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This is not the time for worry

We lost a valuable member of our community


Jordan from Hartford, WI

How similar was Sunday's game to your first game covering the Packers?

I thought about it. I think goal-line stands are more exciting than scoring from near the goal line. It wasn't a walk-off goal-line stand, as the one against the Saints in 2011 was, but it was only one play removed from a walk-off stand. I loved it.

Tom from Madison, WI

Why does it seem like every player is always impressively professional in every interview? Are the players briefed on how to handle the media?

The coach's message to the team is the players' message to the media. Every player understands that. If they don't, it'll be explained to them. Yeah, players are coached in how they are to conduct themselves with the media. You don't want 53 different messages being delivered. It's been that way for as long as I've been covering this game.

Nick from La Crosse, WI

Vic, longtime reader; really enjoy the column. Is there a limit to how many people a team can put on injured reserve?

A team can carry as many as 90 players on its roster, and that includes players on injured reserve. So, if a team wants to carry a full complement of active players (53) and a full practice squad (10), the team can carry 27 IR players on its roster before it has to release one of those players, which might necessitate an injury settlement.

Wade from Eureka, IL

Vic, do you think the elevation will be a factor in Denver, or is it just kind of an overrated thing?

It's real and it has to be overcome.

Preston from Appleton, WI

Vic, are bye weeks much different for you compared to normal weeks?

They're different and the difference is welcomed. This is a chance to back off from football a little bit. As the season progresses, I feel myself getting too close to it. I find myself obsessing over every little detail. That won't happen this week. I'll continue to do the columns, but my mind is focused on other topics. It helps refresh me for what's ahead. When I come back to Green Bay, it'll be all football for the next three-plus months.

Jordan from Odenton, MD

Vic, I'm excited about the 6-0 start going into the bye week, but a little nervous as well. It seems teams with hot starts always seem to cool off, like our team in 2011. What are your thoughts on the fast start potentially ending up like the 2011 season?

I haven't considered it because I don't attempt to manufacture worry. A fast start is the equivalent of putting money in the bank. They're wins for a rainy day, and every team I've ever covered had rainy days at some point in its season. For me, it's all about getting hot late in the season. There can be no rainy days then. That's my perspective. If you're a playoff team and you're not playing your best football late in the season, then it's time to worry. That's far down the road. Enjoy the 6-0.

Paul from Verona, WI

You recently stated Rollins and Randall were need picks. After the draft, however, you continuously and wrongfully insisted the Packers draft best available player. Do you owe the non-teacher pets an apology?

Why is it so many fans can't comprehend the concept of BAP and need meeting? That's what happened, Paul. BAP doesn't mean drafting someone you don't need. BAP means picking from the top of your board, whether it addresses need or not. I have seen nothing from Damarious Randall or Quinten Rollins that would suggest they weren't at the top of the Packers' board. That's what I wrote recently that you failed to understand.

Dan from Shoreview, MN

Vic, how many Jeff Janis comments did you receive after the Chargers game?

He's the most popular Packers player in my inbox. It's a phenomenon.

Don from Mukwonago, WI

I agree with Kevin from Dubuque. A lot of people are smoozing up to you, but I also must admit I don't find your point of view on football wrong. It just doesn't always line up with mine; maybe 75-80 percent of the time we are on the same page. The only question I've ever had published in "Ask Vic" was me being a sarcastic jerk to you. I guess you like "Ask Vic" like you like an offense, balanced.

I like an exchange of opinions and ideas. I don't regard mine too seriously. You should do the same.

Rob from Green Bay, WI

Mason Crosby is now the Packers' all-time leading scorer. Does he deserve his jersey retired in Green Bay?

I don't think that's an applicable question, but I think it's fair to ask: Is Crosby the greatest kicker in Packers history?

Micah from Borden, Saskatchewan

In the comment section for Tuesday's "Ask Vic" article, the headlining topic was the passing of a longtime commenter. There was genuine sadness for Rick from Appleton, Wisconsin, despite the fact most people commenting had never met him. When you started this "Ask Vic" section, did you ever think it would grow into the community it is today?

I know the name. We've lost a vital member of our fraternity. It hurts. Isn't it wonderful to be touched so deeply by someone we've never met? The written word still has power. Yes, I believed "Ask Vic" could grow to what it is. I knew of the Packers' fan base. I didn't do this. The Packers' fan base did.

Gary from Stevens Point, WI

My wife uses her thing from "Ask Vic Day" to carry her keys when her hands are full. She also says it makes it easy to grab the keys out of an over-full purse. Mine is still sitting on the microwave.

I've given considerable thought to how I might use my thing, and have yet to find any useful purpose.

Tom from Appleton, WI

Vic, the Packers are looking great. That said, Seattle is looking like a team fighting themselves. I hope they get it together because I want to play them again in January when it really counts. Your thoughts?

Let it go. That was last season. It's over.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Vic, does just a week off truly give players time to heal?

Fully heal? No, but there will be no new hurts this week. That's what the bye week does. There will be no new hurts, and the old hurts will hurt a little less.

Todd from Phoenix, AZ

Vic, do you hope the Panthers win the next two weeks for the possibility of back-to-back, midseason matchups of undefeated teams if the Packers win as well?

Sure. I love big games. The more big games the better.

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