Returning Ahmad Brooks gives Packers 'flexibility' on defense

Highlights from Packers' coordinators and offensive assistant coaches


Key comments from the Packers' coordinators and offensive assistant coaches

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers

On where Clay Matthews ranks among the pass-rushers he's coached:

When Clay is healthy, he can rush with the best of them. He's a combination – he's an explosive guy. I think he has a good feel of trying to get on the edge of things. He had a good rush game last week. Hopefully, he can take and build on that. When he's been healthy, he's been consistently productive in that area.

On defense losing Nick Perry and Mike Daniels to injuries:

To be the kind of defense we want to be, you have to have two or three difference-makers out there. They had dominated performances against Seattle. You take one week. Nick goes out the first series and breaks his hand. Mike goes out seven plays in. That's the nature of the NFL. One series to the next can look a lot different. You have to have answers if it's a different package you play or guys ready at different positions.

On Ahmad Brooks playing in multiple spots:

We've seen him do it. Right now, with the time we've had, we're trying to get him zeroed in on one role. He's been an outside backer, so he's had to drop and rush and do different things. I think it does give you some flexibility once he gets comfortable with what we're asking him to do.

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett

On Justin McCray filling in at right tackle:

He did a good job. That's all you can ask for and want. When you're in that situation, I want to be a guy who did my part and did my job whatever the case may be. We felt he did a good job. He stepped in there. We all make mistakes. The corrections were made and overall he did a nice job.

On Geronimo Allison:

It's no surprise when he gets his opportunity. Every time he steps on the practice field, you see it. He practices the way he expects to play. That's a direct result of our preparation and what we do on the practice field.

On Ty Montgomery's workload:

Each and every game will probably be different. As far as he what he's been able to accomplish, he can carry a load but the additional guys getting them opportunities, as well. As far as trying to put a number on it, I think it's early in the year before we can put a number on it. Maybe as the season progresses.

Special-teams coordinator Ron Zook

On Bengals WR Alex Erickson:

He's a lot better than people may give him credit for. I don't remember him coming out of Wisconsin, but their return game, both kickoff and punt, is very good. Pacman can still go, as well. I've been impressed with the way he runs. Kickoff return, he may be leading the NFL but definitely the AFC.

On challenge of moving parts on special teams:

Obviously, it's a challenge but it's the NFL. One of the thing when you go to camp, you prepare for the season. This is why back in August we talk about preparing for the season because you never know when you may have to play multiple positions. I go back and show them drills from camp. That's the only way I know how to do it.

Receivers coach Luke Getsy

On Randall Cobb during the first two games:

He had a strong offseason and strong preseason. These first two weeks, it showed. He's special when he has that ball in his hands. He's a dynamic player. The thing you see he's gotten a lot better at this year is his approach at the line of scrimmage because guys like to get their hands on him because if they don't, he's going to punish them. When he gets a full head of steam, he's tough to hand.

On Davante Adams' catch:

That's a special play. It was a little bit of an extended play, he had contact near the sideline and had to go down near the ground to get that ball. I think he would be the first one to say we just made it a priority and a big deal about catching balls that are unordinary. He as much as anybody has reaped the rewards of that.

On Geronimo Allison:

I think Geronimo is ready for whatever role he has this weekend. He's prepared to play whatever position we ask him to play. He played a lot of reps last week. Personally, I think he could play better and he'll say the same. It was his first game, but he did a lot of nice things. He's grown up a lot. He's had a nice development from the time he got here until this point.

Offensive line coach James Campen

On playing without both starting tackles in Atlanta:

To be able to go on the fly like that and not knowing until game time where you're going to play, it's a credit to the men they are and the fact they were flexible enough to go and move and do those type of things.

On benefit of Kyle Murphy and Justin McCray having David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga as resources on sideline:

I think it's real big. Bryan and David did a nice job with them. Donny B was there, too, who's been in that situation. All those things certainly do help without a doubt in the process when you get put in those situations.

Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt

On Aaron Rodgers against Atlanta:

I thought those young tackles did a nice job in that environment, but sometimes you have to save him from himself. Some of that, you just have to remind him we're playing with young tackles so we have to help them in the pass game and run. He has that attack mentality. I was proud of the way he played.

On challenge for QBs against uncommon opponents:

There's more time spent on the film. You're getting to know these guys. You have to go back and look at Pacman Jones and how he plays. There's definitely a lot of film work that goes into it. There's still some tendencies and structure of the defense from when Coach Zimmer was there.

On the two penalties on pick plays in Atlanta:

We felt pretty good about how we executed those two plays. We felt like we did what we were supposed to do to avoid those penalties. Unfortunately, they didn't see it that way. That's a part of the game. It's common in the league. We coach that hard and I felt personally those were two good jobs by Marty and G-Mo on those two type of plays.

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio

On Martellus Bennett in Atlanta.

It's just one of those games. We didn't execute the play like we wanted, but I don't foresee that being an issue. … One the ball got deep on him and those things are going to happen. Marty is a pro. He knows what he has to do.

On the Bennett OPI call:

That's interesting. He's just running a flat route and the defender jumped Marty thinking he was going to the flat. There were no intentions (to pick) on that. I think that play was sent to the league. I'm not sure what the ruling was on that.

On Lance Kendricks:

Lance obviously has versatility. The roles of the package of the game I think determines that. Everyone makes a big deal of two tight ends. Those packages are available every game depending on what the defense calls for or the situation in the game. We always have the ability to play in all groupings. The more depth you have at each position groups, the more you can play the game on your terms.

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans

On Ty Montgomery motioning from the backfield:

He's definitely more of a weapon from that standpoint. He understands everything A-Rod wants from that position whether you're splitting him out or utilizing him out of the backfield. He has a better grasp of that. He's a bigger weapon from that standpoint.

On getting Jamaal Williams more opportunities:

He does need to play more. We don't want to wear Ty down too much. He's probably played more than I wanted to play him. The first game, we have a tendency to do that. The second game, the way the game turned out is one of those situations where you have more of a viable guy receiving.

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