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Statements From Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf On The Hall Of Fame Selection Of Reggie White


Statement From Bob Harlan, President & CEO

"The Green Bay Packers are extremely proud of Reggie White today, and we send our most sincere congratulations to his wife, Sara, and two children, Jeremy and Jecolia.

"We have always felt that Reggie along with Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre, formed the foundation of the group that brought the Green Bay Packers back to among the elite teams in the National Football League in the 1990s.

"Reggie was already an established star when he came to Green Bay. He brought great leadership to this organization, both on and off the field, and sent a message to other free agents that they ought to take a good, long look at the Packers before they decided where they wanted to continue their careers.

"I look forward to seeing Reggie's name on our façade at Lambeau Field, along with the 20 other Pro Football Hall of Famers who came before him. This is a very, very special day in the history of our franchise."

Statement From Ron Wolf, Former Executive Vice President & General Manager

"This is a bittersweet day for me because I don't have the opportunity to personally congratulate him. I am happy, though, that from now on we can refer to him as 'Hall of Famer Reggie White.' I'm sure Sara, Jeremy and Jecolia are very proud today of the honor bestowed upon him, and rightly so.

"Reggie White was the ultimate player at his position for two decades. To have a player of that caliber cast with your players speaks volumes for your team and the direction you want to take your organization. You're talking about a man selected to 13 straight Pro Bowls.

"Having a player of Reggie's stature on a team with so much history and tradition was a great marriage. When Mike Holmgren, Ray Rhodes and I were recruiting Reggie as a free agent in 1993, Reggie sat in my office and I said, 'Reggie, you're already a great football player. If you come to Green Bay, you'll be a legend.'

"To me Green Bay is the crown jewel of professional football. It is the foundation of the NFL, as well as being one of its original franchises. It is the home of magical names, such as Lambeau, Lombardi and all the great figures that dominate pro football legend and lore. It is this legacy that makes one want to be part of the Green and Gold.

"It's an amazing story. And we were somehow able to convince Reggie to come and be a part of that history. In my opinion, he was one of the two best free agents ever available, along with Deion Sanders.

"For him to come to Green Bay I think speaks volumes about what really and truly that city is. It's a special feeling to come out of the tunnel, and into that arena at Lambeau. There's something special about being a part of the family of the Green Bay Packers. The experience was already special, but Reggie magnified it.

"He captured the fantasy of an entire state, and the whole nation when we won the Super Bowl after the 1996 season"

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