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Winning teams find talent in any round

Shorter defensive tackles are changing the trenches


Justin from Los Angeles, CA

In a loaded draft, would you rather a) stay put knowing that you might get a better player than usual at your spot, or b) trade down to collect more picks knowing there will be more good players still available late?

Trust your scouting and preparation. If you've found your guy, I think you have to draft that player regardless of who else is on the board. I wouldn't risk losing out on a player you love and feel could fit into your program.

Paul from Milwaukee, WI

Because the Packers have been picking in the later rounds of the draft for years now, aren't we slowly falling behind many of the other teams who seem to get high draft picks every year? Teams like the Titans, Jaguars, Texans and Raiders just keep getting these top draft prospects while we're left with second-rate type players on draft day. Isn't that going to catch up to us at some point?

Drafting late has its disadvantages, but it's not the end of the world. Winning teams find talent in any round. Some of Thompson's best selections (David Bakhtiari, Mike Daniels and Micah Hyde) over the past five years have come on the third day of the draft.

Steve from Crawfordsville, IN

How many scouts do the Packers have evaluating college talent? Are they specific by position, and when they find someone of interest do they submit that person for a pool evaluation?

If you include Thompson, the Packers have 15 full-time scouts, two coordinators and usually an intern. College scouts are scattered throughout the country. The personnel executives in Green Bay also chip in with analysis and reports leading up to the draft.

Jim from Duluth, MN

The way I see it, the Packers have had one losing season in the past 10 years. They have been draft-and-develop during that entire stretch. I see no reason to worry about the upcoming draft. The people in charge obviously know what they are doing!

Fans are fixated every April on this year's draft when they should be paying more attention to the previous year's. More often than not, the maturation of those second-year players determines how far your team goes.

Chris from Plainfield, IA

Why are so many people obsessed with drafting a running back? Montgomery is no joke and Christine Michael was a second-round pick only one spot after Eddie Lacy. There are plenty of other needs to address.

Because it's a deep draft and a fun position to talk about. I'm not as interested in who the Packers draft as which approach they take in building the backfield: Draft or free agency. If draft, which round do you take one?

Larry from Antioch, IL

I sure hope that MM gives Christine Michael a shot this year. Everyone is talking about getting a "power" back, when I thing they already have one. MM, let him play.

Michael will get a chance to show what he can do this summer after a full offseason program in Green Bay. The Packers re-signed him for a reason. This is his summer to shine.

Chris from Appleton, WI

The first and only running back the Packers are drafting this year is Brian Hill out of Mizzou. Count it.


Chris from Eau Claire, WI

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Ty. But I just don't envision him as a 1,000-yard-per-season rusher. And there should be room enough for two of those on this team. Is there two available for the Packers in this draft?

If the Packers want to get two running backs out of this draft class like they did in 2013, there should be two worth taking. I could see 30 being selected over the three days.

Carlos from Munising, MI

Did anyone but me get a negative feel for Eddie Lacy's comments about going to Seattle? Wasn't he happy with the scheme in Green Bay?

It seems to me players' comments always get taken out of context whenever they switch teams. I didn't take issue with Lacy's comments. He was a good citizen in Green Bay and well-liked by his teammates. I think the garage sale he's attempting to host is another example of how he gave back to the community during his four years with the Packers.

Jason from Klamath Falls, OR

Someone posed the question about an "undersized" player slipping in the draft, but shouldn't the shorter D-lineman be coveted? Not just because Mike Daniels is one of the best D-linemen in the game, but the line is all about leverage, and, if you're 6-0, you have the advantage, don't you? Why not draft the DL guy who's 6-0, and have someone who gets low right away?

Shorter defensive tackles have an advantage if they know how to use it. We talk so often about how hybrid linebackers and running backs have brought a new dimension to the game, but defensive tackles such as Daniels, Aaron Donald and Geno Atkins are quickly changing the trenches. Centers and guards are in for a long day when matching up with their strength and technique.

Josh from Milwaukee, WI

How are the receivers being viewed in this draft? I feel like that's an upcoming need that should be addressed if possible.

*I'm going to level with you – I haven't paid much attention to receivers in this draft. I don't disagree the Packers need to keep their eye on the future, but the cupboard is pretty full at the moment with Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams leading the room. That's not to mention the tight ends Green Bay has added. There are some intriguing prospects out there such as John Ross and Curtis Samuel. *

Brandon from Fairfield, CA

I know teams attempt to predict what other teams are going to draft, but how detailed do they get? Do they run draft scenarios: What would happen if there is a QB run in the top half, or what would happen if no QBs are taken? Also, who has final say where the draft ends up each year? Commissioner?

I don't know if the Packers do a full mock draft, but they ready themselves for every possible outcome. It's what you have to do when you're routinely drafting near the end of the first round each year.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Why do you think the Packers signed two tight ends in free agency?

Because the tight end position is where it's at.

