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Statements only last a week

How will the Patriots use Darrelle Revis?


Marv from Huntley, IL

Do you agree with me that the Packers have to play confidently and aggressively against the Patriots this week, and not unconfidently and passively as the Packers did against the Seahawks? The Packers have to attack with a strong passing game and the run will take care of itself.

I don't think Mike McCarthy said to his staff as they prepared a game plan for the Seahawks, "OK, everybody, let's be unconfident and passive." A lot of game plans that didn't work were forged with confidence and aggressiveness. Players, not plays.

Eric from Sycamore, IL

Vic, I've heard a lot about statement games over the years, and this upcoming game has that feel to it. I've always wondered who will feel better about the win on Sunday, the winning team or its fans?

It'll mean more to the fans because they will receive it as an indication of something greater. The players will immediately move on to preparation for the Falcons. The players know each game stands on its own merits, and that the greatest of regular-season wins is a statement for only a week.

Carrie from Nicholasville, KY

I am happy to be considered a lemming. Packers losses don't destroy me anymore and I enjoy the wins without being a bore. Reading this column and taking the perspective message to heart allowed me to sit and watch the game with friends who were watching the Patriots game at a local eatery on Sunday, without being obsessive, and we all had a good time talking and cheering. Thanks, Vic, I appreciate the perseverance with which you convey your messages.

You are a great lemming.

Garett from Medford, WI

Antonio Freeman's catch to beat the Vikings. Incredible catch, division rival, game-ender in OT. It had it all.

It was the greatest catch in the history of the world, and I think NFL Network should do a special on it.

Kevin from Braintree, MA

Are Packers fans more scared of the Patriots, or are Patriots fans more scared of the Packers? I'm a lifelong Packers fan living in New England now. I know the answer to this. Patriots fans are not afraid of the Packers. They have a bloated ego right now. The talking heads and fans on the radio this week are saying the Patriots defense will shut down the Packers and the Patriots offense is unstoppable. They say the Packers have played a soft schedule, are not impressed by their victories because they came against weak opponents, so their 8-3 record is overrated. I can't even listen to their radio nonsense this week and I love listening to sports talk. Here's to hoping for a Packers victory this week.

I say they're wrong.

Chris from Las Vegas, NV

Vic, who do you see Revis focusing his game on this Sunday? Or will we see what happened in Seattle with Sherman; we just don't throw to him.

Darrelle Revis, Darrelle Revis, Darrelle Revis? Not this time.

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