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This run is fun; keep it going

Steelers showing signs of rebuilding in second half of season


Conor from Milwaukee, WI

Look out?

When you reach this point in the season, it has to be look out or you're going nowhere.

Kellan from Madison, WI

So, are people still talking about quitting and giving up for a higher draft pick?

No, and they're not talking about remaining aggressive while trying to protect a two-touchdown lead, either. They're not complaining about playing prevent defense or running the ball to kill the clock. All of a sudden, just winning the game is good enough.

Lucas from Menasha, WI

Lacy is among the top three running backs in pass-blocking efficiency. Pittsburgh's Bell is actually near the bottom. We have a stud, not just with the ball, but without.

Please be careful with the chortling. Fate truly is the Packers' friend right now, but fate hates chortling and fate is very fickle.

Nick from Eagle River, WI

Do any fans travel like Packers fans to see their team play?

I'm whistling. Please don't curse this now, OK? We've come too far to do that.

Greg from Superior, WI

I see a lot of cornerbacks not turning to look for the ball and waving their hands/arms in the air trying to break up a pass. There is no flag thrown. Isn't that a penalty?

There is no such thing as face-guarding. It's a myth, and that's why the Ellis Hobbs call was an abomination.

Eric from Ft. Worth, TX

How do we beat a suddenly hot Steelers team?

I wouldn't call them suddenly hot. I would call them a team that's begun to identify some players for their future during the second half of the season. Jason Worilds and Cameron Heyward are showing some promise on defense. Mike Adams is playing better since they began picking his spots. David DeCastro has developed into a quality guard. Kelvin Beachum looks like a player for their future. LeVeon Bell has shown flashes of the feature back they need. WR Markus Wheaton is a guy I liked at the Senior Bowl and Vince Williams is a pure run-stuffing linebacker that I loved at the Senior Bowl and wanted to see the Packers draft. The secondary is the next step for the Steelers in their rebuild. Don't be fooled by the stats. You beat the Steelers by throwing the ball.

Shawn from Troy, NY

The Redskins think they can get a first-rounder for Cousins, so technically they are playing for the draft pick.

You can look real smart if you pick somebody's pocket, or you can look real stupid if somebody picks yours.

Colton from Green Bay, WI

Vic, how do you explain our first-half slow starts?

I have no explanation for them. Why does everything have to be explained? I had no explanation for the fourth-quarter collapses. Now they've stopped and the collapses are in the first half. Falls down a well, eyes go cross. Gets kicked by a mule, they go back. I don't know.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, as I understand it, if the Packers beat Pittsburgh and the Bears lose this Sunday, the Packers still have to beat the Bears in the last regular-season game to win the division. If the Packers lose and the Bears lose this Sunday, the Packers will win the division title if they beat the Bears and if the Lions lose one more game. If the Packers lose to Pittsburgh and the Bears win this Sunday, the Packers are out of the playoffs. Do I have it straight?


Jerry from Des Moines, IA

Vic, does this game have extra meaning for you since it's against the Steelers?

Sure it does. It always had extra meaning for me when I covered the Jaguars and they played the Steelers twice a year. I haven't covered the Steelers since 1994, but I know a lot of the people that work there and I have irreplaceable memories from the years I covered that esteemed franchise. You want me to hate them? I'm not built that way. I cherish the years I covered the Steelers, just as I cherish the years I've covered the Jaguars and the Packers. Having said all of that, it is my strong desire that the Packers win on Sunday because I love this run the Packers are on and the memories it's creating. This is fun. Keep it going.

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