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Through the Lens: Changing perspective can make a photo so much better

Intensity and body language has an impact, too


'Through the Lens' will appear once per week during the offseason. Packers team photographer Evan Siegle deconstructs some of his favorite images from the 2017 season. Each week will offer a new photo gallery of some of his best photos from the past season.**

Window watching

New stadiums are always fun to photograph. This past season our first road trip, Week 2, was to the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, now the home to the Atlanta Falcons. It's a pretty impressive facility, especially the retractable roof and halo board. While roaming around the inside of the stadium I noticed several large windows (what seemed to be from a restaurant/dining room) overlooking the path to and from the Packers' locker room. You could see an array of fans as they dined in their team's gear. As players casually made their way to and from the locker room the spectators would cling to the glass, almost like fish in a fishbowl. It was kind of comical and I figured it might make a cool visual as the team walked out for warm-ups. Sure enough a group of fans rushed over to the window for selfies and to cheer on the players. This image was shot with a 35mm lens (ISO = 2500, Aperture = f2, Shutter = 1/640th)


Shadow play

Changing the perspective can make a photo so much better. During a practice in late November I noticed the large shadows being cast on the ground. I'm not a big fan of heights, but I knew the photo taken from a higher vantage point would look pretty cool visually. I made my way up the stairway and walked the catwalk to an outside balcony (facing west). Once I got into position, and stopped shaking, I liked what I saw. The large shadows of the players, as they ran drills, stretched across the ground. I thought the painted lines gave the photo a nice graphical look too. This image was shot with a 50mm lens (ISO = 100, Aperture = f2, Shutter = 1/5000th)


The playmakers

During a training-camp practice, in the latter part of August, I came across this image of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers as he kneeled with his top three receivers (Adams, Nelson and Cobb). I love the intensity and body language in this photo. When you look at this image you wonder what they might be talking about. I just think it has a cool feel to it. Looking 25 years in the future, historically, I think this photo will mean so much more, too. This image was shot with a 400mm lens (ISO = 200, Aperture = f2.8, Shutter = 1/1600th)


Team Photographer Evan Siegle shares some of his favorite images of the 2017 season.

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