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Troy says no trade for Jackson or Williams


Tim from Jacksonville, FL

First, let me again apologize for interrupting your lunch, but thank you for graciously taking a picture with my son. Secondly, this was the seventh year we visited an away venue and let me say that Packers fans are far and away the kindest, most hospitable people we've ever met in an NFL city. Thanks for a memorable weekend and turning us on to cheese curds.

When it comes to hospitality and good old-fashioned civility toward fans of visiting teams, Packers fans are far and away and absolutely the best fans in all of football, not just the NFL.

Peter from Coralles, NM

Regarding Alex Green's problems running the ball, there has been commentary regarding his missing holes and lacking vision. How much of that is instinct that cannot be taught and how much can Alex be coached up?

Vision is instinctive, but before a back can see a hole, he has to have an idea of where to look. What I'm talking about is knowing the flow of the blocking and how the defense will attack the gaps, and some young backs need time to acquire a feel for the flow of the NFL game. Again, I will remind everyone that Alex Green is only a year removed from knee reconstruction. It has been widely documented to be a two-year recovery. I saw evidence of that when I was covering the Jaguars. A year after ACL recovery, Greg Jones looked ordinary. A year later, he made my eyes pop in training camp. I honestly believed he was going to become a premier back in the league, and then he blew out the other knee and that's when he became a true fullback. Green needs more time. Based on what Mike McCarthy said on Monday, Green will get that time.

Helmut from Lalling, Germany

Rodgers has already taken 28 sacks. I think that's the problem. How can they fix it?

Yeah, it's a problem because that's too many times to allow one of the league's top two or three players to be hit. I think we all know how to fix it: Block your man, as James Campen would say. I'll also say this: In my second season of covering the Packers, I have yet to see Rodgers clocked. I can't remember seeing him blindsided and turned upside down. I don't remember a frightening moment. What I'm saying is that his pocket presence is such that he's very good at avoiding the awkward position. You have to be a great athlete to do that, not just a great distributor of the ball.

Alex from Boston, MA

Vic, in your time following the NFL, who was the finest player you ever saw?

I'm going to replace saw with covered, just to narrow the field. So, I asked myself that question. Right away, the first answer came back, Joe Greene. Then I started thinking about other candidates. Jack Lambert is the most passionate football player I've ever covered. Jack Ham is the best tackler. Tony Boselli is the best blocker. The most athletic is a tossup between Aaron Rodgers and Terry Bradshaw. Fred Taylor is the most explosive. Lynn Swann is the most graceful. Charles Woodson is the most instinctive. Clay Matthews and Rod Woodson are the most natural. Mike Webster is the hardest working. Rocky Bleier is the most dedicated. Franco Harris is the best big-game back. Mel Blount is the most freakish. And on and on. Thank you for your question. It allowed to fully realize how blessed I am.

Tucker from Blanco, TX

You just won the toss. Do you defer or receive and why?

I'm a defensive guy and on most occasions I'm going to defer for two reasons: 1.) I want to stop you on the first drive, force you to punt and get good field position. 2.) I'm a big believer in the importance of the first possession of the second half. If it's a wind game, however, I will elect to receive the opening kickoff if I win the coin toss. Why? Because with my second-half option I want to defend the goal that will allow me to be downwind in the fourth quarter. By electing to receive the opening kickoff, I'll either get the wind in the fourth quarter or the ball to start the second half, too.

Charvell from Milwaukee, WI

Should the Packers make any moves before the trade deadline?

If they can trade for a player that might be a difference-maker, and not have to give up more than a low-round pick for that player, and his salary not damage the team's salary cap, then go ahead and trade for him. I'm not against using every means possible for acquiring football talent, but I am against weakening a team's future for pie in the sky in the present.

Del from Bottineau, ND

Vic, one always hears that you run the ball to open up the passing game. With a QB like Rodgers, shouldn't we be able to use the pass game to open up our run game? Do we seem to be a little predictable?

The run game is open. The pass game has already done that. Jacksonville was playing six in the box. The Jaguars linebackers dropped at the snap of the ball. There's nothing left to do now but to do it.

