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The best games I've ever covered

Damarious Randall moves like a cornerback


Geordie from Brantford, Ontario

Vic, since lists are all the rage right now, can you list for us the best games you've ever watched or covered? Your top three will do.

1) The 1975 AFC title game – it's the second-most violent day of my life. 2) The 2014 NFC title game – I had never written and re-written as many ledes for a bulletin game story. 3) The Jaguars' 1996 playoffs win in Denver – From Woody Paige's Jagwads reference in the morning paper to the middle-of-the-night fly-by, it was a fairy tale day made for a reporter that loves drama. I'll stop at three, but I could go on forever.

Carl from Marshfield, WI

Vic, love your work. What was Nick Perry playing through last year?

A painful shoulder injury, Mike McCarthy said.

Julian from Bozeman, MT

Isn't it good to sometimes put Clay at inside linebacker because, even though it's harder to rush from there, it mixes it up so the defense never knows where he's coming from?

It certainly puts a strain on the opposing quarterback. He has to find Matthews and adjust the play-call accordingly.

Ken from Floyds Knobs, IN

What is a Golden Flash?

Nobody knows. When I was at Kent State, we had a mascot dressed as a Three Musketeer riding a horse. I never made the connection.

Gary from Somerville, NJ

Vic, I just purchased game tickets and airfare for the Packers Sunday night tilt in Denver. What are the chances we get a "Packers Everywhere" function that weekend? Do you have that list in front of you?

No, I don't, but I'd like to do a "Packers Everywhere" for every road game. The ones in Chicago, Tampa and Seattle last year were sensational. I see these "Packers Everywhere" events as added incentive for Packers fans to attend road games.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, what has jumped out at you so far in OTAs?

After just one day? This is the worst question in the history of the world. You're banned.

Simon from Aalborg, Denmark

Loved Joe Whitt's comment on the two new defensive backs and how it "wouldn't be a nice place before they get to where I want 'em to". This isn't a comfort game.

It's not a soft game so why coach them to be soft?

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, what is your impression of Matt Rotheram?

He reminds me a little of Josh Sitton.

Noor from Jakarta, Indonesia

Which rookie impresses you the most? Why?

I understand why the Packers think Damarious Randall can play cornerback. He moves like one.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

What makes Bill Belichick such a good coach when he is a known cheater and beguiles the media?

Start with Tom Brady; if Belichick had Brady in Cleveland, Belichick would've never been fired. The other thing that makes Belichick a great coach is his ability to patch holes in his roster with stop-gap players. He's the best at it I've ever seen. Belichick is known as a great defensive strategist, but it's his ability to evaluate personnel and how it might be used that makes him such a great strategist. He schemes personnel, not schemes.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

Vic, if left tackle is a premium position, why not send your best pass rusher at the right tackle instead?

You can do that if you have a pass rusher that's good at stopping the run, but there aren't a lot of Reggie Whites out there. You don't want your undersized, quick-twitch pass rusher holding the point of attack all day.

Brian from Shadyside, OH

Loved the Beano Cook reference in "Video Ask Vic". Any good stories about him?

When the Iran hostages were released, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn offered them lifetime passes to all games. Beano said, "Haven't they suffered enough?" Beano loved football, especially college football. He was a treasure.

Clark from Kansas City, KS

Vic, what would be the results if the Super Bowl became a three-game series and was played in three different stadiums over three weeks? I know it would be an enormous change and it would be bad for the players in some aspects, but it would generate a huge amount of revenue and give us more awesome games.

You're banned, too.

Mike from Cullowhee, NC

Has the actual football itself changed much over the history of the NFL? How did we get to the pigskin we use today?

At one time, the ball resembled a melon. You didn't throw it as much as you pushed it. The ball would not spiral. Those were in the days when football was a running game. As football evolved into more of a passing game, especially after the single wing was replaced by the T formation, the football was streamlined and made passer friendly.

Zachary from Holland, MI

It's not the sport for me but what is your take on tennis?

I just played some tennis the other night with my friend Barry the bat. He didn't like it. I loved it.

Robert from Yelm, WA

When you covered Pirates games did you ever meet the greats (Clemente, Stargell, Maz)?

Roberto Clemente died the year before I began covering Pirates games. I covered a lot of games when Willie Stargell played; he was a good interview. I played golf a couple of times with Bill Mazeroski. He autographed a picture of Forbes Field for me; signed it right on the leftfield wall and now the picture hangs on the wall in my study. It's the only autograph I've ever requested. The only other autograph I have is a picture Fred Taylor autographed for me.

Dan from Jamestown, NY

"Find the joy in something other than winning it all." Amen. I was disappointed with the playoff loss but was fine later that night. I found solace and take great pride in the fact the Packers are not only a winning team but a very respectable group of players. It was a great year but I think this year will be even better.

I am getting a strong sense you might be right.

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