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Inbox: He would be the next name on the list

There’s no way to know what chances they really have

Packers Hall of Famer Willie Buchanon
Packers Hall of Famer Willie Buchanon

Randy from Sheboygan, WI

Is the Packers Hall of Fame open?

Not yet. The Pro Shop is opening today, but the other Atrium businesses remain closed for now.

Kerry from New Richmond, WI

I have read a few stories that mention roster purges that will be made in order to lower costs for many teams. Are the Packers likely to need to do this and if not, do you think they will be able to add a proven player or two if these purges happen?

I don't think the Packers will feel compelled to purge salaries. The corporate reserve was created and has been maintained to allow the football operation to continue full force in a crisis. If players are made available who Gutekunst feels could improve the roster, I believe he'll explore those possibilities.

Levi from St. Paul, MN

I'm so excited for sports. Live action is slowly starting. I watched boxing with no fans and it was actually pretty interesting. Great action and listening to the punches land was cool. Australian rules football with no fans was still confusing, but it was live action. Golf with no fans is still golf. I think we could survive football with no, or limited amounts of fans for one season. Just get us live action. Agree?

That's the hope.

Jim from Woodbury, MN

Watching game replays and highlights on NFL Network this weekend. How grateful should Packers fans be that the Bears passed on Mahomes and Watson?

The 2017 draft could haunt the Bears for an entire generation. They did get Eddie Jackson and Tarik Cohen in the fourth round that year, but what they spent (and lost out on) for Trubisky is a GM's worst nightmare.

Chuck from Gold Canyon, AZ

I heard on a segment on NFL Network that the Titans and Henry were trying to work out a long-term deal before a July 15 deadline. Is this something in their negotiation, or after that date is Clark locked into the fifth-year contract due to some rule against signing a multi-year contract after that date?

Henry was franchise tagged, and July 15 is the deadline for any tagged player to sign a long-term deal. Henry did sign the franchise tender so he's under contract for 2020.

Peter from Ashland, WI

Nice piece on Coach Gray. Can't wait to see what he can get outta them. "New players at both spots could surprise." Come on...tell us what you know.

Nothing, in that regard. That line in the story was simply an acknowledgement there are a half dozen young defensive backs on the current roster who have never put on a Packers uniform nor taken a single 11-on-11 rep in Green Bay. If any emerge, it would qualify as a surprise, but there's no way to know what chances they really have.

Jake from Lake Mills, WI

Most people agree that Nick Collins and Sterling Sharpe are two Packer greats that were bound for Canton had injuries not cut their career short. Three questions: Are there any other former Packers who are in that same category? What would Aaron Rodgers' career numbers look like if he didn't have collarbones made of cheap plastic? Would he already be top 10 all-time in any major statistical category?

Willie Buchanon. He would be the next potentially Canton-bound name on the list. I'm no human anatomy expert, but I don't think the constitution of Rodgers' collarbones had much to do with the effect of those hits. That said, the two injuries cost him 16 games, or the equivalent of one season. Typical Rodgers single-season numbers would put him in the all-time top 10 in both pass completions and yards (he's currently 13th in both categories), and he'd be just on the verge of the top five in TD passes (currently 8th).

Steve from Ashland, WI

Mike, you let the league off far too easily in the question about Washington's nickname. Yes, the owner doesn't want to change, but the league hasn't forced the issue. NFL is a private business that makes lots of rules teams, players, staff have to follow. They need to show leadership on this and not just give lip service. Change or we will change it for you. Your choice Danny boy.

I think if the league could change the nickname it would have done so a while ago. But the owners don't work for the commissioner. It's the other way around.

Flip from Minot, ND

Being from North Dakota and watching the guy for a couple years, my heart went out to him after a couple botched plays in the same game. But any chance Darrius Shepherd gets another time to shine? Other than Devin Funchess we didn't add anything to the position. So just perhaps? The guy can turn on the jets in open field! Works his (tail) off! I still think he is a diamond in the rough!

The Packers re-signed him to the practice squad after releasing him last fall, and brought him back for another run at a roster spot this year, because they believe the talent is there. They know the work ethic is. It's up to Shepherd to take advantage of this second shot and get the results to match the rest.

Caleb from Oconomowoc, WI

Just wanted to say thanks for your thoughtful responses to BLM and social justice comments/questions. Thanks for using your platform for the betterment of all.

We're humbly doing our best, and we're just trying to pause and think, ourselves included.

Dat from Mansfield, TX

You mentioned you believe Jayrone Elliott became vested with his time in Pittsburgh last year. What is the vesting period or number of games such that a player becomes eligible for a pension? I know that's a very big deal for most of the guys on the back end of the roster.

Until the new 2020 CBA, players needed four credited seasons to be fully vested, and a credited season is a minimum of three games at full-pay status (active roster or injured reserve). The new CBA has reduced the number of credited seasons needed for full vesting to three. Credited seasons should not be confused with accrued seasons, however. Accrued seasons determine a player's eligibility for free agency. Four are needed for unrestricted free agency, and an accrued season is earned with a minimum of six games at full-pay status.

Dennis from Elk Mound, WI

Arizona in 2015 – I believe Mike McCarthy said he didn't go for two because he didn't have a package with the players that were available and didn't have enough time to get something ready when all the players were celebrating.

Bingo. Janis hurt his back on the Hail Mary TD, and Lacy's status was iffy the whole fourth quarter, if I recall. There was a lot to process in those harried moments, and while a successful two-point play would have been legendary, no coach is going to take that all-or-nothing risk without a play call in which he has the utmost confidence.

Judi from Racine, WI

Wondering your thoughts on MM vs. ML and the ability to adapt to technology and video in this new normal of our offseason program? Younger new guy vs. old-school coach?

I can't speak to how McCarthy is running the Cowboys' offseason program, but I would never have described him as averse to technology as Green Bay's head coach.

Bruce from New Canaan, CT

I have to comment on the lamentations regarding Taysom Hill's time in GB. Yes, the Packers whiffed on recognizing his talent outside of the QB position, but they did not misjudge his QB abilities. The proof of that? The team that signed him and loves him, the Saints, have never asked him to be even their No. 2 QB. That backup spot went first to Bridgewater and now to Winston. Hill is an emergency QB only with the Saints. He is a wonderful player, but probably not an NFL backup QB.

Point taken.

Corey from Bethlehem, PA

James Jones recently recalled a moment during a practice where he said he ran the best route of his entire career and Charles Woodson jumped it and picked it off. When he asked how Woodson knew what he was running he replied, "JJ, your head was down when you took off so I knew you were counting your steps in your head." Not enough words to describe how special Charles Woodson was.

He never missed a trick.

Jesse from Canton, GA

Do you think not having a regular offseason will help or hurt the Packers in comparison to other teams?

I don't think it's as significant for the Packers as it is for some teams because Green Bay didn't make any major coaching changes and isn't going to be asking many, if any, rookies to play large roles.

John from La Crosse, WI

Do you think that the Packers are the "favorites" to win the NFC Central Division again this year?

Not with Tampa Bay in the Central. The Bucs got Brady, man.

David from Chestertown, MD

Mr. Mike, why is your proclivity towards the usage of indubitably so ubiquitous? It incontrivertibly appears derived from the department of redundancy department.

So close. You were one letter away from spelling all those long words right.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

In relation to Matt's question (about current Packers defenders someday making the all-time top 10 list), the obvious answer is between Kenny Clark and Jaire Alexander. It might be excellent for GB if Darnell Savage becomes a player that you want to throw in that conversation.

Incontrovertibly. Happy Monday.