions and not by words. The best way I can lead is to play my best football."

If Favre and his teammates come out Sunday and play their best football, they will have taken the first step on the road to righting the ship and turning the season around.

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