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Inbox: He's not afraid to mix it up

History can’t explain it any better

K Mason Crosby

Chris from Milwaukee, WI

In some circles, it is de rigueur, when referring to someone as a "gentleman and a scholar," to add, "Other than that, he's not too bad." When you're referred to as a "gentleman and a scholar," it's best to respond with "there are not many of us left," before the other guy can get his quip in, if possible.

Duly noted.

Brian from Madison, WI

Do you keep a close enough tab on what other media outlets and beat writers are publishing to guess the source of certain Inbox questions? Do you ever say to yourself, "Ah, this person must have read Demovsky's article," or "Uh oh, Jason Wilde is working on a story that is going to drive the Inbox crazy"?

It's rare when a valid, timely question hits us totally out of the blue, I'll say that.

Rich from Mifflinburg, PA

Gentlemen, on game day there will be a lot less sight-line distractions in and around the stadium. Does that fact make the job of being quarterback easier for all QBs, not just 12? The field will look more like a practice, not like a game. I'm wondering if it will be easier to see the coverage, the blitzes and your receivers? Just a thought.

I can't imagine it will matter much. Either a QB can zone in on what he needs to, or he can't.

William from Little Rock, AR

I haven't been keeping up as much as years past so I may have missed it, but what's going on with Curtis Bolton? As of yesterday he was still listed on the roster yet I've read numerous articles about Kamal Martin's injury and he's never mentioned?

Bolton has yet to come off PUP. He hasn't practiced due to continuing rehab from last summer's ACL injury. FYI, Greg Roberts did come off PUP yesterday, though, and practiced for the first time this year.

Dave from Saint Michael, MN

I have heard mention of a maximum 85 decibels for the NFL artificial noise. Are there other restrictions or rules? Is there a minimum? Will it be five decibels when the home team is on offense and 85 when they are on defense? Or is it a constant for the entire game? Just wondering if the sound will help create a home-field advantage or not.

Many of us are wondering the same thing. I haven't seen any specific rules or regulations from the league regarding the artificial noise.

Michael from Milwaukee, WI

"The Cincinnati Bengals can claim 10 players as long as they make 10 corresponding roster moves." Does the team put in their claims, get notified of approval of the 10 claims, and then have the opportunity to make 10 roster moves? Or do the roster moves need to be done prior to making claims? Just looking for a little bit better understanding there.

Teams don't have to announce roster moves until they've been notified of the claims they've been awarded. Say a team in the middle of the waiver priority order puts in two claims for players at different positions. If the team is awarded one player but not the other, the corresponding roster move could be dependent on which player it's getting.

Al from Green Bay, WI

A three-day weekend ahead (for some of us lucky folks) and then NFL football after that. Things are looking up, friends! Which NFL team is your candidate to "rise from the ashes" after a disappointing 2019 season?

Since you chose the phrase you did, I'll say the team in Phoenix. Watch out for the Cardinals. The way Lamar Jackson took the league by storm in Year 2, I wonder about Kyler Murray. I know that's a tough division, but if they can hold serve at home against their division opponents, and with a last-place schedule, you never know.

The Green Bay Packers practiced on Ray Nitschke Field on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020.

Joe from Milwaukee, WI

Who gets the first interception of the year? I'm going with Chandon Sullivan.

Well, Adrian Amos got the first one last year, and he got the first one of training camp this year, so I'm sticking with him.

Neal from Ft. Worth, TX

I think Wes answered my questions on "Unscripted" regarding who is eligible for the PS. So I ask this, with Jordan Love's contract fully guaranteed, would it be savvy to place him as one of the four protected players on the PS to free a spot on the 53?

Only if you have some savvy way of making sure the rest of the league ignores a first-round draft pick sitting there on waivers for about 20 hours beginning late Saturday afternoon.

Storm from Houston, TX

Does this mean we'll be getting a Monday II? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yes, of course. The last time I took Labor Day off was before I worked in the NFL.

Paolo from Turin, Italy

Not a question, but a humble request: Please, do not use the words RODGERS and POSITIVE in a headline again. I know you'll understand. Thanks.

Also duly noted.

