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Inbox: None of it matters come noon on Sunday

There’s always another perspective


Derek from Barron, WI

Practice-squad Spoff and agent Rosenhaus would hold out for a better name for the Mudhens.

I did ride in an elevator with him once. I never was able to make eye contact or say a word to him. He was babbling on his phone the whole time. True story.

Jim from Prairie du Chien, WI

Did you happen to catch Mahomes' audible: "Hey! Here we go. Lambeau, Lambeau, Lambeau. Here we go. Here we go" with 12:20 left in the third quarter last night? That's right up there with "Yellow weasel."

It even got my wife to look up from her phone and make a comment, so I know she doesn't completely ignore the game.

Howie from Saint Ignace, MI

Do you think if Andy Reid shaved his mustache his face shield would stop fogging up?

It was not ideal weather for a face shield, but I admire Reid's perseverance and unflappability.

Tristan from Durham, NC

What kind of person do you have to be to make as much noise as possible during a moment of silence for equality?

Sadly, it didn't surprise me at all.

Travis from Oshawa, Canada

Much has been made of tackling concerns with the lack of preseason. What are your thoughts on potential ball-security issues at the skill positions?

If players need preseason games to get that squared away, they aren't long for the NFL in my opinion.

Todd from Winona, MN

What do you think is the most unbeatable record in football? I think Favre's interception record will never be equaled either. I don't see a QB running that number up without being benched, traded, or cut long before they even are in the neighborhood.

One of my favorite Favre quotes of all-time was when he was asked about the interception record, and he said something to the effect of, "You have to be pretty darn good to throw that many." Such a simple, yet perfect, way to say it.

Jim from McLean, VA

Thanks again, Insiders, for getting us all through these past few months! I've seen it written here during the offseason that the NFL is a year-to-year league; during the season, a week-to-week league (this year may make it a day-to-day!). When does it change to week-to-week – when the baloney stops?


Dan from Bridgman, MI

I'm a relatively new II reader and absolutely love the column. That being said, there are a number of seemingly inside jokes that go over my head: laser goalposts, stolen lunches, the No. 88...Could you please give an explanation to those of us who are out of the loop?

Sorry, Dan, there are no replay reviews in II. If you ask the comment community below, it might be willing to fill you in. But you gotta ask nicely.

Ryan from Colfax, WI

When the Packers prepare to match up against the Vikings' two rookie corners, how does the offense prepare for them with no preseason or past film in the NFL? Do they watch college tape to find their tendencies, strengths/weaknesses, etc.?

I don't know for a fact this is the approach, but I would imagine they comb through the pre-draft scouting reports from the personnel department, try to project how they'll be used in Zimmer's scheme, and then be ready to adjust on the fly.

John from Yakima, WA

If cutouts are still in use on Dec. 27, one needs to be dressed in multiple layers with only the eyes showing, with the name tag reading Ketchman.

And holding a gas pump nozzle, am I right?

Ben from Pensacola, FL

Mike, in the weekly chat you forgot about Bucs at Saints. Or was that a given that you just ignored it? That would be acceptable, certainly.

Yeah, we had already talked about that one in Inbox, so I overlooked it in the moment. But I also neglected to mention Cardinals at 49ers. That's a really interesting one to kick things off in a tough NFC West. Speaking of the chat, I saw a lot of questions in Inbox that I already addressed there, so rather than repeat a bunch of them, I'm going to provide that link.

Rob from Muskego, WI

Any reports on Jordan Love's photobombing abilities or will that be an unscouted look on Sunday?

I'm pretty sure that's Tim Boyle's duty. Whether he takes on an apprentice is up to him.

Corey from Henderson, NV

You never want to see anybody get hurt, but it's pretty fortunate the Vikings put Danielle Hunter on IR ahead of Week 1. Even more so when you figure the Packers lost Bulaga to FA this year. Couldn't have happened at a more fortuitous time, eh?

It's a break for the Packers, for sure. As Wes mentioned on "Unscripted," it also speaks to some of the rationale behind the Vikings so vigorously pursuing Ngakoue during camp.

Bennett from Green Bay, WI

How many players (besides Mason Crosby and Aaron Rodgers ) have a ring on the team?


Kent from Appleton, WI

Aren't returners already protected with the fair-catch rule? With the new defenseless punt returner rule, why have a fair-catch rule? How long does coverage have to wait before hitting a returner? This is a bad rule open for messy interpretations.

It could get difficult, but it's really about the coverage guys playing under control rather than trying to time up the big wallop, which is dangerous for both players. The fair catch is still available for the returner who doesn't want to give the coverage player any opportunity to strip or jar the ball loose.

Nathan from New Berlin, WI

All fourth-quarter pre-snap penalties will now result in the clock not starting again until the next snap. So an offense down six with 30 seconds left and no timeouts can just commit false starts and stop the clock without losing a down on a spike?

