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Inbox: He's had it since the day he arrived here

The scouting world never stops

QB Jordan Love
QB Jordan Love

Greg from Long Beach, CA

Will Jordan Love play in Week 1? If so, how much?

And once again we're off, so we might as well get going.

Tim from Clear Lake, IA

I've been reading Cliff Christl's history book and I think I remember reading about a line coach named Tom Lovat, back in the '80s and '90s. Now I see a current strength coach named Mark Lovat. Any relation?

Yes, Mark is Tom's son.

Clay from Avondale, AZ

No question. Just prayers for peace for the Poppinga family with the loss of their son.

That was such tragic news to hear. I really enjoyed getting to know Brady when he played here. All the best to his family during a terrible time.

John from Byron, MN

Hard to believe it's been 30 years since the Pack played in Milwaukee. I was at the Packers-Vikings game in 1990 at Milwaukee County Stadium. A win for the Pack in such a unique venue. I remember getting tons of high fives and one foamy beverage from other fans as we carried our Minnesota Packers fan banner out into the parking lot. A photojournalist stopped us and asked to take our picture with our banner. Memories make us rich do they not?

I sincerely regret I never attended a Packers game at County Stadium. Really wish I would have.

Dave from Huntsville, AL

I hope Wes showered before your last "Unscripted." With the signing of Ben Sims, shouldn't he also count as an undrafted rooking making the Week 1 roster?

Yup, and he will.

David from Janesville, WI

Gents, now that we have an initial roster and our sights focused on the regular season opener, we better start preparing for the roller coaster of "expert" reactions regarding Jordan Love's week-to-week play. Even this offseason we saw feedback ranging from the lowest of the lows (mostly early) to the highest of the highs (more recent). The bottom line is he'll have both good and not so good moments over the season, and I give him credit for staying so steady and unphased so far.

I'd rather give him credit for being unfazed, but regardless, I thought it was interesting in an answer about Love's demeanor, LaFleur went all the way back to his first NFL start, at Arrowhead in 2021. The first 3½ quarters were nothing but a struggle on offense against a blitz-crazy Chiefs defense, yet he found a way to direct a late fourth-quarter TD drive that actually gave the Packers a chance. That steadiness to his personality, he's had it since the day he arrived here.

Adam from San Diego, CA

"I am a human and it happens" was Jordan Love's response to whether he had restless nights before some big games in the past. Honest, which instills even more confidence in me that he has the right character and temperament to lead this team. Obviously, when the season gets rough it is much harder to weather the storm. In your discussions with Jordan what other traits, besides his calm/cool demeanor have stood out to you that make him a good leader?

TBD. We haven't seen him enough in the heat of battle, or at all over the long grind, to really know. In his interactions with the media, he's just trying to answer questions directly and honestly. He's not concerned with sending specific messages, at least not yet. Judging by how much his teammates have professed to believe in him, which I sense is genuine, I'm guessing he shows a lot of leadership in meetings and other non-public settings. However he displays it, leadership is another part of the gig that'll grow and evolve as he goes along.

Chase from Milwaukee, WI

In regards to Rashan Gary's extension, what is the holdup? Are they waiting until midseason like what they did with Elgton following an ACL injury, or are they waiting for other prominent edge rushers like Brian Burns and Nick Bosa to sign?

I'm not sure what the Packers' approach is, but I said all offseason it wouldn't surprise me if it's similar to how they handled Jenkins. From Gary's point of view, I'm not sure it's in his best interests to sign a new deal until Bosa sets the top of the market.

Dennis from Parrish, FL

Bucky Scribner. I haven't heard those two words in a sentence since I matriculated at the University of Iowa. I am now 60!

I remember the first time I saw Scribner punt as a kid. I had no idea anyone in the NFL could, or was allowed to, punt with the left foot. I really didn't.

Brian from Columbia, MO

My 15-year-old daughter loves "Draft Day" and "Moneyball." I'm slowly teaching her about NFL football. Can you briefly describe the salary baselines (union minimums?) in the NFL? Thanks in advance.

For this season, the rookie minimum is $750K, which rises to $870K after one year of service, $940K after two and $1.01M after three. Following four to six years of service, the minimum is $1.08M, and after 7-10 it's $1.165M. Those minimums gradually rise each year through the end of the current CBA. In 2029, the rookie minimum will eclipse $1M.

The Green Bay Packers held practice at Ray Nitschke Field on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023.

Tyler from Cross Plains, WI

Hey guys, were there any Packers cuts that got claimed by other teams? Seems we got a lot of our bubble players back to the practice squad!

No Packers players were claimed. Only about two dozen players were claimed league-wide.

Terry from Green Bay, WI

I have a follow up to Erik from Holstebro's question on the waiver process. If a team is at the top of the waver order and they claim a player, does that change where they are in the order? Meaning do they stay at the top and just keep picking guys they want? Or do they pick the one guy they really want and then get moved to the bottom of the order? Thanks.

Teams at the top of the waiver claim order get any players they want not claimed by a club above them. Arizona, third in line, claimed six players. Those six players were not available to anyone fourth or lower in the claim order. The claim order reverts from last spring's draft order to regular-season record/standings after three games.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

How do Gutey and his personnel people know that the two players picked up on waivers are better players than Tariq Carpenter and Jonathan Ford? Film? Recommendations?

