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Difficult choices are better than the alternative

It's all about the slot


Freddie from West Valley City, UT

Which Packer is most inclined to build a snow fort?


Take a look at photos of Packers LB Vince Biegel as he celebrates his birthday on July 2. Photos by Evan Siegle and Corey Wilson,

I would imagine Vince Biegel built plenty growing up in this state, but I doubt he's ever seen something like this. I've lived my whole life in Wisconsin and never witnessed a weekend quite like this past one. Wow.**

Aric from Warsaw, NY

With Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack being the premier pass rushers on their teams, but playing different positions, I would like to pose a question to both Insiders. Would you rather build a defense around an inside or outside pass rush?

If I had to choose, I'd pick outside, because at a minimum I'd want to box in the quarterback.

Eric from Stramproy, Netherlands

Hey Insiders, does Lego man also re-enact the draft? That would be awesome!

I fail to see the compelling nature of Lego figures hugging on a stage, but to each his own.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

You can blame me if you want. I prayed for snow while in Green's been a dream of mine.

Newman! I mean, Jessi!

Doug from Quensbury, NY

I'm struggling with a choice the Packers may have. If Fitzpatrick and Ridley are both available, who should we pick? I really like both.


That would be a tough call, but difficult choices are better than the alternative.**

Howie from Saint Ignace, MI

Hello, Insiders. Similar to Clark and Martinez last season, what current unsung Packer is the first to come to mind as a potential impact player next season?

If it's Biegel, Green Bay's defense already looks different.

Jeff from Mandalas Beach, CA

From the beginning of Geronimo Allison's rookie preseason I have said he looks like a younger version of Jordy Nelson. I'm not saying he's there, at least not yet, but is it possible that the brain trust likes him enough to go defense early, stay away from Dez, and go WR no earlier than Round 3? We seriously need an edge rusher, a young bookend corner opposite King, and enough cap room to not get crippled by the coming Rodgers extension.

It's a reasonable approach if the right players are there, but if the next Nelson is available in the second round, I'm not sure the Packers can pass on him. They need to build long-term depth of Rodgers targets for the back nine of his career.

JJ from Cape Coral, FL

Would you feel comfortable drafting Davenport?


I would, but I haven't studied all of his college film the way a team of longtime scouts certainly has. Davenport is one of those players teams will view differently. I don't know how the Packers view him.**

Monty from Hazen, ND

I am seeing a lot of chatter about drafting Davenport with pick 14 because of his potential. With our free-agent activity, it seems we're in "win now" mode. Do you think that might sway Gutekunst to pursue a more proven talent?

Not if he thinks Davenport could be the next Von Miller and the upside is more promise than just potential. If you really believe in the player, you take him. If you're just hoping, there's probably a better choice.

Jack from Dunlap, IL

The Wall Street Journal ran an article on athletic field hardness. The article claims 19 percent of NFL concussions come from contact with the field. If fields are "too soft, ... they slow down runners. Too hard, and they increase the risk of concussion." With the rightful concern for player safety, could it be best to soften the playing surface with the dual purpose to reduce ground impact concussions and slow players down a little to lessen the impact of collisions? Players are larger and faster than they used to be. How do you think such a move would change the game?

It's an interesting theory, but assuming a natural surface can be made softer than an artificial one, I'm not sure there's a viable solution that could tolerate the wear and tear, allowing for games to be played safely once each week or two.

Matt from Cedar Rapids, IA

Do you guys ever feel like strangling other reporters if they make your job harder? Example: ESPN reports Green Bay would be a good landing spot for Dez Bryant, you get dozens of Inbox requests of various kinds regarding Bryant.


The Packers wrapped up the 13th annual Tailgate Tour in West Bend with a party to benefit Threshold, Inc., a non-profit that helps individuals of all ages with disabilities. Photos by Evan Siegle,

It comes with the territory. I've learned to never say never in this business, but personally, I don't get the Bryant speculation. As several Inbox readers have pointed out, the Packers probably could have kept Nelson for less than they'd have to pay Bryant, and they weren't interested.**

Tony from Appleton, WI

Dez to the Redskins so he can be with his good friend Josh Norman?

Apparently Bryant expressed a desire to stay in the NFC East so he can face the Cowboys twice per season. Whether Washington, Philadelphia or New York shows any interest is another matter.

Kirsten from Madison, WI

If you're the first in your position group to be drafted, but you're chosen at, say, 15 because the first 14 teams didn't need the position you play, what's a bigger factor in your contract – "best whatever in the draft" or "dropped to 15th"?

It's all about the slot.

James from Chicago, IL

The Packers family lost a great member this week. Jon Bunge, the owner of Will's Northwoods Inn in Chicago passed away. The atmosphere Jon created for Packers fans on game days made Will's more than just a place to watch the game. For all of us cheeseheads in Chicago, Will's was a home-away-from-home...a little piece of the northwoods on the north side. For all who knew him or ever watched a game at Will's, Jon's presence will forever be missed, but what he created for Packers (and Badger) fans in Chicago will carry on. We will all miss Jon.

Very sorry to hear that, and thanks for the kind words. Vic and I did a pep rally a number of years ago at Will's, out in the street no less, and Gale Sayers even showed up. The atmosphere was memorable. Clearly, Jon was, too.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

I don't think Wes' is correct because Wes is not plural. Wes's is the correct usage.


I was always taught if the noun ending in "s" being made possessive has one syllable, add the apostrophe and the "s." If it has more than one syllable, such as the name Davis, the apostrophe is enough.**

Dan from Stockton, CA

Gotta love the Insider Inbox! What other NFL fan forum hosts discussions on the Oxford comma and appropriate use of apostrophe-based possessives. Here's how I taught it back in the day: "If you say it, spell it." When you say "Wes's lunch," you pronounce it "Wessuz." When you say "Packers' draft picks," you don't pronounce it "Packerzuz," it's just "Packerz."

