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Inbox: That'll work itself out. It always does.

You can’t win in this league until they win

S Javon Bullard
S Javon Bullard

Steve from Land O' Lakes, FL

What's your No. 1 takeaway from this year's draft?

"The spine" of Green Bay's defense, as NFL Network referred to it, is going to have a different complexion than it has in the past after the Packers devoted more than half of their picks to improving their lot at defensive back and off-ball linebacker.

Dave from Germantown, TN

I could see any of the drafted safeties or Anthony Johnson Jr. starting next to Xavier McKinney. How do the Packers divvy up the preseason snaps to give each player a fair opportunity to showcase their talents?

That'll work itself out. It always does. Getting drafted is a ticket to the 90-man roster. What a player does with that opportunity is strictly up to them. What I can promise is the Packers will give every safety a fair shot to play alongside McKinney and still the situation could remain fluid throughout the course of the year. Remember Aaron Jones was a healthy scratch in his first NFL game, as Green Bay entered into Week 1 in 2017 with Jamaal Williams, Devante Mayes, and Ty Montgomery in the backfield.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Wes, we have turned the page. Now we get to watch the roster take shape. It says something about the Packer Way that Atlanta drafted a QB to learn behind Kirk Cousins. Would you rate the player personnel team for the Packers among the best in the NFL?

I'm not big on ratings, rankings, or grades, but I've always felt the front office's greatest strength is its identity. Nobody gets every pick right, but the Packers' brass knows who they are, what they're looking for, and they draft accordingly. That's how you operate in this league with any semblance of consistency.

Yotam from Atlit, Israel

It's always amusing to me when the "draft and develop" approach is being debated. I mean, is there any other profession on Earth that you finish your education and then go on to lead the team/project/business? When a doctor finishes med school, does he lead the department right away? A junior lawyer goes to head a law firm on the first year? Does Wes become editor overnight? Of course, you let him work a few years behind a veteran before handing him the keys to the corner office...

I find it humorous. Here we are ripping Atlanta for drafting a QB, with plans of long-term development, while also ridiculing Bryce Young for his struggles after being thrown into the fire immediately. You can't win in this league until they win.

Scott from Tukwila, WA

Greetings II. I can't help but to shake my head at the analyst "pros" who are saying that Packers fans won't be too pleased with picking RB MarShawn Lloyd so high. Oh really?! I was over the moon with that pick and welcome more depth at that position. That was an excellent draft choice if you ask me, which no one is. Let's go!

Every draft analyst is entitled to their opinion, but Daniel Jeremiah didn't call Lloyd his top running back for no reason. Lloyd ran a sub-4.5 at 220 pounds and put up 26 bench reps of 225. He also averaged 7.1 yards per carry at USC last year and only has 253 college touches on his body. So, I fail to see the downside in this pick, particularly with it coming in the third round.

John from Stevens Point, WI

Flood a position group with several players. That seems to be the Gutey M.O. It's worked pretty well with the receiver group. Do you anticipate the same for the safety group?

We won't know until we see it, but I'll never bet against Gutekunst. There's too much water in the jug to question how it got there.


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James from Appleton, WI

Yes, yes, your arms are too short to box with God. But Aidan Hutchinson ain't God. Imagine if Jordan Morgan's arms were one inch longer, Brian Gutekunst would be a genius.

So many folks are perseverating on Morgan's arm length without acknowledging his 11-inch hands. Also, the Packers regularly allow rookies to play their most natural position at the beginning and transition him if certain traits warrant such a move. Inside or outside, Morgan has the tools to compete against top-flight pass rushers.

Josh from Newhall, CA

Looking at the last few drafts, it really feels like BG is hitting his stride. There's a confidence it seems you can sense in the way the Packers maneuver the draft and make selections. We think about players developing over their first 2-3 years, but I think we forget that new coaches and GMs are learning and developing too. I would say the same applies to Matt LaFleur. I think we are seeing a coach and GM hitting their prime. Do you get a sense of that interacting with them in their time in GB?

