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The lesson is: You're never without need

I am never going to Omaha


Andrew from Mount Dora, FL

Vic, you said now is the time to reflect on this past season. How will this Packers team be remembered?

It's all a matter of perception. Do you wish to light a candle or curse the darkness? When I light a candle, I see a team that was a player away. I'm referring, obviously, to a receiver that would've given the Packers the balance they needed for the run to open the pass and the pass to open the run. Jordy Nelson was that player. When he was injured in Pittsburgh and I was asked what the Packers should do about it, I said run the ball. I apologize to my readers for not seeing the impact of Nelson's injury on the running game. I should've known you can't do just one thing; you have to be able to do both.

Kevin from Norfolk, VA

Vic, OK, trying this again. I looked at the free agent list for this coming offseason. Do you think the Packers will look toward outside free agents? There is going to be a lot of good ones in positions we could fill. Help at wide receiver, for instance. Guys like Travis Benjamin being free agents usually make me feel ashamed when we don't attempt at them. Do you think this could change this offseason?

You're way too far out ahead of the story. As free agency nears, what you'll discover is the talent scheduled to become free agents that has you excited will slowly be re-signed and tagged. Will you then opt to overpay for less-talented players? That's a common mistake. The Packers won't make that mistake. Yes, I think they'd like to do more in free agency, but I would be terribly disappointed if they overpaid and damaged their future, just to silence the howl of the wolf. They won't do that, and you should be thankful.

Mitch from Reno, NV

Vic, who approves the sideline gear designs each year for the Packers? I was planning on buying a windbreaker and the big yellow streak down the back dissuaded me. The team should have obviously rejected that design.

The league mandates the sideline gear its teams wear.

Mike from West Bend, WI

Fans have completely lost perspective on pro sports. We hold coaches, GMs and players to more accountability than we do elected officials. Coach McCarthy didn't go for two points, fire him! Politician X wastes $500 million, see back page. Ted Thompson didn't win five Super Bowls (when 90 percent of teams can't even get to one), fire him now! Politician X commits blatant fraud, nobody cares. I shudder at what the future holds for sports.

Perspective is a product of intelligence.

P.B. from Minneapolis, MN

Ask Tony which rookie we could've taken but didn't that he's been most impressed with. Any round. In lieu of his thoughts, I'll settle for your own.

I don't need Tony to play that silly game, but I'll play it with you. As your game would pertain to the selection of Damarious Randall, I think you would have to go down to Eric Kendricks or Denzell Perryman in the second round to find a player of comparable impact, but inside linebacker is not the premium position cornerback is. How about if you played your game in reverse? How far above Randall would we have to go to find a player of comparable impact? You might have to go all the way up to Marcus Peters at No. 18. I think we would all agree Randall was a home-run pick at No. 30, especially when you consider he made a position switch in his rookie season. How's that for having an eye for talent?

Andy from Cadillac, MI

Vic, what makes Tom Brady so good at quarterback sneaks? Timing? Sneakiness? Intelligence?

When a player achieves success over and over, he literally becomes the answer to your question. What makes Tom Brady so good? He's Tom Brady.

Tim from Lancaster, PA

You know what I can't wait for? A game hinging on a game-winning PAT that gets blocked and returned for two points. Talk about a shift.

It'll happen; guaranteed. I never thought I'd see another kick-to-the-clock moment, but I did.

Sam from Constantine, MI

Vic, you said Ryan Shazier's hit was perfectly legal, but he lowered his head and led with the crown of his helmet, which isn't legal at all. It surprised me not to hear any of the commentators mention that and now you, too, have said there wasn't anything wrong with it. Is there some sort of rule misunderstanding I'm on the wrong side of?

You didn't listen to Mike Carey's explanation. Carey explained to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms that Shazier wasn't penalized on the play because the receiver wasn't defenseless. Carey's explanation was then supported by the league's decision not to fine Shazier. The league didn't comment on that decision because it didn't want to send the wrong message about player safety, but the bottom line is the crown-of-the-helmet rule is meant to be applied in cases of defenseless receivers. Don't feel bad, nobody knows the rules, and the biggest mistake you can make is to read the rulebook.

Mark from Kenosha, WI

Hearing Peyton Manning calling out "Omaha" while he's getting ready for the snap from center always makes me wonder about the rules about what a quarterback can say before the ball is hiked.

I have my own rule: I'm going to mute the sound because I cannot bear to listen to that annoying audio mumbo jumbo he inflicts on us before the snap of the ball. I hate Omaha and I am never going there. Blame it on Manning.

Richard from Madison, WI

Who do you like in the conference championship games?

I'm going with Arizona and New England, which obviously means Carolina and Denver will win.

Ed from New Philadelphia, OH

Does the "Video Ask Vic" theme song have a title? I want to swipe my buddy's phone and make that his ring tone.

It's "Travelin' Tune" by Sam Spence. Click on this link. That's Sonny Jurgensen playing quarterback for the Eagles. Click on Vince Lombardi's picture and you'll get a whole menu of NFL Films songs. Spence is one of NFL Films' legendary sound track composers. You know, the song really fits "VAV." Why? Because it's old, like me.

Paul from Richmond, VA

With the Packers' need for a tight end game-breaker, would it not make sense to attempt to trade for Jimmy Graham? Seattle did not use him properly and he may be available.

He was traded to the Seahawks for a starting center and a first-round pick. Would you trade Corey Linsley and a first-round pick to the Seahawks for a guy coming off a serious knee injury?

Chris from Lakeville, MN

Which player do you look forward to making the next step this offseason?

Let's see, who would that be? Is he a tall guy? Is he fast? Are his initials J.J., but it's not James Jones? I got the fever, baby.

Ben from Milwaukee, WI

Does your inbox realize that outside of what were essentially two fluke plays, Janis had five catches for 44 yards?

My inbox realizes, and rightfully so, those two fluke plays are examples of the talent Jeff Janis possesses. The five catches for 44 yards represent what he has to do to get more playing time.

Taylor from Amarillo, TX

Vic, like you and many others, I was surprised by just how much the offense suffered with the loss of Jordy. How will that affect the way McCarthy heads into the offseason?

When last season ended, all of us were absolutely sure the Packers were without need on offense. There's the lesson we learned this past season: Never think you're without need. Injuries can create need in the blink of an eye. In some ways, the season's fate was sealed in game two of the preseason, on that hot afternoon in Pittsburgh. Maybe that'll weigh on Coach McCarthy's mind in the offseason.

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