Or what Dan said.

Dave from Germantown, TN

I just took a look at the roster. Currently between the active roster and the tendered free agents we have 67 players. Add in 12 draft picks and that leaves only 11 spots for either more veteran free agents or undrafted free agents. Do you think this more limited opportunity compared to prior years will have a negative impact on the quality of undrafted free agents who elect to sign with the Packers?

Not really. Undrafted free agents aren't looking at the spots available on the 90-man roster. They're projecting how many might be up for grabs on the 53 (or 63, counting practice squad).

Eric from Fennimore, WI

Loved the "Uniquely Qualified" Rock Report this past week. Montgomery has shown a ton of potential as a receiver and running back. With that said, on top of Mike McCarthy insisting Ty's a running back going forward, how do you envision the Packers getting the most out of Montgomery with Jones and Williams showing promise as well?


With Montgomery, I'm anticipating a package of plays specifically designed with his versatility in mind that might be put into a given game plan, depending on matchups. As for the every-down, bell-cow part of it, the balance between riding a hot hand and keeping multiple backs fresh for 16-plus games should allow plenty of opportunities for all.**

Ian from Onalaska, WI

I've noticed Josh Jackson has had pre-draft visits with four teams picking above us. Are the Packers missing out by not showing interest in him yet? I think he could become an offense's nightmare in Green Bay. Not to mention they could possibly trade back to get him and gain the leverage to trade up to another Day 2 pick.

The teams picking ahead of the Packers might be hoping Jackson is there at the top of the second round. A visit can mean any number of things, but a lack of one doesn't necessarily mean lack of interest.

 Deb from Shawano, WI

After the draft, when the Pack's choices have been announced, can you link the draftees to the Primers completed – if you did one on a drafted player?

Absolutely. That Primer will be made available, prominently, the minute the Packers select the player. Our record for one draft is three hits (2014 – Clinton-Dix, Adams, Abbrederis). It would be fun to match or exceed that.

Aaron from Miami, FL

I can't help to think that R. Rodgers and Jordy could have helped the offense for a very modest price. That along with replacing the QB coach makes me think the moves may be an attempt to get No. 12 out of his comfort zone in an attempt to challenge him to reach a new level. Is this part of the scrubbing of the playbook?

Challenging and pushing Rodgers might have been part of the thinking behind the playbook restructuring, but the roster and coaching moves are separate decisions.

Sam from Janesville, WI

What kind of world are we living in where fictional Insider Inbox characters are becoming self-aware?

I know, right?

Albert from Caledonia, MS

I was looking at the list of players that are in the Packers Hall of Fame. Are there any players that are absent that should be inducted? A.J. Hawk comes to mind as one player I think should be inducted.

I believe Hawk will be, in due time.

Matt from Eau Claire, WI

I was watching a highlight reel of all of Rodgers 40-plus-yard touchdowns the other day and I noticed something. Jordy Nelson was an excellent downfield blocker. He always was giving great blocks, even sometimes flying down the field to throw a block. Do you ever remember seeing a receiver who blocked as well as Jordy did?

Donald Driver set an example in that regard. Nelson said he followed Driver's lead, and then he became the example to follow.

Pat from Wisconsin

Spoff/Wes, could we please have no hugging the commissioner after every pick...pulease...Hug your mom or dad, girlfriend. You hug the guy as if he was your besty and HE just gave you the world, and you don't even know him. Just a thought.


Packers T Jason Spriggs celebrates his birthday on May 17. Take a look at photos of him from the 2017 season. Photos by Evan Siegle and Corey Wilson,

I've always felt a hearty handshake would suffice.**

Zach from Virginia Beach, VA

A little confused by the re-signing of House. By signing Williams, isn't the plan to have Williams start opposite King and develop young talent on the roster? As well as talent to be added in draft?

Of course, but why not give yourself more veteran options?

Tracy from Sioux Falls, SD

How do GMs look at first-round picks? Do they look at the floor with an eye to the ceiling or the ceiling with an eye to the floor?

It can depend on their level of job security.

Shane from Saxon, WI

I'm surprised the Vikings are in the discussion for the season opener. It was announced in March they will play the Eagles for the Thursday night 2018 season opener.

I don't believe the NFL has made it official yet, but the matchup was reported by some media outlets, yes.

Matt from Clarkston, MI

I hope you were able to dig out from the weekend's storm. I wish Vic would have been around. I'd like to have seen him pumping gas in April as a snowman.

After five years, the annual cold spells were enough to send Vic to South Carolina. This type of insane mid-April weekend might have done it much sooner.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

I was watching the replay of the original "Lambeau Leap" and noticed that before Reggie White lateraled the ball to LeRoy Butler, he stepped out of bounds. Did that get picked up by the officials at the time?

Nope, but the real question is if replay had existed, and overturned the touchdown, would the Lambeau Leap still be what it is today?

Don from Florence, WI

A player I have heard next to nothing about this offseason is Reggie Gilbert. He was on the 53 for the final games and made plays. He is a good example of a developmental player. Any news on Reggie and other players like him?

I quietly posted**this story**after the scouting combine.

Herb from Albuquerque, NM

In regards to Spoff's wonder about other pencil comments. How about, "I've got my pencil. Give me something to write on." – David Lee Roth, "Hot for Teacher"

Van Halen has now appeared in the Inbox. My life is complete. Happy Monday, everybody.

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