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Inbox: It doesn't mean they're slighted by the teams

Not all evaluators will have the same opinion

G Elgton Jenkins
G Elgton Jenkins

Jeremy from De Soto, KS

I'm still trying to get one rep on bench at 225.

I think I got one. About 25 years ago.

David from Crossville, TN

At 30 would drafting the No. 1 or 2 RB over the 4th-6th best WR/LB be such a horrible decision? My suggestion of DeAndre Swift as a legit weapon in LaFleur's offense was met with criticism understandably with LB/WR needs. I focused solely on giving our offense a dynamic threat no matter the position.

It's not about how deep you're digging into one position, it's about who's the better player. If the 6th-best linebacker is better than the top tight end, you don't take the top tight end just to say you took the top guy at a position.

Michael from Waukesha, WI

Gutekunst really appears to use all facets of team building to get the Packers to be contenders. This also makes it hard to predict what methods he will address team needs through. Does this make reporting in the offseason more exciting than with Ted Thompson at the helm?

We definitely must be more on our toes.

Clifford from Brockport, NY

With Mason Crosby signing his new contract, it seems he will probably retire as a Packer (I hope). Assuming he continues his production at a decent level through those years, don't you think he deserves Packers HOF consideration?

I'll spare you the II HOF consideration, but c'mon man, he's the franchise's all-time leading scorer. The discussion won't last long.

Josh from Oshkosh, WI

Gutekunst was recently asked about drafting quarterbacks. At this time for the organization drafting a QB and the future of QB1 are not related, which I think is obvious. But I was wondering if you could explain why it's always good to be developing QBs, other than for the obvious role of having someone step in if 12 gets injured? What are the other benefits to continuously develop quarterbacks?

QBs who can play are prized assets in this league, because there are always teams that don't have one, or are looking for a better one. They can get you something in return. Also, I wanted to mention the other day in the QB discussion when all those headlines popped up about Gutekunst not "ruling out" taking a QB at 30 … I'm not saying Gutekunst isn't being genuine in discussing the value of QBs and how he views the position, but he's also never going to publicly "rule out" taking a player at the game's most important spot because if a really good one is there, he damages his trade leverage if he's told the world in advance he's not interested. Whether or not he actually likes a top QB who's available when he's on the clock, if all options are on the table he's in the best possible position to see what he can get for that pick.

Adam from Chilton, WI

With all the talk about extending the season an extra game and also adding more playoff teams, why is there not talk about larger rosters? I would think that it would be a plus all around, more players available would keep players fresher and allow teams to stash more players to develop.

More roster spots are on the table with the proposal for the 17-game regular season, but I'm not sure on the specific details. Stay tuned.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

I'm on board for all the changes I've seen so far in the CBA except the changes to camp and practice. We all seem to forget how terrible the level of play has been in the first month of the season in recent years. They say the changes will improve player safety and reduce injuries. It seems to me that less training would lead to more injuries not less. And less practice overall and 1/3 less padded practice surely won't improve the quality of play in September. Your thoughts Mike.

I don't think either side is overly concerned about the quality of play in September as long as the TV ratings (owners) and paychecks (players) are where they need to be.

Mike from Lake Villa, IL

I would not be so sure that the NFL owners are absolutely adamant about a seventh team making the playoffs in each conference. The negotiator in me thinks they may be offering that along with a 17th game to the season with the hopes of getting at least one. I believe they want the 17th game more than the seventh playoff team. The question then becomes, how many issues does the NFLPA raise that may be used as bargaining leverage to the owners requests? Any ideas, Wes or Mike?

I don't believe the league actually needs approval of the players' union to change the playoff structure. Even though it's in the current CBA proposal, it's not technically a CBA issue and the owners could just implement it themselves with enough votes by pulling it out of this process, if they desire. But the extension of the regular season must be collectively bargained.

Patrick from Murfreesboro, TN

Expansion talk should be banned. The league can't even figure out what to do with the Chargers and Jaguars. Not to mention that it's already short on starting-caliber QBs, and diluting talent at all positions will inevitably tarnish the game.


Brad from London, Ontario

I can't lie. I feel bad for Tua. In recent NFL history, being a southpaw hasn't translated to much success. The last leftie I remember is Mark Brunell and he wasn't really that special. No one really was writing home about him other than some marginal success for an expansion team. Why hasn't there been much success for southpaws? Is it a matter of which arm you throw with or is Tua really that good a prospect? Please right the ship (I know, I know, poor pun).

Isn't Steve Young in the Hall of Fame? Ken Stabler too? Michael Vick and Boomer Esiason were pretty good if memory serves. I hadn't given it much thought.

