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Inbox: Sometimes, things are just meant to be

The decision to move up to draft Amari Rodgers made sense on so many levels

WR Amari Rodgers

Chuck from Poynette, WI

Well, I guess Wes was correct! Our GM traded away one of his fourth-round draft picks for a wide receiver. I guess regardless of what happens this offseason A. Rodgers will be on the roster … I'll see myself out

Hey, at least I got something right this weekend.

Tim from Spokane, WA

I'm excited about our picks so far. A good combination of best player available that fits our needs. Let's hope we retain our keystone so we can capitalize on our new additions.

I thought Friday was a great day for the Packers. They were sitting in a tough spot at No. 62, but trusted their board and got the tall, strong interior offensive lineman they needed in Josh Myers following the offseason departure of Corey Linsley. However, the most compelling part of the night had to be Brian Gutekunst mentioning how the Packers considered taking Amari Rodgers in that spot. Instead, they moved up seven spots from their third-round pick to get him at No. 85. In doing so, Rodgers became the first Clemson Tiger to be drafted by the Packers since 2004 (Donnell Washington). Despite all that, his family was convinced he'd end up with Green Bay and that's how it all worked out. Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

Jeff from Brooklyn, WI

Hi II, what a great draft so far. They have addressed positions of need with very good prospects. Now if they can get a run-stuffer and an ILB it will be perfect.

I thought the Packers checked three of their largest boxes during the first two days of the draft. As nice as it would be to add a run-stuffer along the way, it's not entirely surprising Green Bay didn't based on how thin pundits say this draft class is for defensive linemen. Five defensive tackles were selected on Friday but that should be somewhat expected after the position was shut out of the first round.

Sal from Hailey, ID

A cornerback, a center, and a return specialist! It's like CHRISTMAS!

The decision to move up to draft Rodgers made sense on so many levels. If some of you recall, that's the direction I wanted the Packers to go at returner: Acquire a young receiver with big upside who can provide an immediate return on special teams. That strategy helped reinvigorate Green Bay's special teams in 2011 when the Packers drafted Randall Cobb and it's a shot of adrenaline the unit could use now.

Nate from Greenville, SC

As a Clemson fan, I have been watching Amari Rodgers cause matchup problems for teams all over the country. Shifty and speedy, I think he was great value in the third. Did the Pack trade up to get him? I thought we weren't due to pick until No. 92.

Correct. The Packers once again traded away their fourth-round pick to move up seven spots to take Rodgers. But this year, thanks to the compensatory process, Green Bay has a spare fourth-rounder (142nd overall).

Luc from St. Thomas, Canada

So, Green Bay loses its starting center who played at Ohio State and wore No. 71 in college. And the Packers replaced him with … the starting center from Ohio State, who wore No. 71 in college. Crazy how these things work.

If the well produces, why go searching for water elsewhere, right? But seriously, listening to Matt Malaspina on Friday, you can tell how much the Packers organization respects Ohio State's program and the offensive linemen the Buckeyes produce. Corey Linsley is an All-Pro center but also one of the finest human beings I've covered in the NFL. While I don't know Myers that well, I can tell you he made a positive first impression on the Green Bay media corps. He's taller than Linsley, but to steal a line from the iconic Jim Ross, both guys are tougher than a two-dollar steak.

Keith from Normal, IL

Good morning Wes, just wondering how we are the 62nd pick and the 92nd pick?

Because Green Bay and Buffalo had the same record. The Packers won the first-round tiebreaker and then it alternates.

Scott from Grovetown, GA

Help ease my curiosity. I was unable to watch the draft live but watched the selection videos. Could you please tell me who the woman is who announced the Amari Rodgers selection? I tried searching, but I was unsuccessful. Thanks.

