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What's with this dark ball thing?

Aaron Rodgers wins Celebrity Jeopardy!


Adam from Appleton, WI

Why were you vilified for using an asterisk? It's an effective way to eternally punish cheaters. An asterisk next to this Super Bowl win would hurt a lot worse than the suspension, fine and loss of draft picks, in my opinion. Without the asterisk, people will forget.

I was vilified because we love to vilify. I guess we needed a controversy that week. I did the asterisk as a joke. It was humor and it went all year in my power rankings. Then somebody saw it and decided it wasn't a joke. He must've known something because it's sure no joke now.

Matt from Green Bay, WI

I got tickets to the Favre ceremony today for my entire family, and then Aaron Rodgers wins Celebrity Jeopardy! It was a good day to be a Packers fan. Did you catch any of the show?

No, but it doesn't surprise me Rodgers won. He's a very intelligent man.

Matt from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, Brady may be a great QB, but I say the league can't tolerate cheating. To me, if more solid evidence comes out about Brady in Deflategate, you give him the old Pete Rose treatment. Thoughts?

I saw a story yesterday about the especially dark color of the footballs the Patriots use, and pictures from the Patriots-Packers game last season were offered as proof. What's that all about? Was something applied to the ball to soften them or make them easier to grip? I wouldn't be surprised if more evidence against Brady and the Patriots surfaces.

Adam from Carbondale, IL

I'm bummed, Vic. I went to purchase two tickets to the Brett Favre induction and it is completely sold out. Do you think more tickets will go on sale?

I think we've reached the end of this controversy.

B.T. from Ripon, WI

Vic, what can you tell us about Aaron Ripkowski? Does the kid have a shot?

Of course he has a shot. He's a draft pick. When has a Packers draft pick not had a shot? They are favored, for the obvious reason the draft is the heart and soul of this franchise's future. He's big, strong and athletic. That also works to his favor. Andrew from Janesville, WI

I see Clay and other players made a cameo appearance on the movie "Pitch Perfect 2." Are you going to see the premier this weekend or are you like others and never knew there was a
"Pitch Perfect 1"?

I'm not a pop culture guy. Let me know when it wins the Academy Award.

Jeff from Grass Valley, CA

I see every one of our draft picks being contributors next year. There are jobs to fill and I think we got core players in this draft. Is it alright to have expectations for rookie players?

I think your expectations are a little high. My expectation for draft picks is they prove worthy of their selection and become a player in the Packers' future. If they contribute as rookies, and some will, it's a bonus.

Jon from Warsau, WI

Does an athlete, after having an ACL injury repaired, have a greater chance of having that injury again to the same knee, or is it as good as new?

Once upon a time, a torn ACL was a death knell. Nowadays, players recover from ACL surgery more fully than they do from hamstring tears.

Dan from Madison, AL

Vic, in 1963, a Packers great and Hall of Famer named Paul Hornung was suspended indefinitely and ultimately reinstated after missing a season. He is still admired and his reputation seems untarnished. Do you think it was because he was forthright about his offense and showed remorse, or was it simply because it occurred in a different era?

It's both. He accepted his punishment gracefully, and we weren't as sensitive about such things back then, largely because there was less scrutiny; players weren't under the microscope as intensely as they are today. I don't think it's reasonable to make any kind of comparison between Hornung and Brady, or their punishments. We're talking about a 52-year difference. I think we need to focus on now, and especially on the Patriots' reputation for this type of behavior.

Mutt from Blaine, MN

Do you think the league wishes they had different rules allowing more flexibility with the ball? And is there any way to change it after this ruling?

There should be one ball and it should be the same for every team. The league has to revisit its procedures. It needs to provide a secure environment that forbids any team from access that could be used to taint the ball. I'm stunned anyone would believe the football should be subject to preference.

Bruce from Des Moines, IA

What did you like most about Tony Dorsett?

He's the fastest running back through the hole I have ever seen, and that includes Gale Sayers. If Dorsett broke the line of scrimmage clean, he was gone.

Emeric from Orangeville, PA

Wondering what you think might be some rule changes that will be put in place to Patriotproof the game in the future?

The first rule I would pass is to forbid the Patriots from making rules-change proposals at the owners meetings. If you're going to make the rules, shouldn't you have to know how to play by the rules?

Eric from Atlanta, GA

Vic, since I am a Green Bay Packers fan but have only been to Wisconsin twice in my life and, sadly, never to Green Bay, I was wondering what the mood for the upcoming season is like in Title Town?

There would seem to be two prevailing themes: a Super Bowl title and revenge against the Seahawks.

Matt from Roanoke, VA

Vic, is there anyone you have always wanted to interview but have never gotten the chance to?

I would love to have interviewed Vince Lombardi, on one of his good days.

Brian from Fond du Lac, WI

Bobby Bowden: Jameis Winston an embarrassment to FSU.

I'm stunned by Coach Bowden's remark. I love Coach Bowden, going back to his days at West Virginia. He was always a gracious interview. He always loved football and he never took himself too seriously. He was always my kind of football man, and I can't remember him taking a shot like this at anybody. The other reason I'm stunned by this remark is that Coach Bowden had some issues during his time at FSU. Free shoes? Where was this outrage for Winston when he was winning titles for Florida State?

Josh from Pullman, WA

Vic, give us an early prediction, or announcement of your prediction to come. The draft is over and all the excitement is gone; we need something.

The excitement is gone? We're in the middle of one of the greatest controversies in football history, at the same time the first pick of the NFL draft is being assailed as a scofflaw.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

Do you like covering the game today more than when you started because of the unpredictability of teams rising and falling? What do you like about the game when you started compared to how it is now?

I like today's game and I enjoy watching it and writing about it. If there's one thing I miss about the old days, it's the access we had to the players. If this was then, especially if it was during training camp, we'd be sitting in a player's room talking about Deflategate, and the player would openly give his opinion on it. I miss that.

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