Through the Lens: Patience pays off

Team photographer Evan Siegle shares how he captured his favorite images of the 2016 season


'Through the Lens' will appear once per week during the offseason. Packers team photographer Evan Siegle takes us inside his favorite shots from the 2016 season.

Ray of Light

I visually prepare for every game. I think about the predicted weather. What might the light be like during the game? What is the stadium environment like? What gear should I use? Plus other things that might benefit me while making images. I usually hit the field two hours before every game in search of feature photos. Once I'm on the field, I study my surroundings. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to shoot and sometimes it is just offered to me. During Week 12 in Philadelphia I came across a cool composition. While I was wandering around the stadium, I noticed that a ray of light was casting through a small opening of the awning in the tunnel just outside the Packers' locker room. I really wanted to incorporate that ray of light with the players as they walked out to the field. The tunnel also had a cool, metal-textured sliding door as the backdrop. Because I don't stage photos, I kept my fingers crossed that the composition stayed clean, meaning no fans, workers or other busy distractions. I think I waited in that spot for 30 minutes. It paid off because I was able to get a nice composition of Jordy Nelson as he walked down the tunnel. I think the shadows of other players cast on the wall add another nice layer to the image.


The Fist Pump

I might like this photo because it was from the first game that I covered as the new team photographer for the Green Bay Packers, even though that preseason game never got played due to the condition of the field. I also enjoy the image because I always liked photographing Brett Favre during his playing days with the Packers. I have countless images of him leaping into the arms of teammates or displaying that gunslinger form.

I spent two days in Canton photographing the enshrinement and the Hall of Fame Game. Like I said before, the game never took place due to the condition of the field, so I ended up wandering around taking images of Favre as he interacted and visited with players and coaches. They ended up introducing Favre, and the other inductees, and that's when I captured this frame. I like the composition. Favre, framed through President/CEO Mark Murphy, Head Coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, as he pumped his fist while being introduced.



I love shooting at a very shallow depth of field. My camera bag is filled with prime lenses ranging from a 24mm (F1.4) to a 135mm (F2). The selective focus really makes the subject pop, like this image of Richard Rodgers as he walks off the practice field on a hot day in July. This image was shot using a 135mm lens at F2. My go-to lenses, when I'm not shooting action, are a 135mm, 35mm and a 50mm. And when I can, the aperture is always set at F2.


Team Photographer Evan Siegle shares some of his favorite images of the 2016 season

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