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Some observations from rookie camp

What punishment for Patriots would be excessive?


Maximillian from Sydney, Australia

Vic, do you think the Packers are the team to beat in the NFC this year?

The Seahawks are the team to beat.

Pete from Chapel Hill, NC

Vic, from what you have seen, what skills or physical attributes typically differentiate a good punt-return man from a good kickoff-return man?

Punt-returners have wiggle; kickoff-returners are straight-liners. Gale Sayers was both.

Rob from Webb City, MO

Vic, Ed Reed, one of the better defensive players of the modern era, just retired. How will you remember him?

For intercepting passes and his battles with Hines Ward.

Paul from De Pere, WI

Vic, do you have any examples of Pro Bowl players who did not have the measurables?

I'm sure there are examples of try-hard guys in the Pro Bowl, but they are the exception to the rule. The Pro Bowl rosters are full of guys with top-end talent. You win with talent.

Aaron from Watertown, NY

Do you have any thoughts or comments about Coach McCarthy's beard?

I like it. I think it's a distinguished look.

Jim from Wilson, WI

Were there any surprises from this weekend's workouts? Any player who really stood out?

There were only two practices and the media was only permitted to watch the first one, so there's no way I can make any firm judgments based on just one practice. Ty Montgomery looks the part, Quinten Rollins is very smooth in coverage, Brett Hundley throws a spiral, and if they were making a movie about an inside linebacker, Jake Ryan would get the role.

Kevin from Greenfield, WI

"Don't tweet, write. We've got lots of tweeters. We need more writers." I couldn't agree more. I would much rather read an article with insight than a 140-character blurb. Do you think the writer is disappearing due to the need for news as quick as people can publish it?

I do. I think we're losing the ability to frame stories.

Steve from Birmingham, UK

Vic, should the Patriots' successes under Belichick and Brady forever be viewed with a caveat?

Spygate had already determined it would; Deflategate will further taint the Patriots' place in history.

Robin from Berryville, AR

When is the shareholder meeting for 2015?

I think that's going to be announced today.

Alex from Centennial, CO

How far is too far a punishment for the Pats?

Anything beyond vacating the Super Bowl title is excessive. Know what I mean?

Dan from Sebastopol, CA

Did any of the undrafted free agents stand out over the past few days?

Matt Rotheram of Pitt is massive. He played in a terrific rushing offense, similar to what Wisconsin fans are accustomed, for the obvious reason that Paul Chryst was the coach. I look forward to seeing Rotheram when the pads go on.

Kyle from Black Earth, WI

There is a lot of "I just wanna contribute" in this draft class. I know that is a boring answer for interviews, but isn't that a good mindset to have as a football player?

I guess it is. Now, tell me, how is that quote good for Vic?

Joel from De Pere, WI

Vic, I'm getting really tired of fans trying to blow off the Deflategate findings by citing the "more probable than not" legalese. It is a deliberate invocation of the standard of proof in civil cases. It is the civil legal version of "yes, he did it." Now I need to hear "yes, and he shall pay for it."

You know what I want to see? I want to see someone do a study that compares the number of times the headsets went out in games at Gillette Stadium, as compared to the number of times headsets went out in other stadiums.

Wayne from Green Bay, WI

Vic, in all your years interviewing rookies or young players, have you ever been able to predict which guys are going to make it or become stars, just by talking to them?

No way. I remember interviewing Tony Dorsett when he was a prized recruit. He was painfully shy. He averted his eyes and mumbled his answers. This kid is going to be a star? You bet he was. Talk means nothing.

Ryan from Port St. Lucie, FL

Vic, I'm visiting grandma and reading your column pool side. I was wondering if during your time here you ever thought you would be working in Green Bay?

I was watching the TPC yesterday. My old house is about a mile from there. The golfers' arms were glazed with sweat and the sun bounced off the water. In my house, the heat was on. I thought to myself, did I really do this?

Don from Baton Rouge, LA

I've been a huge Packers fan since 1996. I see the Packers vs. the Colts in the Super Bowl this year. I was just wondering, what are your predictions for the Packers this season?

I don't make predictions, but I believe the Packers will be a Super Bowl contender come January.

Greg from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Please do not refer to Quinten Rollins' college as Miami of Ohio. It is Miami University, named for the Miami Native Americans who once inhabited the Miami Valley region of Ohio, where Oxford, Ohio, is located. The other one is the University of Miami, located in Florida.

I am going to continue to refer to Miami of Ohio as Miami of Ohio because I believe readers will confuse it with the University of Miami if I refer to Miami of Ohio as Miami University. I hope that clears it up.

Jon from Warsaw, Poland

What would you think about moving the hash marks back out to where they were prior to 1972?

Why do that?

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