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Robinson Suspended By NFL: Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 17

Read the transcript of Mike McCarthy’s Tuesday press conference involving Koren Robinson’s suspension. will post these full transcripts for each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences throughout the 2006 season.

(What did the league tell you about his status now? Is it the rest of this season and the first six weeks next year?)

I got the same information you got as far as the statement. I didn't talk to the league or anything like that. The information is he is suspended, and September 18 is the date.

(It's a one-year suspension. Why is he eligible on the 18th of September, not the 18th of October?)

That's a good question for the NFL. I'm not sure.

(He wasn't cut some kind of deal by the team?)


(Is he still on the 53-man roster?)

He is no longer on the roster, and we'll bring another player up.

(Who are you thinking about?)

We're talking about that right now. We'll make a decision in the next 24 hours.

(Most likely will it be one of the practice squad receivers?)

A good possibility, yes.

(Based on how Koren has handled himself and the games he has been here, do you want him to be a part of the team in the future when he's eligible to be reinstated?)

In accordance with the NFL guidelines, I can't even comment on Koren's future. So I have to leave it at that.

(Is that right that he's not allowed to be at the facility?)

That is my understanding.

(In the past when players have been suspended and they couldn't be here, you still try to set things up for them to work out at places. What will you guys do to ensure he's working out?)

I've really never been involved in this process before, but my understanding is we're not allowed to be involved as an organization. In respect to the NFL guidelines, we will follow those guidelines.

(Can you not even pick up the phone and call him?)

I think that's correct. I'm not 100 percent sure on all the points and counter-points of this process.

(With Koren out and Robert down, it leaves you in a little predicament, doesn't it?)

These are the types of things you prepare for. Once again, that goes back to planning for your season. We do have four tight ends on our roster, we have two fullbacks, so we'll go in another direction. We have planned for this, and we will move accordingly as we get ready for Miami.

(Are you confident Ruvell can step in and contribute?)

Absolutely, that's why he's on the 53. Absolutely.

(Had he already made an appeal?)


(What's your reaction to the punishment? Too harsh?)

I have no comment. I'm not rehearsed enough in this area to even really comment on what's fair or not fair.

(Was there a conference call yesterday with the league?)

Correct. His appeal was yesterday.

(What's the latest on Robert Ferguson's injury?)

We're going to do some more tests this week. This is the period of time where we'll find out more about his foot sprain. So we'll have more information this week.

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