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Rossley Recovering Following Procedure


GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman announced Wednesday that Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Tom Rossley is recovering well after undergoing an angioplasty, a surgical procedure to clear a blocked artery, Tuesday morning.

After experiencing chest pains during the night following the team's Monday night game and into Tuesday morning, Rossley was taken to a local Green Bay hospital, where after a series of tests, the medical team performed the procedure.

Sherman made the announcement Wednesday in his regular mid-week press conference.

"During the night at home, and then he came in here and didn't feel well," Sherman said when asked about when Rossley began feeling discomfort. "Around 7:00 he went over there and had it taken care of. He was going to come in today and I said, 'Don't come in'."

Rossley will not be out of the office long, likely returning to work at Lambeau Field Thursday.

"He's fine, everything went well," said Sherman. "He's at home right now. He will probably be in tomorrow, probably somewhat moderated, but he will be in tomorrow."

The 58-year-old Rossley is in his fifth season as the Packers' offensive coordinator, having been hired by Sherman in January of 2000, a week after Sherman took over as head coach of the team.

It is not clear at this point whether Rossley will travel with the team to Detroit to face the Lions Sunday, but in the case that the coordinator can not, Sherman would assume the responsibility of calling the offensive plays from the sideline.

The move should not cause much, if any, disruption in the calling of the game, as Sherman, a former offensive coordinator himself, is always heavily involved in the offensive game plan each week.

As head coach, he hears every play that's called through his headset and always has veto power to change the play or make his own play call at any time.

Other head coaches around the NFL who also double as the play-callers for their respective offenses include Tampa Bay's Jon Gruden, Seattle's Mike Holmgren, Mike Martz of St. Louis, Philadelphia's Andy Reid, Mike Shanahan in Denver and Oakland's Norv Turner.

Sherman and Rossley consult the same game plan sheet during games, so the move will not present a lot of change from a preparation standpoint.

Sherman and the rest of the offensive coaching staff prepared the weekly game plan as usual Tuesday, with Sherman then taking Rossley's place in installing the game plan during the team's offensive meetings Wednesday.

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