Gutekunst and LaFleur have a great working relationship, understanding where their expertise lies. Listen, I was in second grade when Gutekunst collected his first paycheck from the Packers. Gutekunst not only has been an NFL scout for more than 25 years, but his experience also applies directly to this building. What's more, Gutekunst has a cohesive nucleus around him when making personnel decisions.

Matt from Kula, HI

Looking at who Morgan will be competing with for a starting spot, shouldn't Josh Myers also be added to Rasheed Walker and Sean Rhyan? If, as some have reported, Tom could be considered for a move to center, that would open up a tackle slot for Morgan. Perhaps another pathway to getting the best five on the field?

I'm going with the "everything will sort itself out" answer again. There will be competition everywhere this summer with hope of finding the right alchemy for that starting offensive line in front of Jordan Love.

Brian from Fort Atkinson, WI

Good morning, I just watched the video package on Michael Pratt. All I can say is WOW. He has to be extremely mentally strong. Even though he had to be in tremendous emotional pain, Pratt was checking on his coaches and teammates to make sure they were OK. That has to be the definition of a great locker-room guy. If you have not seen it, I recommend you do.

I concur. It's a very powerful piece and I encourage everyone to watch it. Pratt is an impressive young man who has been through a lot. Adversity tests an individual's character, and you can tell the unimaginable tragedy Pratt experienced has only made him a stronger person.

Bob from Rome, NY

Wes: A question about Kingsley Enagbare's injury. We just found out a few days ago that the ACL was not torn and did not require surgery. Did the Green Bay staff find out about the same time we did, or have they known for a while? Seems like a long time for the staff to get this information if they found out on or around draft day. Possible smokescreen for the draft to let teams think Packers were going to draft an edge rusher? As always, your expertise response awaits! Thank you!

It seems they've known for some time given Gutekunst's quip about how "we were able to keep it quiet, which was good, for at least a little while." If surgery isn't needed, I'll be breathing a heavy sigh of relief for Enagbare. Seeing his pain and dejection in Dallas was one of the saddest things that I've witnessed in an NFL locker room.

Dale from Aurora, CO

The Packers did not put much effort into drafting corners. While their assessment on their present corners with perhaps some confidence in the 'Tines may have been part of the equation, would not the mentioned versatility of the three safeties to possibly play the "slot" also be a factor.

That's a big part of it. Keisean Nixon is back as the nickel cornerback, but remember the Packers lost their "dime" cornerback when Jonathan Owens signed with Chicago. As much as Green Bay needs another safety alongside McKinney, the defense also has some openings in the six-DB "dime" sub-package. The more a DB can do, the better chance he has of playing.

David from Cable, WI

On Dan's question about not picking a corner sooner, our new safeties make me think the slot-corner position in the future is going to be more a part of the safety room than the corners. Possibly due to our new DC. More versatility?

There's already quite a bit of synergy there already between the cornerback and safety rooms. I think that's part of the reason behind the defensive backs beginning to meet jointly a few years ago.

Tom from Yardley, PA

Overall, thought it was a solid draft. On the question of not drafting a corner until the seventh round, it's one thing to say Eric Stokes looks great. The reality is he's suited up for 55% of the games over three years. Very intrigued by Kalen King and you can't help but think he is coming into a great situation to try and make his mark.

I mentioned this in “Three Things," but I've never been part of a more emotional conference call with a draft pick than the one we conducted with King on Saturday night. He was obviously disappointed with how far he fell but also motivated to prove to everyone he's still the cornerback he was for Penn State in 2022. The Packers still have options at cornerback (like they always do). We didn't write much about it last month, but the Packers retaining Corey Ballentine was a big deal for this defense. That's a major veteran insurance policy behind Jaire Alexander, Stokes, and Valentine.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Wes, you were clearly touched by the Kalen King interview. It's all speculation for now, but do you see him as a potential Carrington Valentine 2.0? A steal in the seventh round.