Kyle from Appleton, WI

Good morning. I try to be a student of the draft and learn more about the upcoming prospects. My question is why do some prospects come with a projected position change? Wouldn't a player's former team be able to better identify the strengths and weaknesses of a player than an analyst who wasn't actually there? Thank you.

That just tells you how different the pro and college games are. You might be able to play 4-3 defensive end at 255 pounds in college, but good luck doing that in the NFL. Also, some college programs aren't fully stocked in the trenches, so they'll often put their best offensive lineman at tackle, but the body type and skill set can make for a better guard in the pros. That's not an indictment of anyone or anything, just reality.

Todd from Brighton, MI

Juiced raw liver? NOBODY is stealing that lunch.

Amen again.

Rob from Muskego, WI

My Packers Perks lunch tote arrived last week. The "G" was upside down though. I demand my hard earned $0 back.

Was or is? If it was, sounds like it's fine now. Or you have a collector's item and conversation piece. I'm just here to help.

Iker from Ameca, Maxico

Good morning, when a player comes in shorter than expected such as Shenault who was listed at 6-2 but measures 6-0, does their stock drop? Or are there certain positions that give them more leeway?

If the measurement surprised anyone, it might send the scouts back to the film room to double-check certain matchups.

Fletcher from Fall River, WI

In regards to a talent like Jonathan Taylor, he's got outstanding skills, but comes with a history of fumbles. How much of an impact will those fumbles have on his ultimate draft position?

Again, it depends on the film, but in a different context. If the film shows the fumbles are a technique issue, NFL coaches will believe they can fix it. If they're more carelessness and lack of focus, that's another matter. And not all evaluators will have the same opinion on it.

Corey from Henderson, Nevada

On Wednesday, when asked about why the combine continues to stay in Indianapolis, Wes responded with, "It's also not a huge spectator event, so no real reason to move it around like the NFL Draft." I'd say that moving the drills into primetime to get TV viewership says otherwise. If there's one thing the NFL is big on, it's money. Wouldn't moving it around and opening it up as a spectator event generate more buzz and revenue?

Perhaps, and there are rumors the league has considered it. But there are really good reasons it's been in Indy forever. There are enough hotels connected to the Indiana Convention Center and within easy walking distance for everyone from the NFL to be right here, all the time, and right next door to Lucas Oil Stadium to boot. I don't think any other NFL city offers a setup this ideal.

Benjamin from Evergreen Park, IL

This draft class is the "boom" draft class or the 7v7 draft class. There are a lot of WRs! But how much of it is hype and overhype? Seems like the guys in the trenches are always slighted until draft night...your thoughts?

If they're slighted by the media it doesn't mean they're slighted by the teams.

Hansen from Waukesha, WI

Steve from Las Vegas pointed out that the Packers will be playing the 49ers on the road three seasons in a row and wondered if that's ever happened to the Packers before, and it has. The Packers played the Giants on the road three seasons in a row from 2011 to 2013, going 1-2 in those games. On the flip side, the Packers hosted the Seahawks three consecutive seasons from 2015 to 2017, winning all three games.

Yes, but a playoff game adjacent or within those years was played in the other location in both of those cases, so it's not quite the same. Hopefully if a Packers-49ers playoff rematch occurs soon it's at Lambeau.

Take a look at photos of Packers players during their NFL Scouting Combine appearances.

Trevor from Cheyenne, WY

Two-part question for fun. If a player wanted to, or in the case of an injury needed to, what position on offense and defense could a player play on both sides of the ball today? Which current Packer do you think could do it?

I'd go with Jaire Alexander at receiver and Lucas Patrick at nose tackle.

Ryan from Appleton, WI

If a deal doesn't get done with Bryan Bulaga before the start of free agency, is there any way he ends up back in Green Bay?

Sure. If he tests the market and the price is palatable to the Packers, he could still re-sign.

Richard from Madison, WI

I've heard that Indianapolis is the generic American city, with all the personality of vanilla ice cream, and when you're there you think you could be anywhere. Any truth to that?

Yes, but I find it a rather enjoyable place. I don't need to be overwhelmed by style and character. Active, simple and relatively peaceful works for me.

Markus from Aurora, CO

Insiders, which position will make the biggest leap this year?

Ask me at the start of training camp when we know the 90-man roster. Last year, it was clearly outside linebacker and safety, but at this time the Packers hadn't acquired the Smiths, Gary, Amos or Savage yet.

Derek from Sheboygan, WI

What do you think the Packers are looking for most predominantly at the NFL Scouting Combine?

Still good players. Happy Thursday.