Adam from Albuquerque, NM

So two years ago when the Packers won it all, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. They just won it again this year. The Falcons were the No. 1 seed then and they're heading in that direction this year. Green Bay was 10-6 and is 5-3 halfway through this year. Do you think the Packers are destined to win again with the help of these facts?

I believe in the kind of fate you're suggesting, until the mirror breaks.

Griffin from West Bend, WI

I'm telling you, if Alabama played this year's worst team like Arizona, Cleveland or Jacksonville, they could win because Alabama has better players than those teams. Wouldn't that be a great game to watch? Or Oregon vs. one of those teams?

Alabama and Oregon might not score.

Peter from Lexington, SC

Entitlement? Or a sense of ownership with high expectations.

I'll go with a sense of ownership with high expectations. The Packers have thousands of owners, and that means the Packers have a very large room full of owners to satisfy. Call it what you want, but it's a unique situation, and I think it has a lot to do with the expectations.

Tina from Valdez, AK

What are the Packers planning regarding the numerous misses by kicker Mason Crosby?

The plan is to practice and do better. Help is not on the way.

Marcus from Iowa City, IA

What did you think of Blaine Gabbert on Sunday?

He reminded me of the "Little Girl With A Curl." He threw some eye-popping passes, especially early in the game, but he followed those with some wild throws. That would also be a perfect description of Terry Bradshaw early in his career. Gabbert has all the tools. The rest is up to him.

Adam from East Lansing, MI

Does Ron Jaworski know what he's talking about? Or should I turn the channel when he talks?

Ron Jaworski absolutely knows what he's talking about. The question is do WE know what he's talking about after he's done talking? I liked Jon Gruden's work a lot, but now he's swinging hard toward terminology in his commentary, too, and I think a lot is getting lost in translation. When he referred last night to a "TE stunt," I shut it down.

Shawn from Wausau, WI

Your columns are right up there with Peter King's MMQB for me; I never miss them. My question is should the Packers go back to straight-up run blocking and ditch this zone scheme? Just put a hat on a hat and a man on a man?

That's what they did on Sunday. They didn't run a lot of stretch-type plays. They used a lot of run plays Offensive Coordinator Tom Clements referred to as "downhill" runs. That means they were quick-hitters that employed traps and road-grading types of blocks. The idea was to get Alex Green into and through the hole. It didn't work. Shawn, it's not about scheme, it's about the execution of the scheme. Use anything you want; just make it work.

Elijah from Fredericksburg, VA

Hey, Vic, there have been a lot of injuries to the Packers starters. Do you feel like they have just been unlucky or is there a deeper reason why you believe there have been so many injuries?

I don't know what the reason is for the rash of injuries leaguewide; it's not just the Packers that are getting them. I won't buy into the "poor us, we're hurt" thing because, in my opinion, if your quarterback isn't hurt, you're not hurt. The other guys can be replaced; you can't replace the quarterback.

Paul from De Pere, WI

This win still feels better than the loss in Seattle. I have turned the page. You? Your column did allow me to vent. By the time the game was over, I was done. What should we expect this week?

I'm glad you had a place to vent, but you vented way too many times. I'm not a psychiatrist, just a sportswriter. Please, my inbox screams at me after games; try to control yourself. If you want some perspective from me, here it is: Never be above winning. When you get to the point that winning isn't good enough, you're headed for a fall. What do I expect this week? A win, that's all.

Paul from Las Vegas, NM

With the trade deadline pushed back to Thursday, do you see any uncharacteristic moves by Ted Thompson to land a running back before the deadline?

I guess it could happen. You find football players where you find football players. You shouldn't limit yourself to one particular means for finding football players. I think Ted Thompson would agree with that philosophy. His phone has probably rung and he's probably made a few calls, too, but I don't think he's panicked about the situation at running back and I'm absolutely sure he's not going to do something rash. Did the Packers get Samkon Gado in a trade? Did the Packers trade for a back in 2010?

Troy from Superior, WI

I would just like to make an announcement that the Packers are not going to trade for Steven Jackson or DeAngelo Williams.

Are you sure? Darn!

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