Nope. Offensive pre-snap penalties under two minutes that occur with the clock running will still be subject to a 10-second runoff, or the offense can use a timeout if it has one to avoid the runoff.

Rich from El Cerrito, CA

This seems like a great time to play the Vikings: three brand new corners, Stefon Diggs replaced by a rookie WR, OL issues, and limited homefield advantage. Plus, our QB may have a chip on his shoulder. Why should we Packers fans not be confident?

It's perfectly fine to be confident, but there's always another perspective. I'm sure Vikings fans are saying the Packers have a huge question mark at right tackle, the Minnesota offense didn't have Cook or Mattison last time, and if Diggs doesn't misfire on that throw to a wide-open Cousins on the trick play late in the second quarter, it could have been a whole different game.

Greg from Chelsea, MI

I believe the Inbox has already determined that the intro music to "Packers Unscripted" is performed by Wes on the drums and Spoff on flying-V guitar. So for the "on hold" music that plays during Zoom media sessions with players and coaches, who joins you guys on rhythm guitar and bass? Cliff and Larry? Duke Bobber?

Our "Unscripted" producer Marvin and videographer Tyler are all-in on that for sure.

John from Milwaukee, WI

Will the person who will blow the horn for the Vikings this Sunday be required to wear a mask while blowing it?

I don't normally find the pandemic a laughing matter, but I admit this gave me a chuckle.

Gar from Hot Springs Village, AR

We don't get many Packers games on broadcast TV here. Packer bars are unattractive because of the virus. Last year I "saw" several games on your internet play-by-play and enjoyed them as an alternative. I hope you'll be doing that again this year?

Yes, I will be live-blogging the games and Wes will be posting quarter-by-quarter recaps as well. Then we'll have all of our usual postgame stories.

Austin from Washington, DC

In the "Total Packers" segment with Coach LaFleur mic'd up, he gets on Za'Darius Smith and others for wearing their jerseys pulled up: "I wanna see numbers!" Evan Siegel's great work demonstrates that this is a common look in practice, and I've always wondered about it. Is it for comfort? Style? Will Billy Turner soon introduce a line of shirts meant to be worn in this fashion?

I honestly don't know. Maybe pulling the jersey down all the way over the pads is a pain and makes it harder to get them off after practice.

Andrew from Simi Valley, CA

Radio host: "The Packers will take a step back this year because they didn't add any pieces." Same host a minute later: "The Saints are returning the same team so they are going to pick up right where they left off and keep rolling." Still the most underappreciated 13-3 team.

None of it matters come noon on Sunday.

Robert from Janesville, WI

I know we're getting into the season now and the roster is about set (barring any injuries of course). Can we all please acknowledge a big missing piece? Tramon Williams. No, he isn't young and flashy, but he's consistent and a great leader. If he does decide to retire if not re-signed by anyone, I will be so happy he came back to Green Bay for two more years.

Me, too.

Gary from Fond du Lac, WI

Which player on defense, besides Za'Darius and Preston Smith, will take a leadership role this year?

Christian Kirksey already has stepped in seamlessly. He's the natural born leader type, and from what we've heard it seems his teammates have really taken to him. I would say Kenny Clark and Adrian Amos are quiet leaders on that side of the ball as well.

Herb from St. Paul, MN

Are Wayne and Larry going to call the game from U.S. Bank Stadium, or some other undisclosed location?

They're going to be in their radio booth here at Lambeau to call both the home and away games.

Chris from Bettendorf, IA

Random thought getting ready to watch the season opener. Teams have had little live tackling through camp with no preseason games. What are the odds of a rookie defender forgetting the rule difference between college and pros and letting a ball carrier go down, get up untouched and take off for a long gain? Seems to happen a couple of times in preseason games every year.

You're right, it does. Stay tuned I guess.

Andy from Columbus, TX

If you're Mike Zimmer for a week, how do you approach Sunday's game? Be very conservative – for example, play cover-2 and try to ease the burden of your rookie corners, playing up your strength at safety? Or, do you throw the kitchen sink at the Packers, as losing your best pass rusher may put you at a disadvantage?

Regardless of the youth at corner or Hunter's injury, I think the last thing Zimmer wants to do is have Harrison Smith patrolling deep all game with a predictable alignment. I expect him to move Smith all around the field. He'll also mug up Barr and Kendricks in the A gaps like usual and try various calls out of familiar looks. From there, it'll be about which calls generate success, and when is the right time to throw something unscouted at Rodgers.

Adam from Wausau, WI

Glad that Davante Adams is 1,000% ready for the season, not 997%. Here's to hoping Adams has a career year, which I think he will.

Nicely done.

Storm from Houston, TX

As we welcomed football back last night, let us all have a 20-second moment of silence in remembrance of today. You know, I remember a nation coming together.

I think we all do. Amen.

Greg from Glendale, AZ

Maybe this year you can rename the Monday column Hindsighters Inbox, for all the experts to weigh in on what the Packers should've done.

We're almost there, folks. Happy Friday.


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