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Inbox: It's a different game when they're both out there

You can put multiple hats on Davante Adams, and he’ll find a way to create separation

RB Aaron Jones; WR Christian Watson

Ron from Appleton, WI

Other than David Bakhtiari, it sure would be nice to see our starters finally all on the field Monday night.

Tuesday was a promising step towards achieving that. Not only did Elgton Jenkins return but Luke Musgrave also was allowed to practice after leaving last Thursday with a concussion. Best of all, neither Aaron Jones nor Christian Watson suffered a setback against Detroit. I'd love to see what those two could do without limitation. It's a different game when they're both out there.

Kevin from Westminster, CO

Would it be pragmatic to rest Aaron Jones giving him two weeks to get healthy with the upcoming bye week? Might be a good chance to let Emanuel Wilson show his wares?

I see it the opposite. The Packers have a little extra rest heading into Monday night and an extra week to recover with the bye. This offense needs as much Aaron Jones as he can give in Las Vegas.

Jackie from Waukesha, WI

Great questions, you guys keep us fans going. Re: Michelle from Ringgold, GA, what do the Packers have to do to get the running game going? Now, is the time to answer that. It appears Jones was no worse for wear coming out of the Lions game, so we should get a truer feel of the running game's potential against the Raiders, who are 25th against the run this season. Going into this game, I was curious to know how our Packers run offense ranks against the 25th-ranked run defense.

It's an excellent question and really where I think this game is won or lost. The Packers are 30th in run offense right now, though that's mostly been without Jones. If Green Bay can get the ground game going and conversely contain Josh Jacobs, the pathway is there to enter the bye at 3-2.

Eric from Kenosha, WI

Good morning. It is wild that there is not a single receiver, and only one tight end, who was here when old friend Davante Adams last played for the Packers.

I've thought a lot about that this week. It's hard for me to process Adams has been gone for 19 months and there are so few guys in this locker room who played with him. While many may not know him personally, Adams remains a fixture in the Packers' wideout room when Jason Vrable is reviewing film from around the NFL with his players.

Bruce from Jackson, WI

Wes, who has the advantage next Monday night because of familiarity, the Packers or Adams (assuming Jai is back)? My fingers are crossed he doesn't go off for 10 receptions and 200 yards after he was roughed up last weekend. Smooth and consistent, his ability to gain separation was a joy to watch.

Another question I've pondered. Schematically, the Packers know what they're in for with Adams. I don't think anything is going to surprise them. However, what makes Davante special is his undeniability. You can put multiple hats on Adams, and he'll find a way to create separation. He refuses to be erased. Pressed for an answer, I think the defense holds a slight advantage, but we won't know until we see it.

Joan from Suamico, WI

Will the Packers look for some offensive lineman during the year to help out since Bakhtiari is out again?

In the interim, I think the Packers will look within. It's why the Packers kept 11 offensive linemen on their initial 53, including Luke Tenuta, who is eligible to return from injured reserve whenever the Packers choose to do so.

Jason from Austin, TX

Do you think Jenkins would play at LT upon his return? I think I remember him being very good at that position.

My hunch is Jenkins stays at left guard. He reverted to his Pro Bowl form after moving back inside during the second half and I don't want to mess with that mojo. What's more, the Packers have several guys who can play tackle but not as many who are natural guards. To the best of my knowledge, Yosh Nijman, Caleb Jones and Tenuta have all worked exclusively at tackle in Green Bay. Most of Rasheed Walker's reps have come outside, as well.

David from Minneapolis, MN

One more way to view Jordan Love's completion percentage. Aaron Rodgers used to hold on to the ball and take what appeared to be unnecessary sacks at time while allowing the play to develop. JL10 seems to throw the ball earlier when pressure is coming, likely to get rid of it and not take the sack. If JL10 took two more sacks a game instead of throwing it away, his completion percentage would be in the 60s, but we would be talking about not getting rid of the ball.

Again, I'm concerned far more about interceptions with a young quarterback than incompletions. Either way, it's still an extremely small sample size. Let's collect the data and reassess at a more appropriate time.

Kevin from Whitehall, WI

I've seen a lot of comments (angst) about Jordan Love's completion percentage. He is 74-of-132 on the season (56.1%). If he completes just two more passes per game, his completion percentage jumps to 62.1%. If Love has just one more completion in each quarter he has played, the completion percent jumps to 68.1%. The season is young. He's not far off. Give it time. Oh, and my apologies for math in the Inbox.

Again, sample sizes in rear are closer than they appear…or something.

Dan from Brooklyn, NY

Hey guys, strange question! Have you noticed that the tip of the ball is higher than the back of the ball when Jordan Love throws deep? I saw this and was looking at how Aaron Rodgers' deep ball traveled, and it does seem like Love is adding a little more loft and the ball is kind of flying differently. Of course, Rodgers is an all-time great, but do you know if Love and Clements look at all those little things to try and find ways to fine-tune his throws?

I hadn't noticed before, but I'll take note of it now. In the QB room, I know for a fact Clements and Connor Lewis are looking at every angle of the film, though. It all ties together.

Jordan from Cedar Rapids, IA

Do you know of any major differences with how teams deal with the durability of players? Do some teams have a lot of emphasis on types of workouts to avoid injuries while other teams may not? Or is that up to the players?

