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Through the Lens: Tunnels and traditions

Team photographer Evan Siegle shares how he captured his favorite images of the 2016 season


*This edition of "Through the Lens" will be the second-to-last one for the 2017 offseason. After next week, the series will resume at a later date.



I've shared several tunnel shots before, but this black-and-white image of Clay Matthews is probably my favorite. Shooting these type of images in the tunnel can be tricky due to the spotlights and where the players linger. I never stage photos, so the outcome involves a little luck. There have been times that I wished a player was two feet to the left, or hoped for some other element that didn't quite pan out in the composition. I like this photo so much because Clay is standing in the perfect spot. The dramatic light highlights his arms and helmet perfectly. I also love the mud sprinkled all over the ground. This photo was taken with a 35mm lens, (ISO 3200, aperture = f1.8, shutter = 1/1000th), in Week 16 against the Minnesota Vikings.


Lambeau abstracts

The frozen tundra offers so many great photo opportunities during the winter months. I came across this image while walking around Lambeau after a fresh snowfall. I love how pristine the snow looks as it rests on the bleachers. The rows of bleachers and splash of color make it a nice abstract image. This image was shot with a 50mm lens (ISO 100, aperture = f2, shutter = 1/8000th).


A Rodgers & Nelson tradition

At the end of every team warm-up, while the players head back into the locker room before the game, something always takes place between two teammates. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson built a tradition by having a friendly competition on who can spin the football on the ground the longest. It's a pretty cool ritual to witness. In Week 14, against the Seahawks, Rodgers won the bragging rights. This image was shot with a 135mm lens (ISO 640, aperture = f2, shutter = 1/3200th).



Team Photographer Evan Siegle shares some of his favorite images of the 2016 season.


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