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Sideline View Not Appealing To Favre


Most of us would pay a handsome sum of money for the chance to watch a Packers game up close with a view from the Lambeau Field sideline.

As if we needed another reminder, none of us are Brett Favre.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback had such a sideline view for most of the second half of Sunday's game against the New York Giants, and said Wednesday that it was understandably not his preferred vantage point to take in a Packers game.

"It was terrible," Favre said of looking on from the sideline. "If I had to do that full time, I wouldn't be here."

The quarterback was knocked out of the game with a concussion early in the third quarter, and felt helpless as he was forced to look on as the Pack dropped the 14-7 decision.

"I was so disappointed, I felt had I been in the game - no offense to Doug (Pederson), I talked to Doug about this - we would have won the game," said Favre. "I just feel that confident in my ability when I'm out there and my leadership.

"The two previous games, we didn't win, but as the game progressed, I just thought this would be a shame if we lose it. I felt so helpless. I wanted to go back in. I lobbied to go back in numerous times, but looking back it was the right decision. I just felt like I could have been doing so much more out on the field, and there was nothing I could do about it."

Favre, who said Wednesday that he feels fine and was cleared to return to action by the team's medical staff, gave his account of the events surrounding his eventful afternoon.

"I had a little bit of a headache, had some dizziness," said Favre of the first few minutes after taking the hit. "I had a little tingling in my left foot and right arm. I was sort of aware, but then again, that kind of lasted for the first five minutes, which was kind of confusing.

"As the game progressed, and up until the end, I felt fine but I just kind of felt like it was an out of body experience a little bit. I knew what was going on. I had my helmet on at times listening to the plays and was aware of what was called and what we were doing, but I just didn't feel myself."

The cloudy account makes the 28-yard touchdown pass that he threw to Javon Walker on a fourth down play just three snaps after absorbing the blow all the more legendary.

In his weekly Wednesday afternoon press conference, Favre spoke of telling the story to the Tennessee media in a conference call leading up to next Monday's game.

"I didn't remember anything at first," he said in his recollection. "Talking to their media today, I said it was probably a good thing I didn't know it was fourth down. I might have been a little more cautious.

"Then again, I'm glad I did what I did. I just ran back out there. Toward the end of the game, I knew exactly what had happened and everything I had forgotten had come back to me. But if you can shed any light on it, if you're going to come back in for a play, that's the way to do it. Not that I was trying to steal Doug's thunder or anything like that, it just happened. I don't even know if I had sat down after I came off the field. I remember asking the doctors as we were walking off the field, 'Why do I have to come out of the game?'"

The quarterback said that nearly all of the physical effects of the violent collision his head had with the Lambeau Field turf are gone, save one.

"I banged my head pretty hard and I didn't realize how hard until Monday when I woke up, my stomach muscles were hurting," Favre said. "I felt like I had done the toughest stomach workout I had ever done, and I knew I hadn't done that. My stomach muscles are still extremely sore, so I must have banged it pretty hard."

With his head cleared, and having received full clearance, Favre will return to the football field Thursday in preparation for the game. Thankfully for him, and for millions of Packer fans, he won't have to deal with that view from the sideline any longer.

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