George from North Mankato, MN

Wondering when Kamal Martin injured his meniscus? Was this a pre-existing condition or did it happen in camp? Sounded like he was off to a great start.

It occurred during Sunday's practice in Lambeau. He never went down or was attended to by anyone on the field, so no reporters observing practice were aware anything had happened.

Aaron from Sour Lake, TX

What has been your strangest interaction with a player/coach during your time with Green Bay?

It wasn't strange necessarily, but I did a double-take earlier this year when I happened to be picking up a pizza at the same time and place as Shawn Mennenga.

Mike from Ames, IA

Loved reading Cliff's recap of the 1989 QB battle. Looking back as someone just a little too young to recall the era, I mostly remember the hype around Majik in '89 and beyond. I assume the Pack were viewed as an ascending club after that season, and I'm (morbidly) curious if there's any reading out there you'd recommend on the disappointing couple of seasons that followed.

I don't recall any specific readings, but what I remember is the belief the Packers were back, except Majkowski couldn't stay healthy and missed half the starts in '90 and '91. Fortunately, Bob Harlan recognized the franchise's failure to capitalize on the momentum from '89 was based on more than just QB health.

Jim from Woodman, WI

I've been watching some old games lately. I've noticed Mason Crosby getting involved in tackles. Not just as the safety valve, on the sideline, on long returns. He is even there when the return comes up the middle. Saw him "woofing" at a Detroit player in one game. How many tackles is he credited with? Does he do that in practice?

He doesn't do it in practice, but he has been credited with 25 special-teams tackles in his career, plus three more in the playoffs. He's not afraid to mix it up if he has to, but he's smart about it. He also has a fumble recovery and forced fumble in his career.

Tyler from Martinez, GA

To Eric from Green Bay, WI: I think we're all hoping for Aaron Rodgers to play more than 16 games this year...


Mike from Lake Villa, IL

With this training camp occurring without any preseason games, do you think how it has gone so far provides evidence to both owners and players that a two-game preseason is all that is necessary moving forward?

History can't explain any better how insistent the owners are, under normal circumstances, on a 20-game scheduling model. Dating back to the league merger in 1970, teams played 14 regular-season games and six preseason games. In 1978, it shifted to 16-4 and stayed that way for four decades. Next year it will shift again to 17-3. Unless something radically shakes the landscape post-pandemic, I believe the preseason will go to two games only if the players agree to 18 in the regular season, which they aren't interested in doing (and I don't blame them).

See headshots and action shots of the complete Green Bay Packers 2020 roster. #BuildingOurTeam

Dave from Middletown, CT

It's been well publicized that eight of the 48 players active on game day must be OL. Are there any other restrictions such as maximum or minimum number of players allowed at any given position?

Not that I'm aware of.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Mike, can you offer some clarity on the IR rules for this season and also the rules on COVID if some players have to miss a few weeks? Are they at all related? Thanks.

They are, but not in the sense that players who test positive for COVID go on IR. A player who tests positive will go on the "commissioner exempt" list, and once he's medically cleared to return to practice, there will be a roster exemption (with the length dependent on how long the player was out) as a buffer for official activation. In a related move, as Wes and I discussed on "Unscripted," the league changed the IR rules to allow for greater flexibility to make sure teams have enough healthy players for a given game in the event of an outbreak. Injured players placed on IR are eligible to return to practice in three weeks, as opposed to the previous longer period (six weeks of practice, eight weeks of games), and there is no limit to how many players a team can bring back from IR throughout the course of the season. Once they return, they get a 21-day roster exemption and can be activated at any time. The key to remember this weekend, though, is a player has to be on the initial 53-man roster to be eligible to return if/when he is placed on IR. Anyone placed on IR at or before 3 p.m. on Saturday is out for the season.

Jesse from Indianapolis, IN

Insiders, I am a frontline worker and had very little breaks to date. Three things have kept me motivated – taking care of people, decompressing with a daily dose of Insiders, and hoping we will be watching the Sunday games. Who was it that said, "Hope is good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"?

T-minus nine days and counting.

Joshua from Appleton, WI

My bold prediction for this season is: We will win or lose based how the starters perform on game day.

Happy Friday.