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Through the Lens: Jordy Nelson, caped crusader

Team Photographer Evan Siegle shares how he captured his favorite images of the 2016 season


'Through the Lens' will appear once per week during the offseason. Packers team photographer Evan Siegle takes us inside his favorite shots from the 2016 season.


I love using strong tonal contrasts between light and dark shadows. Call it chiaroscuro or just a guy trying to be creative. This photo of Geronimo Allison was shot at a night practice during training camp in August. I welcome night practices because it's a nice change of scenery instead of the harsh afternoon light. The setting light is a photographer's best friend but there's a small amount of time to capture those shots. The image is a pretty simple shot but the light is what makes it stand out, literally. This photo was taken with a 400mm lens (ISO 160, aperture = f2.8, shutter = 1/2500th)


Just waiting around

Besides Brett Favre being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we all remember what else happened in Canton, right? The fact that the Hall of Fame Game never happened due to the conditions of the field. With the unexpected news of the game being cancelled, I scrambled around trying to make a storytelling image. I noticed that a bunch of players were hanging outside the team's locker room. I captured a nice moment of Trevor Davis as he leaned against a section of the stands while soaking up the warm sunlight. It made for a nice graphical image because of the poles, but most importantly it was a storytelling photo from a game never played. This photo was taken with a 400mm lens (ISO 100, aperture = f2.8, shutter = 1/1600th)


Super Jordy

Jordy Nelson is a playmaker. I have dozens of images of him making jaw-dropping plays, but I only have a few of him showing jubilation and emotion, with most of them coming this past season. During Week 14, against Seattle, Nelson had two touchdowns in the Packers' dominating 38-10 win over the Seahawks. After the game I decided to shoot from the tunnel as the players walked off the field. My hopes were to get an image or two of the players acknowledging the crowd, but I ended up getting a rare moment of Jordy. Nelson raced to the tunnel while holding his parka like a superhero's cape. He was smiling from ear to ear … I guess there's a reason he was named AP Comeback Player of the Year. This image was shot with a 135mm lens (ISO 2000, aperture = f2, shutter = 1/2000th)


Team Photographer Evan Siegle shares some of his favorite images of the 2016 season

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