That was Dawn Aponte, who is the NFL's chief administrator of football operations. For those "Draft Day" fans out there, Jennifer Garner's character was loosely based on Aponte. The more you know…

Mark from Bettendorf, IA

What bugs me about this whole Aaron Rodgers issue is none of the information seems based on facts. Who leaked the news Rodgers was upset? What did he actually say, if anything? Why would it leak Thursday, of all days? Why doesn't Rodgers come out and tell his side of the story? Doesn't he know how this makes him look? Silly. Gutey says they are speaking and that's why I believe this will get taken care of. Those are facts I can rely on.

Regardless of what's been written or stated, I'm reserving judgment until I hear Rodgers speak. Through the highs and the lows, the wins and the losses, he's always been eloquent, thoughtful and on point with his messaging. Even last year, Rodgers addressed the media when he didn't necessarily have to shortly after Jordan Love was picked. As always, he knew what to say and how to say it. We'll see what the coming days and weeks have in store.

Jordan from Virginia Beach, VA

I am not giving up all hope on keeping Rodgers but it is now a possibility that we will have to move on sooner rather than later. Would you rather get Bridgewater and picks from Denver, or Watson and picks from Houston in a trade? How many first-rounders would it take if a QB is not part of a deal? Also, would we save money by waiting until June to trade him like a post-June 1 cut?

Brian Gutekunst reiterated Friday night the Packers have no intentions of trading Rodgers. So, we can shelve all the hypothetical questions about "Could we trade Rodgers for this pick or that player" until new information becomes available.

Michael from Chanhassen, MN

Hi Mike and Wes, it made me sad to hear about the discord between Gutey and Aaron right now. I sure hope they can work this out and Aaron decides he can still play for the Pack. With the friendship ML has developed with Aaron, couldn't he be someone that could try to amend the situation? Maybe ML could explain his need for Aaron to drive this offense to even greater heights from last year, or something...?

There were a lot, and I mean a lot, of submissions Friday with possible solutions. Without being privy to the conversations the Packers and Rodgers have had, all I can do is echo what Gutekunst said – they're working through it.

Larry from Oshkosh, WI

Just wanted to know why you're so hush-hush on the Rodgers dilemma. Looking on your website and haven't seen anything about this.

We have Inbox, Spoff’s recap from Thursday, Gutekunst's presser talking about it for 20 minutes, and our one-on-one with Gutekunst. What more do you want? A musical?

Jennie from North Huntingdon, PA


Duly noted, Jennie.

Doug from Green Bay, WI

The person I really feel for in this mess is Eric Stokes. That poor kid worked his whole life for this moment and instead of talking about him and what an addition he is to the team all anyone wants to talk about is how the pick will affect Rodgers.

It is what it is, but Stokes still enjoyed himself on Thursday night. He's worked his entire life for this moment and you could tell during his conference call with Green Bay media how much it meant to him.

Sal from Hailey, ID

I wanted to sleep on yesterday's events before I threw myself upon the II chaise to weep. Instead of hypotheticalizing (is that a word?) about QB1, how about that pick? I thought there might have been higher-graded CBs on the board, but this guy is the right size and speed, and he seems a quick study with lots of room for improvement. When does his install and training start?

I don't dive as deep into the draft as Mockin' Mike Spofford, so Stokes wasn't a guy I knew a whole lot about until after the pick was made. Upon reviewing his college film – and his 40 times! – count me impressed. It also was cool reading and learning a little more about his story. He was a late convert to cornerback who caught Mel Tucker's eye. And once Tucker and Kirby Smart got to know the kid, they were instantly sold on him. He seems like the total package.

KB from Wichita, KS

Stoked about Stokes! Just curious about the pre-draft analysis on him. Seems like draft "experts" had him slated for anywhere between late Day 1 and early Day 3. Do you think analysts would have been higher on him had he run a sub-4.3 40 at a combine?

If he put 4.25 on the gun in Indy, I don't think he makes it out of the top 20. But there's always a little more subjectivity with pro-day numbers. Regardless, the guy is fast and he plays every bit like a corner who runs a sub-4.3.

