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Inbox: It makes all the sense in the world

That’ll be another topic of discussion

LB Lukas Van Ness
LB Lukas Van Ness

Tim from Allouez, WI

Will the Packers bring in a left-handed QB for the preseason so receivers get comfortable with the reverse spin on passes from Jordan Love given that the Brazil game is below the equator?

And once again we're off, so we might as well get going.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Mike, did Wes ask your permission before he posted that photo to Instagram? Or was that payback for all the stolen lunches? You guys did look pretty fresh, though. Welcome back "Unscripted"!

It felt good to reboot the show. As for the photo, that rarity was taken before Wes even worked here, so I've got a pretty good idea on his spy/source, but I'll have to confirm.

Sean from Vermontville, MI

Regarding yesterday's question of "What is leadership?", Justice Potter Stewart said it best when trying to define obscenity: "I know it when I see it." The coaches and the teammates know leadership when they see it.

Because it generates the desired response.

Logan from Stevens Point, WI

In a 48-3 a blowout loss to the Ravens on a Monday night close to 20 years ago, a rookie Aaron Rodgers and a 38-year-old Deion Sanders both took the field. The game ended up being Rodgers' first significant regular-season action, and Sanders recorded his final career interception off of Brett Favre. Just one of my favorite instances of two stars passing in the night.

Not bad.

Keith from Truro, Nova Scotia

Hi guys, when Gute and his crew are in the draft room, are they not only looking at their next pick, but also eyeing what the other teams' possible next choices would be to follow, so that they can think ahead for their next turn? In other words, do they have each team's possible needs on paper in front of them?

They keep tabs on other team's rosters to try to anticipate what they might do, particularly in the early rounds as it pertains to any trade inquiries they might get, to gauge which player a team may be targeting. But they also don't make any assumptions, because every draft board is different.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Spoff, you commented in Monday's II that some of your favorite prospects to go to the Packers at 25 have been moving up the board on mock drafts. Of course, for every player that rises, there are corresponding players that fall. It seems that every year a couple of players high on mock draft boards drop, falling to a team that didn't expect to get them. Do you have any speculation about which "top 15" player may still be available at 25?

I wish I did. I just can't get a handle on this first round, honestly. You're absolutely right, if back-half players are moving up, then first-half guys must be falling, but I don't know what to believe anymore. 'Tis the season for smokescreens, and every day we get closer to the draft, the greater the chance a report on so-and-so's interest in a player is a bunch of hooey.

Mark from Canton, GA

Other than QB, placekicker and punter, what position would shock you the most if the Packers used their first-round pick on that position? And that being said, is there a player out there that would make you think "it shocked me that they went with that position, but I am OK with that player being the pick"?

I'll be head-sewn-to-the-carpet floored if the first-round pick is a receiver, running back or tight end. I'd also be mildly surprised if it's an interior offensive lineman, because that's just not in the Packers' draft DNA. Aaron Taylor in 1994 was Green Bay's last first-rounder there, and he was a tackle at Notre Dame who moved to guard. That said, Jackson Powers-Johnson and Graham Barton look like darn good players to me.

Bob from Bella Vista, AR

In the past several years, the Packers have drafted three "projects" number one (and were highly criticized for it). Do you see anyone, including the Prospect Primers, that would fall into that category this draft?

I assume you're referring to Gary ('19), Love ('20) and LVN ('23). The two interior O-lineman mentioned above could end up playing different positions than in college, while tackle Amarius Mims started just eight games at Georgia.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

We're down to Rudy Ford, all others having been re-signed or gone.

Correct. He's the only Packers free agent remaining on the market.

Mike from Rochester Hills, MI

It's on my father/son bucket list to take my dad with me to the annual shareholders meeting and an open training camp practice. It would be quite a memory and an incredible experience for a couple of lifelong Packer fans from the Upper Peninsula. Has the date for either been determined? If not, about when should I have my antenna up for planning purposes? A Yooper road trip will take some planning – thanks!

Typically, the date of the shareholders meeting is announced in mid-May, and the training camp schedule comes out in mid-June.

Randy from Billings, MT

What is your favorite day of the draft? This year I would go with Day 2 since the Pack has four (unless some trading takes place) picks. Usually I like Day 3 and the signing of the undrafted players best because it introduces us to players who may not have been promoted during all the pre-draft ballyhoo. Do you have to do a lot of scrambling to provide bios of these late-round and undrafted players in a short timeframe?

The communications department does a great job getting us info on any players the Packers draft or sign, and we do some of our own research, too. As for Day 2, that's going to be one long night for us – four picks with the draft not starting until 6 p.m. – unless some trades are made.

