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They know what needs to be done

One game doesn't tell you how the season will play out


Mark from Rothschild, WI

Why are so many people not giving Hundley a chance, when Rodgers (fantastic as he is) was only 6-10 his first year as a starter, even after three years of McCarthy's tutelage and sitting behind Brett Favre? Are they the same people who booed Aaron (and worse) when he finally took over after Favre?


Fans want to win every Sunday and they view the quarterback as the conduit toward accomplishing that goal. When it doesn't happen, that position takes the brunt of the outside criticism. We need a larger sample size of Hundley at QB before passing judgment.**

Lisa from London, UK

Will Aaron call any of the plays for Hundley when he's on the sideline? Traveled over for Saints game, second visit to Lambeau, and was very impressed with the new Titletown development. Still have faith, Go Pack, and fingers crossed for a 2018 London visit! Thanks for all the updates, keeps us in the loop over here.

Rodgers won't be calling plays, but he'll likely be there to talk with Hundley between series and relay what he's seeing. I'm glad you enjoyed Titletown. I had a chance to check it out myself a few weeks ago. Let's just say my body wasn't in football shape.

Josh from Jacksonville, FL

If the production of Aaron Jones continues, when do you think the coaches will give him the chance as a full-time starter?

Who has "starter" status is irrelevant. This is a game of touches. The Packers are giving Jones the football and he's made the most out of the opportunities. He's touched the ball 54 times over the last three games. That's what matters.

Jay from Land O Lakes, FL

What is frustrating this season for many of us thinking Packer fans is the fact that the Packers' backup players in general are not up to the task. See New England when anyone goes out, it's as if they never got hurt because the backup is firing on all cylinders.

What are you talking about, Jay? What about Jones, Justin McCray, Geronimo Allison and Kevin King? Were they not up to the task?

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Which position group do you think benefited most from the bye week?

Offensive line.

Mike from Stillwater, MN

I agree with Mike's answer yesterday that the root of the league's injury epidemic is players getting too big and too fast. But I think there is another root reason and Vic talked about it a few times. Players aren't allowed to get in "football shape" during training camp anymore. Getting into football shape means doing a lot of hitting and getting hit. Vic mentioned that players would literally be covered in bruises during training camp to toughen up their bodies. What I've been seeing since the last collective bargaining agreement is a huge rash of soft-tissue injuries. This seems especially true for the Packers lately. Am I wrong in thinking that training camp rules need to be revisited during the next CBA?

I honestly don't know. The Packers and many other teams have dealt with injuries before the 2011 CBA went into place. Does it hurt the product not having as much padded work? I think you can make that argument, but I'm not sure how that correlates to injuries. I'm sure it'll come up again in the next talks, but I don't know whether you'll see any type of change moving forward.

Jorge from Guadalajara, Mexico

Obviously we need more sacks; when will Vince Biegel play?

Biegel returned to practice on Oct. 18, opening his 21-day window to be moved to the active roster. That gives the Packers until next Wednesday (Nov. 8) to add him to the 53-man roster, though they now have a roster spot available after the release of Ricky Jean Francois.

Bob from Marcellus, NY

I know future injuries can play a role in this, but assuming Rodgers comes back from IR, what one other player do you think they will be able to bring back?

The Packers placed Jason Spriggs, Kyle Murphy and Quinten Rollins on injured reserve after Week 1, so those currently are the three who could be designated to return. I don't know a timeline for their injuries, other than Spriggs (hamstring) would be eligible to return in Week 11, Murphy (foot) in Week 12 and Rollins (Achilles) in Week 15.

Haillie from Washington, WI

Stafford is a guy that throws jump balls and trusts his receivers to catch them. Do you think we can take advantage with some picks and help the offense out?

Stafford is one of the league's best young quarterbacks, but he's still prone to turnovers and missteps. He's 3-10 against the Packers, completing 214 of 536 passes for 3,788 yards, 25 touchdowns and 19 interceptions (82.4 passer rating). He's been sacked 29 times in those contests. The blueprint is there for the Packers. They know what needs to be done.

Frank from Wake Forest, NC

Wes told Matt that he'd like to see increased protection for the QB outside the pocket. I have a suggestion, have the QBs wear the "red" jersey during games. They'd be safe...ah wait, then no one could tackle them, and they'd score on every play. At least you'd have lots of scoring for the casual fans. What do you think?


I agree Frank. Let's just forget these players are human beings who have a life off the field and aren't just there for your entertainment every Sunday afternoon. My only suggestion is we create some kind of deterrent for those type of hits. Otherwise, you're only encouraging it. **

Brandon from Issaquah, WA

I saw that the Lions had signed Don Barclay this week which makes me wonder. When a player is released from a team that placed him on IR, is that player eligible to play again immediately (assuming he's healthy) if he gets signed to a new team, or must he remain on IR?

Once a player is released for injured reserve, he's free to sign with any of the other 31 teams. The Packers did this last year when they signed Jordan Tripp days after he was released off Seattle's IR.

Saul from Bucaramanga, Colombia

When a player is released off injured reserve, could this player be contracted again by the same team? (e.g., Don Barclay and Packers)

They're eligible to re-sign with the team that released them six weeks after the day they're released. If the player was released with an injury settlement, it's then six weeks after the day the settlement ends.

Tyler from Cross Plains, WI

I saw Detroit just signed Barclay. Should the fans put any thought into that, as we play the Lions Monday night? Would an opposing team sign a player just to get some intel? Would a player give their new team the intel, or is that an unwritten rule among players? Would Barclay even know much just coming off IR, especially with the new QB?