The personnel department has its own files and evaluations on all players from their draft year, and those are regularly updated by viewing any film (regular season or preseason) available. The scouting world never stops.

Mike from Ames, IA

The Packers signed Matt Orzech as an unrestricted free agent, then cut him, and will sign him back. Does that make him a street free agent now? Does that change the formula for next year's compensatory picks?

The APY in Orzech's original contract wasn't enough to impact the compensatory formula regardless.

Rex from Eastbourne, UK

Hi guys, please can you explain how Ford and Carpenter made the 53 but were then released without being added to the practice squad?

They were released to make room for the two waiver claims, Sims and Anderson. As for not returning to the practice squad, they had to clear waivers first, which takes a full day, so if the Packers are bringing them back, it can't happen immediately. Stay tuned, I guess.

Matthew from Las Vegas, NV

Insiders, what specifically qualifies as a start in the NFL? The actual starters would be the players on the field for the opening kickoff, but I strongly suspect that isn't the meaning of the term.

No, it's not. Officially, the starters are the 22 players on the field for each team's first snap on offense and defense. Personnel packages used for the opening snap factor into how many "starts" a player has.

Pete from Phoenix, AZ

Do players on the practice squad accrue time for the NFL pension plan?

I don't believe so. I think they can defer salary into the 401(K) plan, though.

Darren from Wakefield, MI

Hi Mike. Since my memory is about as good as any research I'd do, was it not mentioned here that there is a certain number of practice-squad players that can be protected? If so, what is the number and when is that designated?

Four players can be protected each week, but there are restrictions and caveats. It gets complicated and I have yet to find all the official details reliably spelled out.

Marin from West Lawn, PA

Residing outside of the Packers market, I always enjoy listening to Wayne and The Rock call the games, especially when the Packers are unable to be seen on local TV. Will the Packers' site continue airing the radio call this season?

Yes, you can access it anywhere in the world on desktop. On a mobile device, you must be in the Green Bay market to stream the radio call.

Steve from Flagstaff, AZ

At what point do teams have to designate the 46 active and seven non-suit-up players? Is it just hours before kickoff? For the Packers, is it ML making that decision? Any chance the league makes a change to the 53 to 60 and then seven sit out and we have less practice-squad guys? We all saw how the Niners were affected by not having extra players available when they had little to no help at the QB position in the playoffs.

Gameday inactives must be turned in 90 minutes before kickoff, and it's generally the coaching staff that decides (except for injured players the medical staff is holding out). People ask all the time about increasing roster size. The players' union would never agree to it without a bump in the salary cap, because they'd be taking money out of their own pockets, and the owners aren't going to increase the revenue percentage that determines the cap. So it's not happening.

Julian from Gastonia, NC

Sure, I would like the Packers to attack the middle of the field with their passing attack, but that's also an area that appears to be a higher risk for interceptions and therein lies the rub. We also need to keep in mind to be careful what we wish for.

Of course, but LaFleur's scheme, with its use of jet motion and play fakes, has various concepts designed to get the defense flowing one way to open something up on the back side. When play movement goes strongly in one direction, the back side effectively becomes the middle of the field. The Packers ran more true shotgun RPOs with Love in this preseason than I can recall with Rodgers.

Jake from Regina, Canada

I agree with the generalization that youth typically correlates to athleticism and energy, but can we acknowledge the anomaly that is Aaron Jones? That guy has looked leaner, faster, and stronger every single year. That's not normal, and I'm impressed.

At some point, Father Time will catch up to, and show up within, Aaron Jones. Thus far, he's kept it at a stiff-arm's length.

Greg from Ardmore, OK

Other than QB, what's the one position with the most unknowns?

It's a toss-up between tight end and defensive line. Three of this team's four tight ends are rookies, and the fourth is more of a fullback anyway. On the D-line, two of three presumptive starters haven't been full-time players at this level before, and the rotational backups are rookies.

Jeff from Waterford, WI

Which team in our division do you think is the most improved?

I don't think we know yet. Based on wins, it'll probably be the Bears, because they won only three games last year, and if, for instance, they get to six or seven wins, it'll be difficult for anyone else in the division to improve by three or four victories. Not impossible for the Lions or Packers, but a challenge for sure.

Randy from Raymond, IA

I have a lot of idle time on my hands as I recover from my recent hip replacement surgery. So I read through the list of NFL players released Tuesday. I was not surprised to see Michael Jordan, Isaiah Thomas and Bill Murray let go (they are old). Others released: Keke Coutee, Lucky Jackson, Pokey Wilson, Dresser Winn, Ekow Boye-Doe, Snoop Conner, Bless Austin, Yusuf Corker, Racey McMath, Teez Tabor, Smoke Monday, and last but not least, Bumper Pool (look it up). I'll see myself out...

All the best with that new hip.

Mike from Allen, TX

Wow, Wes breaks out "perseverate" and "plethora" in the same response! Well played, Wes, well played. Already in midseason form, I see. If possible, could you include "obstreperous" and "obtuse" in the future? Those are two of my faves.

Oh, he will.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Speed. Athleticism. Youth. Inexperience. Cohesiveness. Fine. But is it too early to say "Just beat the Bears!"?

Never. Happy Friday.

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