Jeffery from Brooklyn, WI

Hey guys, I know one of the draft picks or UDFAs will turn out to be, but who is the youngest player as of today?

On the Packers' roster, that would be Carrington Valentine. He won't turn 23 until September.

Josh from Playa Majagual, Nicaragua

I've seen a lot of chatter about the Packers potentially being in the market for an EDGE in the upcoming draft, primarily to account for the now missing snaps provided by Kingsley Enagbare. Shouldn't a now healthy Rashan Gary and first-rounder Lukas Van Ness gobble up those snaps? I can maybe see drafting a late round developmental pick to compete with Brenton Cox Jr. for the special-teams snaps, but using a Day 1 or 2 pick at the position seems like a waste to me, especially knowing Enagbare will be back at some point.

Gary, LVN and Preston Smith should absolutely eat up the lion's share of edge snaps this year, provided they're healthy. But Smith will turn 32 this season and there's no telling when Enagbare will be back (or whether the injury changes his career trajectory). If a legit edge prospect is the top player on the board at any point in this draft, it makes all the sense in the world for the Packers to grab him.

Tyler from Mobile, AL

What's usually the busiest time of the year for the Inbox? Days before the draft, first night of the draft, start of a new season, start of the playoffs, or the days following a playoff run? What would you say was the event that led to the most Inbox submissions you can ever recall? The Rodgers trade, the selection of Jordan Love, or something else?

In the offseason, the draft definitely generates the most submissions, and it's not particularly close. The Rodgers trade and Jones release in recent memory were a little nuts but still lagged behind the draft. Otherwise, the 24 hours after any loss kicks the Inbox into overflow mode. Vic always said the Fail Mary was the greatest inundation of his time. For me, the playoff losses the last three years are way up there.

Markus from Sea Ranch, CA

While viewing the recent photographs from Evan, one couldn't help but notice No. 9 is looking fine. He looked good stretched out in running form. Any updates on the change in the strength and conditioning program to address past hamstring issues?

No updates, but I'm sure the visit to Madison, what he learned, and what he might be doing differently will be the first things Christian Watson is asked about when the media get a chance to talk to him.

Jim from De Pere, WI

Good afternoon, Mike and Wes. I noticed Jaire Alexander is participating in the offseason workout program with the team this year, when he did it on his own last season. Do you know the reason for the change of heart for Jaire? I am glad he is back working out with his teammates.

Me, too. I don't know the reason, but that'll be another topic of discussion when media access resumes.

The Green Bay Packers kicked off their 2024 offseason workout program on Monday, April 15. Phase 1 begins with meetings and strength-and-conditioning work.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

If you could catch a Packers game in any stadium, no matter the sport, no matter the country, where would it be?

The Rose Bowl, or maybe the Roman Colosseum.

Estillac from Belem, Brazil

Hello Mike! You said Love's biggest area of improvement is crunch-time performance. I agree, but how does he approach this in training? By the way, I think every Brazilian II Packers fan should have a guaranteed ticket to the game here! :) My city is far from São Paulo, but I'll be there in September and I'd really love to be at the stadium: It would be a dream come true!

The Packers practice the two-minute drill and end-of-game scenarios all the time, but crunch-time success comes from experience more than anything. He had some big-time, late-game moments against the Saints, Chargers, Giants and Panthers last season. Not so much against the Falcons, Raiders, Broncos, Steelers and 49ers. LaFleur has said it many times one of his favorite things about Love is how he learns from every situation, good and bad. He's already learned a lot and will keep doing so.

Aumed from Moorhead, MN

To mention another Love throw outside of the pocket, the one to Romeo Doubs early in the 49ers game on third down was a thing of beauty. I could argue it's better than the one vs. Tampa Bay because he was rolling to his left. Regardless, both are incredible throws that leave no doubt about his out-of-pocket capabilities. 12 taught him well.

Another great example, yes. Solid choice.

Dale from Palmyra, NE

If Vic were still on your staff would he go to the game in Brazil? It is a soccer stadium.

Ha. He wouldn't have been thrilled about the Carson City venue to play the Chargers in 2019, either.

Josh from Seattle, WA

Far more valuable than the sixth pick was this young team learning how to win! Winning a road playoff game with a first-year starting QB and the youngest team in the league, that's valuable experience to putting together a Super Bowl champion team.


Brian from Twain Harte, CA

My favorite Brazilian beer is Xingu, often referred to as Brazilian black beer. It was inspired by the ancient women of the Amazon who would chew manioc root and then spit into a bowl and ferment the contents. Oh, did I mention Xingu goes great with brats?

Sold. Happy Wednesday.

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