I've said this before, but I think too much gets made of this. The Lions signed Barclay for depth on the offensive line, not for intel.

Patrick from Hudson, WI

Nothing infuriates me more in NFL football than what I call the inaccurate-pass pass interference. I noticed it several times with our purple rivals last week. The receiver has to adjust to a poorly thrown ball, which causes him to run into his defender. First-down flags go flying. The worst is underthrown balls. Make it stop NFL!

The most maddening play in professional football is pass interference manufactured by an underthrown ball.

Pete from Stoke, UK

I saw a comment on the NFL site that the best measure of a defense is not how many yards it gives up but how few points the opposition scores regardless of that yardage. Would you agree?

There is no statistic that will tell you the efficiency of a defense, but I was a member of the Green Bay Press-Gazette staff when Pete Dougherty created something I call the "Dougherty System," which accounts for both total yards and points allowed in one statistic. I'm not saying that's a be-all, end-all measurement, either, but I think it's more reliable than looking at the two statistics individually.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

In the Patriots-Chargers game, Tom Brady caught the Chargers with 12 men on the field. The announcers proclaimed Brady and Peyton Manning as the best quarterbacks at drawing this penalty. Outrage. Aaron Rodgers is the master! Right?

If an announcer makes that declaration so haphazardly, then that announcer isn't in a place to make said declaration. I'm not saying Rodgers is the best at it (although statistics would suggest he is), but you can't make that statement without at least mentioning 12.

John from Dublin, Ireland

At what stage in Rodgers' career did you realize that he was elite? Was it obvious as a backup? After his first start/starting season?

I knew he was going to be special after his first two games as a starter (70 completion percentage, 506 yards and four touchdowns). I knew he was going to be elite after the 2009 season. You could see how high his ceiling ran.

Dan from Rothschild, WI

I don't understand some fans. Some worry about who will succeed Rodgers, some wonder about the trade value of Hundley. If Hundley is that good, why trade away Rodgers' possible successor?

Because Tom Brady is 40 years old and the Patriots just traded his perceived heir apparent. Don't wish away years or look for a successor. Not at quarterback. When you have "the man," you keep "the man."

Chris from Bozeman, MT

For the first time in a long time, I think the Packers kind of stink. They've fallen behind their peers quite a bit, even with 12 at the helm. Can this team find a way to fight back while Rodgers is still their QB? Let's look forward and not draw on all the "almost" and "if onlys."

The Packers had won 12 of their last 14 games prior to his injury against Minnesota. For a team falling "behind their peers," they sure won a lot of games while doing it.

Jack from Saugus, CA

I feel most Packers fans, like me, have let Hundley's poor performances go the last couple of weeks. Detroit is ranked 25th in pass defense, so this is the game that indicates how the season will go for the passing game. Do you feel the same way as I do?

I think you need to look at Case Keenum's game logs this year and tell me which quarterback you'll see on any given Sunday. For better or worse, one game doesn't tell you anything about how the season will play out. Every week is something new.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

Now that there's video evidence of Barr's obscene gestures at Aaron after he hurt him, and I know you can't answer this, but isn't it payback time? I mean, if I were Packers players, he's now on the hit list. Big time.

That's not how the Packers roll. You saw them keep their composure after Danny Trevathan's hit on Davante Adams. They're not going to intentionally go after Barr.

Joe from Asbury, IA

Just curious, why wasn't Brian Hoyer subject to waivers?

Hoyer was released before the 4 p.m. trade deadline. Players released from here on out are now subject to waivers.

John from La Crosse, WI

If a player is brought back from IR, starts practice but isn't able to complete two weeks of practice, can he be put back on IR? Would he count as one of the two allowed to return?

I believe the player would stay on injured reserve and the team would lose one of its two designations.

Joseph from East Moline, IL

My bold prediction (that I'm sure everyone totally cares about) is Crosby will make the longest field goal of his career against the Lions.

Mark it down. Hopefully, the weather cooperates.

James from Clarkston, MI

Mike, I don't know why fans are worried about the rest of the season, I feel pretty confident for the upcoming game on Monday. Coming off a bye, everyone is getting healthier and two more weeks for McCarthy to groom a game plan for Hundley. To me, I only see the arrow going up for the Packers!

As Melvin Udall once said, "Always look on the brighter side of your life."

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Any surprises for you in the CFP rankings? I thought if Wisconsin won out and finished 13-0 they'd be in. Now I'm not so sure.

If the Badgers finish the regular season undefeated and beat Penn State or Ohio State for the Big Ten title, and don't make the CFP, then just throw out the entire system. There's no point. This isn't Florida Atlantic we're talking about. It's Wisconsin. It's the Big Ten. Just give the national title to the SEC winner then.

Robert from Manchester, NJ

Hey, Insider. In my humble opinion, the defensive coordinator should be on the sideline.


Idwin from Kearney, NE

Best costume you saw?

Aaron Rodgers dressing as Steve Zissou is an all-timer. It's an incredibly underrated Wes Anderson film.

Jayden from Mason City, IL

Will Aaron be back this year?

Reply hazy. Try again later.

Chad from Cedar Rapids, IA

Is it just me or does Brett Hundley have an extremely thin helmet? Thing looks fake like a 5-year-old's Halloween costume.

Is it Monday yet?

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