I compared the two on Twitter Saturday and some keyboard scouts criticized me. Yes, they're different players but King's age (he'll play his entire rookie season at 21) and confidence remind me a lot of Valentine last year. King also need look no further than Walker, his former Nittany Lion teammate, for an example of what's possible for a seventh-round pick in Green Bay.

Joe from Hampshire, IL

Wes, Evan Williams certainly got a "Seale" of approval, eh? Trusting Gutey's staff, I watched Evan's tape and don't want to heap expectations on him but reminds me of Micah Hyde.

I don't know much yet about Evan Williams, the football player, but I cannot tell you how impressed I was by Evan Williams, the man. Hearing Williams address the media, I was reminded of Hyde's conference call in 2013. Williams has a good head on his shoulders based on what I've read.

Jeff from Littlefork, MN

I think we all agree the team wholly moved into the Love era last year. While we've been in the post-Rodgers era for a while, can we finally sort out what we got for what we gave? The NY Jets' picks translated into what exactly for Green Bay?

It's complicated. While Luke Musgrave was directly tied to the Rodgers trade (New York's 2023 second-round pick), Lukas Van Ness, Anders Carlson, Edgerrin Cooper, Evan Williams and Jacob Monk were either byproducts of pick swaps with the Jets or trades with other teams.

Doug from Neenah, WI

Good morning, Wes. If you can believe what you read on the electronic interweb, at least two of the Packers' undrafted free agents were also voted as team captains. Rodney Matthews from Ohio was captain three times and James Ester from Northern Illinois an incredible four times. Both are defensive linemen. Has character and locker-room leadership become as important as height, weight, and speed?

Character is the foundation upon which a successful football team is built. If your team lacks it, everything could crumble. With solid leadership, however, championship teams are constructed.

Mike from Glendale, CA

Good morning! Here's a fun fact: The Packers are one of only three teams that did not draft a WR or TE. The other two teams are the Lions and Vikings. Granted, Detroit and Minnesota had fewer picks than most teams. But I think this speaks to the strength and depth of receiving talent in our division.

That's actually pretty interesting. I stand by what I said before the draft – the competition Green Bay sought at receiver is already on the roster. When you hit that well on young players at a certain position, you can take swings at other spots.

Ken from New London, WI

Good morning, I love reading your articles and seeing your videos. The question that I have is what happens with the player we have from Africa? Is he going to make the team? Or how long do the Packers have a roster exemption? Thanks for your input.

Kenneth Odumegwu is back on the roster exemption. He'll only count towards the 53-man roster if he's signed to the active roster. Otherwise, Odumegwu is eligible to be a 17th member of the practice squad.

Jim from Green Bay, WI

If the last player selected is Mr. Irrelevant, are all those signees after that in the Irrelevant-er category?

I feel like Mr. Irrelevant should be called "A real Purdy pick" from now on.

Dave from Crossville, TN

Where will the Jeff Hafley statue be placed after this year? All joking aside I'm excited to see how this change works out with the talent we just acquired for the new guy. July is only three months away.

Oh, I need no reminder.

Scott from Sussex, WI

Please tell me the entire digital-video-social media team that works tirelessly for three days on draft coverage encompasses 16 individuals, one of whom is a new hire. Jury's still out on the newbie.

Lauren knows a full-time position is never owned and rent is due every day.

Chuck from Sun Prairie, WI

I'm not worried about how many good players Packers management cuts the end of August. It just means the team is getting better. GPG

Fans realize the Packers also can trade current players for future picks, right? Green Bay has done it in the past with Cole Van Lanen, Ka'dar Hollman and Lerentee McCray.

Thomas from Cedar Rapids, IA

With next year's draft being in GB, I was hoping (but not surprised it didn't happen) for a trade or two acquiring future picks. I'm sure we will end up with more than our original seven picks but making hometown fans wait for the 32nd pick in each round of the 2025 draft is downright cruel.

I like the way you think. Have a great Tuesday.

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