Ted from Madison, WI

How important of a factor is age when scouts are evaluating prospects? For example, all else being equal, does a 21-year-old player grade higher than a 23-year-old player?

It matters to me personally, but I don't know how much it weighs into the decision-making of Thompson and his personnel department. As I said before, Randall Cobb and Kenny Clark were only 20 years old when the Packers drafted them. However, they've also taken older rookies such as Brady Poppinga and Demetri Goodson. Talent is talent regardless of age.

Malte from Odense, Denmark

I remember Brian Price getting some positive attention in the beginning of the year. Can he make a jump in Year 2, and perhaps even contest Guion for a starting role?

The defensive line should house one of the most exciting position battles this summer. Ricky Jean Francois joins a group that already returns everybody. Price had a cup of coffee on the active roster before going back to the practice squad, but the Packers like his makeup. He's an athletic big man. Price needs to make the roster first. The rest will sort itself out.

Nate from Brookfield, WI

I don't know about you, but sometimes after I draft a player in fantasy football or baseball I immediately have buyer's remorse if that player doesn't pan out to their full potential. I know fantasy is simply that, but do you think a GM gets that same buyer's remorse feeling after they just drafted an athlete?

It's a problem if an NFL GM immediately has buyer's remorse. You're sifting through a couple fantasy previews and rankings, but the draft is the livelihood of personnel executives. It's what their year revolves around. That's not to say a GM might not regret drafting a player down the line, but it takes at least a full year to determine whether a guy can play to the level desired.

Mike from Stillwater, MN

I just wanted to mention that I agree with Mike's choices from yesterday for best broadcaster and position coach with Crosby and Burnett. As far as head coach and GM? That's easy! Mike Daniels for head coach. Who's going to challenge him on anything? And Geronimo Allison for GM. How could you not be anything but a great GM with a name like that?

I could see Daniels being an old-school, no-nonsense coach. It's difficult to answer the GM question. I'm just not sure how many guys are interested in that aspect of the game. I remember some defensive backs telling me a few years ago Burnett could be a scout with how detail-oriented he is. I also believe Clay Matthews would be an excellent broadcaster.

Troy from Madison, WI

There has been a lot of talk about T.J. Watt possibly falling to the Packers as their first pick in the upcoming draft, which I would love. But what are the possibilities of Vince Biegel becoming a Packer?

Biegel is projected as a mid-round pick, making it even more difficult to predict where he'll end up. He's an impressive young man. There's no question the Badgers' defense should help both transition, whether it's in Green Bay's 3-4 or elsewhere in the pros.

Matthew from Omaha, NE

Insiders, why aren't the Packers taking a look at a guy like Darrelle Revis? At only 31 years old, I could see us rejuvenating his career. That would go a long way to fixing the secondary. I don't need to tell you how bad that unit was last year.

I don't know, but there are 31 other NFL teams you could pose the same question to.

Andrew from San Diego, CA

Here's my hot take: Rob Gronkowski will retire before Tom Brady does.

Here's my hot take: Rob Gronkowski will wrestle in a WWE ring before Tom Brady does.

G Smiff from Jefferson City, MO

What do you guys think about Tony Romo being allowed to play with the Dallas Mavericks? Can't imagine Brett playing for the Bucks after he announced his retirement. Romo is way overrated.

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I loved it. A friend of mine, Todd Archer, covers the Cowboys for Watching him do a live-shot on an NBA court Tuesday night was priceless. A part of me wishes they would've been able to actually sign Romo to a one-day contract and play in the actual game, but I understand why that wasn't possible. I still think it was a really cool moment.

Matt from Verona, WI

Tony Romo might not be the best announcer in football right away, but he's gotta be better than Simms. I've never heard another announcer so skilled at repeating mistakes.

I don't rip broadcasters at any level. The good ones make it look easy, but announcing a sporting event is one of the most difficult things I've ever done in my career. I wish Romo well. I want to see him succeed. I haven't listened to Simms enough in recent years to make an accurate assessment. I don't envy those guys.

Nick from Smyrna, TN

Growing up in Phoenix, Craig Counsell was my favorite Diamondback, especially during the 2001 World Series season. I was sad when he went to the Brewers. Can you think of anyone with a more unique batting stance?

Counsell's batting stance was one of the most unique in MLB history, though he dialed it back a little during his final two years in Milwaukee. As cool as it was to see him finish his career with the Brewers, I'll always remember him for the 2001 World Series.

Ross from Newmarket, ON

Wes, if you're serious about some of the players being into Settlers of Catan, I have to know who they are. Please.

Several of the offensive linemen play, including Corey Linsley. I'm pretty sure former Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien and tight end Justin Perillo are into it, too.

Andrew from Huxley, IA

Is Drew Brees a Hall of Famer?

Yes. Next question.

Paul from Farnborough, UK

I've seen plenty of ambidextrous QBs down the years ... useless with both arms.

Zing…while you never saw me, I assure you I was one of them.

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