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What's your bold prediction?

What if there wasn't a salary cap?


Ted from Oshkosh, WI

What do you expect of JC Tretter in his third season for the Packers?

I think he was on his way to having a breakthrough year last season, but the preseason injury set him back. I think he'll pick up this season where he left off last year. I think this season can be his breakthrough year.

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, what are your thoughts on the supplemental draft? Is this just another avenue for finding players where you find them?

It can be, but anybody you select in the supplemental draft must be worthy of the corresponding pick you're going to lose in next year's regular draft or you will have lost value. I'm big on having a full complement of picks for the regular draft, so I have a rather jaundiced opinion of the supplemental draft.

Darren from Mackinaw, IL

What position do you believe will show the greatest improvement this year?

I think the obvious answer is inside linebacker. Two starters were released.

Rob from Webb City, MO

Vic, should we read anything into Kuhn attending broadcasting camp instead of attending this week's OTAs?

Chuck Noll would've said John Kuhn is preparing for his life's work. Kuhn is a bright guy. He gets it.

Buzz from Philadelphia, PA

What about MetLife Stadium belongs to the Giants' identity? I work for the architect of the stadium and the designer was picked by the Jets as part of the negotiated deal between the two teams. The Giants have very traditional taste (look at their practice facility) and MetLife is anything but traditional.

MetLife was built adjacent to the land on which Giants Stadium stood for four decades. By moving to New Jersey, the Giants became the team of New Jersey. The Jets are the team of Long Island. In my mind, a game in New Jersey for a team from Long Island isn't a true home game.

Josip from Zagreb, Croatia

"We're challenging the older guys to bring the younger guys up and then coach those younger guys in more of a one-on-one fashion. It's just finding as many different ways as you possibly can to motivate and continue to grow as a program," Mike McCarthy said. It looks like this claim is directly opposite to your opinion. Any comment?

I often have opinions that aren't shared by others.

Harold from Chippewa Falls, WI

Would you have a job if fans approached fandom the ways you've espoused?

I think I would. I don't think you have to lose control of your emotions and behavior to be able to enjoy football. Be that as it may, thanks for going nuts.

John from Chicago, IL

Given increased position specialization in the modern NFL and the effort to keep injured players from returning to the field prematurely, would you be in favor of expanding gameday rosters beyond 46 and/or active rosters beyond 53?

Why? The 46 and 53 numbers are working.

Daniel from Fort Worth, TX

Vic, you usually have a very good feel for the direction of a team's arrow. What is it about the Raiders that makes you believe they will make a big jump?

I think they have a young quarterback on the rise, and the arrow of the team's quarterback largely determines the direction of the team's arrow. The Raiders also have a coach who's going to make them run the ball and play defense.

Andy from Chengdu, China

"Vic, what has jumped out at you so far in OTAs? After just one day? This is the worst question in the history of the world. You're banned." Is this a Brett from Green Bay joke answer? I hope so because I see nothing slightly egregious in asking a media member their opinion of an event they are privileged to attend.

Find the humor in life, Andy. Go ahead, have some fun.

Kirk from Kaneohe Bay, HI

Vic, I'm not able to accurately see the future, but I've already decided it'll be Indy and Green Bay in this year's Super Bowl. Do you think I'm wrong? I don't.

I hope you're right.

Travis from De Pere, WI

What is your favorite band from the 1970s?

Ohio State.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, do you still feel Matthews should be used predominantly as an outside linebacker?


Paul from Syracuse, NY

Vic, do you see any teams going for two after every TD, especially late in the year when they may be out of contention?

I think teams are going to create a deep two-point playbook full of interesting strategies and formations.

Josh from Chicago, IL

My bold prediction for the season: In a tight NFC North race in Week 17, the game will be decided by an extra-point/two-point attempt.

I like that.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, is the salary cap a good thing for the NFL? How different would the league be without the cap?

I'm not sure the league would be much different if there weren't a salary cap. I think there's enough football talent in America to go around, and that includes quarterbacks because it's unlikely two franchise-type quarterbacks would sign with the same team. If there were no cap, I think the deep-pockets teams would spend themselves into losing, while the frugal teams would continue to draft and develop and lock up their core players, and that's how you win. Most people would disagree with me.

Joe from Clio, MI

In all my years of following football, I have never heard anyone but yourself refer to the 1970s as the "violent era." Are you sure you are not equating a few games you witnessed as a microcosm of an entire decade? Are sure your memory is not half full?

Yes, I'm sure.

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