Genetics undoubtedly have an effect on durability, but it's also no coincidence Marcedes Lewis, Tramon Williams and Preston Smith played nearly every Sunday in Green Bay. All three had rigorous recovery regimens during the week. Regenerative workouts and treatment are a major part of the Packers' process, but it's also on the players to get themselves right away from the facility whether it's yoga, sauna, or other body work. Those three vets set a standard.

Todd from Sandy, UT

Statistically speaking, what year was the last time the team even had a top 15 rush defense?

Some of you really have a selective memory about 2020, huh? Even still, the Packers ranked 11th against the run in 2021. Where Green Bay lacked that season was in its average yards allowed per carry (4.7), finishing 30th.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Wes, is there a defense in the NFL that could be on the field for the entire game and give up 20 points or less? I think that would be a huge challenge. That's why the Packers must play complementary football. A great running offense that wins TOP is a pretty good defense.

New Orleans might have been the closest given the position its defense was put in last year. Coincidentally, the Saints' streak of holding the opposition under 20 finally came to an end on Sunday against Tampa Bay. But yes, all three phases are needed to stay fresh during a three-hour marathon.

Matt from Gastonia, NC

For what it is worth, Ron Rivera has stated he chose to kick the extra point and go to OT because his offense was "too gassed" to go for two at the time.

I believe it, but I'm still not sure whether that was the right approach. Washington still looked tired when it got the ball back and wasn't able to move downfield when Philadelphia reverted back to its traditional scheme instead of prevent. On the road, I say go for the win.

Take a look back in time at memorable photos from previous Packers-Raiders matchups.

Jeff from Woodridge, IL

I personally have gone through a bad knee injury with two torn ligaments, etc. That was 40 years ago where the surgery and recovery was brutal. I was given a strong knee brace with metal bars on each side (with a hinge obviously, so I could bend my knee). It didn't really negatively impact me being able to move. I don't understand why linemen don't all wear them. The minor reduced movement vs. losing a player every year to knee injuries seems like a no-brainer.

Both Bakhtiari and Jenkins provided expansive answers on this subject over the past month. Knee braces don't just reduce mobility. Bakhtiari pointed out the other fear is also how the straps on the brace can cut off circulation to the hamstring and calves and result in more fatigue-related injuries.

Dylan from Houston, TX

Hello II, how does the assignment of gold package games happen? Does the team designate those games, or are they fixed? It seems to me having the Thursday night gold package game also helped with the amount of blue in the stands. A number of folks in Milwaukee likely sold their tickets rather than figure out their individual work situations for a weekday game and whether to go in tired, or take a day off, etc.

As long as I've covered the Packers, the regular-season gold package has been the second and fifth home games.

Kenton from Rochester, MN

There's been a lot of chatter in II on the number of enemy fans coming into Lambeau. Rather than complain, we should be flattered that they want to come to GB to spend their money. I've talked to these fans, and they all say how well they are treated here and what an enjoyable experience it is. The way to minimize their impact on the game is for the home team to play better. I'll bet the "Let's go Lions" chants would have been less numerous and annoying had the Pack been up 27-3. Ya think?

It's a fair observation. Last month, Soldier Field felt more like a preseason game at Lambeau Field in the fourth quarter after the Packers' on-field play had Bears fans running to the parking lot.

Dennis from Parrish, FL

My only game I attended at Lambeau was a Monday night win against the Chiefs on Sept. 28, 2015. We parked like five hours before kickoff in someone's yard, only two blocks from Lambeau. We were the first one to arrive at his house. My nephew found the parking spot somewhere on the internet. He explained to me that the 12 or so spots, with people parking in his yard, was calculated to be enough, every year, to pay for his two season tickets! So, he has that going for himself, which is nice!

I know folks who do the same. Parking cars is big business.

Richard from Madison, WI

I'm not a big fan of either hockey or baseball, but I consider "Miracle" to be the greatest sports movie ever made and the Brewers logo to be the best in all of sports. What are your faves?

As a child, I prayed for the Brewers to revert back to the ball-and-glove logo and hope they never replace it again. It's iconic, creative, and tied to the franchise's greatest achievements. "Miracle" is a classic. Our UX coordinator, Jennifer Ward, will attest to that. My favorite sports movie is "Bull Durham," though.

Mandy from Durham, NC

Don from Marshfield asked a question about the Milwaukee Badgers. If Don and anyone is interested in learning more, my dad (a lifelong Packer fan and amateur historian) wrote a book, "The Badgers: Milwaukee's NFL entry of 1922-1926." Thanks!

Cliff might slap me for saying this, but I didn't recollect the Milwaukee Badgers' existence until stumbling on that answer Tuesday. I'll have to check your pop's book.

Daniel from Cudahy, WI

A "hog molly" is a term used in American football to refer to a player who plays on the offensive or defensive line. The term is derived from the phrase "hog," which is a colloquial term for a lineman, and "molly," which is a slang term for a tough or imposing person. The term is used to describe a player who is considered to be particularly strong, powerful, and imposing on the field.

And here I thought it was just a cool phrase Bill the Butcher once uttered to Amsterdam. Have a great Thursday.

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