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Rivera Surrenders To Green In Friendly Feud


There is debate between them as to who started it, but offensive guard Marco Rivera made it clear Friday that he's the one calling for a truce in the friendly practical joke war he'd been waging with running back Ahman Green since training camp.

In what turned out to be the game's final move, Green had all four wheels of Rivera's Hummer H2 secretly removed while the team was in meetings Wednesday morning.

That meant Rivera didn't become aware of the incident until he left the locker room to go to practice and discovered his vehicle resting on stilts.

"How about that?" Rivera marveled Friday. "Ahman Green grabbed my wheels. Did you see, it was on (ESPN's) SportsCenter?

"I told him, I ain't going to do nothing. I give up. I got punked and I'll take it on the chin, but he won."

Wednesday's antics weren't the first involving the duo and an automobile.

Rivera had previously swiped the remote control for Green's garage door.

Although that hardly matches Green filling Rivera's truck with live insects.

"He went to Petco and bought like 50 crickets and threw them in my car," Rivera said. "That was pleasant. I had crickets in my car for weeks. I think I still have them there. Every now and then I hear one. Then this: then he took the tires off."

Green admitted that the crickets weren't his brainchild but refused to divulge which teammate came up with the idea.

And even though Rivera called for an end to the prank war, Green said he planned to perform a constant inventory of his belongings to make sure he doesn't walk into another trap.

Of course, if Rivera goes back on his word, he can only expect retaliation from Green.

"I told him," Green said. "Whatever he started, I was going to finish it."

Green insists it was Rivera who started the feud, but the guard remembers it differently.

"He started with a can of Gatorade down my back (in training camp)," Rivera said. "Then I come back and hit him with a Gatorade. Then he comes back and puts some super kind of heat (gel) into my helmet ... Then I took his clothes or his wallet. Then he threw my clothes in the hot tub."

And then came the crickets, and the final act with the wheels.

"I told him, I'm not going to get back at him," Rivera said. "I gave him his remote to his garage. So we're done."

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