Adam from Washington, MO

I'm too lazy and do not want to do the research myself. Would you be able to compare and contrast the Packers' first-round pick Eric Stokes with Ahmad Carroll, a speedster SEC stud cornerback and major first-round bust? I love the Stokes pick on paper, but I can't help but remember the former Arkansas swing-and-a-miss.

About five inches in height.

Ross from Roswell, GA

Gents, I know Gutey and the Packers don't factor the hometown kid into the equation as far as draft picks, but Cole Van Lanen would look good in the green and gold

I love Cole. Nobody would be happier to see him wind up in green and gold than me. He's the last area high school athlete I covered at the newspaper. Van Lanen was one heck of a shot-put and discus thrower at Bay Port.

Terry from Sun Prairie, WI

What grade would you give the Packers' draft class for 2018?

I'd go B or B-plus. The Packers didn't bat 1.000, but Jaire Alexander is already an All-Pro at 24 and arguably the best young cornerback in the game. Marquez Valdes-Scantling is a dangerous deep threat who turned a corner at the end of last year, and there's still chapters left to be written in the books of JK Scott, Oren Burks, Josh Jackson and Hunter Bradley. It's not the 2013 draft class, but it's not bad.

Jack from Minnetonka, MN

R.I.P. your guys' Inbox. As an out-of-state fan, the "Insiders" spamming me with in-the-know scoops was too much for me, so I can squarely count out the II from my career path. What do you think about the Alexander/Stokes duo? I, for one, am extremely excited to see our new CB in action, and see how his speed translates to NFL games. Go Pack Go!

I think this move really frees up how the Packers use Alexander in the defense, whether they want to have him travel more with opposing stud receivers or potentially play nickel in some situations. Meanwhile, you've got a custom-model CB in Stokes who did it all at Georgia. With the secondary almost entirely intact from last season, the possibilities are endless with these DBs.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

The logo on Eric Stokes' helmet won't change much. When was the last time the Packers selected a player from the University of Georgia?

The last Bulldog the Packers drafted was Jarius Wynn in 2009. In fact, until Thursday night, Wynn had been the only Georgia alumnus Green Bay had drafted over the past 24 years.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

"Barmore was available, and I was smiling from ear-to-ear." So was I, Wes, right up until the actual pick was announced. Were you holding out any hope we'd be able to trade up high enough in the second round to still get him?

I really liked Barmore – and still probably wasn't as high on him as Spoff. I can't wait to see how his career plays out. That was a solid value pick for the Pats.

Phil from Portland, OR

Morning Insiders! You all have done a great job explaining the organization's focus on staying competitive in the future and the risks of going "all in," as everyone likes to say. As a fan, though, it can feel a bit like they are only 85% committed to winning now, which makes the yearly heartbreaking loss that much harder to handle. Personally, I would risk a few years in the wilderness in order to give Aaron and this crew every chance and every player they need.

Fans like to say that…and then Philly pushes Doug Pederson out the door three years after winning a Super Bowl.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

My take on how the team's division rivals have drafted so far. The Vikings and Lions seem to have clearly improved themselves, and the Bears still have GM Ryan Pace doing Ryan Pace things. What insights do you have about their drafts?

The Bears did what the Bears do – they trade a lot of assets to get the player/pick they want. It worked with Mack. It flopped with Trubisky. Now, we'll see if the shoe fits with Justin Fields. I also want to express one more time how much respect I have for Rick Spielman. He's one of the most underrated talent evaluators in the league. Yes, I know the Vikings have had issues finding a QB but Spielman always lets the board come to him and makes savvy moves. As Spoff said, I loved the Christian Darrisaw pick on Thursday and now they add a developmental QB in Texas A&M's Kellen Mond.

Al from Green Bay, WI

A hope for the upcoming football season – more "Rodgers-to-Rodgers" touchdown passes. Is that too much to ask?

I'm hoping for that, as well. Enjoy the final four rounds, everyone.