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Inbox: The Packers need to make the most of it

Christian Watson is a big play just waiting to happen


George from Edinburg, VA

Good morning gentlemen. Please tell us you're okay! I have bad memories of the last time this happened.

As Spoff added to my Tuesday column, the NFL performed technical maintenance on all team websites that prevented our site from posting new content until Mike's column was posted on Wednesday evening. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for making II a part of your day…or night.

Mike from Ames, IA

John Madden told his team, "Don't worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon." That one never made a ton of sense to me, but after the last couple of weeks, it's become a little clearer. No question, just wanted to thank you guys for doing your part to load the wagon and hoping, as a fan, I can remember to leave the horse to those in charge.

Do your job. The rest is a distraction.

Josh from Seattle, WA

So, we are the youngest team in the league with some of the most dead money on our cap, and we expect to win. I just want to see competing that the staff can evaluate, because either way we win this year. If we win, then we exceed realistic expectations and learn how to win fast. If we lose, then we get better picks and improve faster. I think No. 69 could have made the difference in a few close games. Can you reevaluate our average age now that our oldest and best player is on IR?

I can't break the age of this roster down into days, months, and years, but the Packers have to be among the youngest teams in the NFL right now. That's not an excuse, but it is a fact. There are just two players older than 30 on the active roster (Preston Smith and De'Vondre Campbell) and 14 guys with four accrued NFL seasons. All Green Bay can do is keep faith in the process and grow.

Richard from Caledonia, WI

Good afternoon! Any status update on Christian Watson? Hoping he will be able to be back for the next game!

Watson was a full participant Wednesday. He told reporters after practice that his heart sank for a second after injuring his knee in Denver, but everything came back clean. A small silver lining on an otherwise tough news day for the Packers. Green Bay needs Watson, too. This team is seeking explosive gains and Watson is a big play just waiting to happen.

Donald from Big Flats, WI

Hi II, it seems I was not the only one that thinks Jayden Reed, and maybe Dontayvion Wicks should play more. At this point, can we throw away the depth chart and just keep going with the hot hand? We can't do worse than being shut out in first half, multiple times. Thanks for giving me an outlet.

Hey, LaFleur said Wicks has earned more opportunities with how he's performed. The Packers aren't beholden to a depth chart. They'll roll with whoever steps up. Reed mentioned Wednesday that he and the offensive skill players collaborated and watched film together this week in search of answers. There's no ego. Guys just want to win.

Joe from Dartford, UK

Hi Wes, I'm curious to understand how you believe that being at home will be more beneficial to us? I don't think the on-field problems will be solved by more support in the stands. Regardless of popular fan sentiment, I'm still excited for the potential of this team. My question is out of genuine curiosity rather than pessimism.

I get it. When the wins aren't there, the questions will be. But I think there is something to be said for the Packers getting into a better rhythm with their schedule (three of the next four at home and all four at noon CT). Again, this is as favorable as the schedule is going to get for Green Bay. The Packers have to make the most of it.

Dave from Grand View, WI

Coach Matt LaFleur keeps taking the blame for calling the wrong play or not putting us in position to be successful. Can't keep saying that when it just comes down to players not running the correct route, making the critical block, throwing a better ball. At what point do you stop taking it all on yourself and admit we have some not-so-great players?

LaFleur's message to his players has been to be self-critical and accountable – and that starts with him. You can't expect something from others you're unwilling to do yourself. If you're having issues with a group project, the worst way to solve the problem is blame everyone else. That accomplishes nothing.

Josh from Newhall, CA

I have seen a lot of consternation about Love going for it all on third-and-20. After looking at the wide angle shown on the broadcast, he didn't really have many options. The trailing routes underneath the deep shot looked covered, and that actually was a decent one-on-one look for Samori Toure; the ball was just underthrown, giving the other safety a shot at it. The only short option open was on the sideline around the 45-50, which still would've been a 62-to-68-yard FG. Just for perspective.

Love had a couple underneath options, but the Packers likely would've had to pass again on fourth-and-10ish.

Michael from Baraboo, WI

It looks like the Lions and the Vikings will be battling for the NFC North crown. Meanwhile, the Packers will keep on working on consistency and improvement week in and week out. This must be difficult for the newer Packers fan. We have all been spoiled for decades. What is the advice you would give to a Packers fan who is having a difficult time adjusting to a young team?

Enjoy the victories and embrace the lessons.

Robert from Corpus Christi, TX

Are the Packers more penalized than the average this year?

Not really. The Packers are tied for the 11th fewest penalties and 12th in penalties yards against (325), according to The issue has been more when penalties have occurred than how many times they've happened.

Dennis from Parrish, FL

I am sure I am not crazy, but I am looking for Jordan Love to be the starting quarterback through at least the 2025 season. With no math allowed in the Insider Inbox, let's just say that is around 45 more starts. Buckle up, my expectations are that it ends well!

Paraphrasing one of Ted Thompson's favorite idioms, the proof in the pudding is in the eating. There's so much yet to be learned about Jordan Love and the Packers are prepared to give him the necessary time. You can't rush the recipe.

Perry from Ishpeming, MI

Question about De'Vondre Campbell's injury. He was injured in Week 3, has not played, not practiced much from what I've read, so why was he not put on IR?

The ability to elevate guys from the practice squad changed the game on this. Also, you don't have an unlimited number of designations to return like COVID. I believe it's only eight. So, teams don't IR players until they're guaranteed to be out a month or longer…and that's what happened on Wednesday with Darnell Savage and Eric Stokes.

Jon from Soldiers Grove, WI

Well, the Brewers' reverse-curse is still intact! I wasn't able to watch the game on Sunday, but am curious if, from your perspective, the Broncos looked like the team that played the Dolphins or the team that showed up at the Chiefs game.

Denver was definitely the team that showed up against Kansas City. I'm not making the Broncos out to be world-beaters or anything, but they have done a much better job of limiting explosive plays.

Ricardo from Ventura, CA

I feel like the GM decided to go young this year, banked on a few veterans to stay healthy, and had to swallow a cap hit from Aaron Rodgers. The veterans that he banked on are injured and the young team is going through growing pains. Now isn't the time for any rash decisions. The youth are gaining valuable experience and more money will be available next year to shore up positions that we have major needs in after a full year's evaluation.

*The other factor was years of borrowing against the salary cap to continue the Packers' championship pursuit.  *

Matt from Fitchburg, WI

I don't mind not getting my questions posted because I know you guys are swamped, however I wish you would have posted my submission a few weeks ago about the Diamondbacks going to the World Series after beating the Brewers. Looking prophetic is always nice…

Please hold.

Matt from Fitchburg, WI, on Oct. 4

I know gambling is illegal at Bushwood, but how much would you bet the Diamondbacks go to the World Series? Every year…

Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, but I'll believe it when I see it. Too many good National League teams standing in Arizona's way.

Dennis from De Pere, WI

Thinking the stands for the next game will look a lot like the Lions game, except for purple.

There will always be opposing NFC North fans at these divisional matchups, but I don't think it'll be as bad as you're projecting. The Detroit game was the perfect storm of regional team, amped-up fanbase and Packers' gold-package ticketholders not wanting to drive to Green Bay for a night game. Whatever the case, the Packers have some friendly games upcoming. Neither of the Los Angeles teams are known for ravenous fan bases, home or away.

Ignacio from Madrid, Spain

Good morning, Wes/Mike. I know the mood isn't the best this week after the loss, but I'm gonna need every Packer at Lambeau Field at his best Sunday afternoon, as I am finally assisting to my first game against the Vikings, after a loooooong Madrid-Amsterdam-Chicago-Green Bay trip. So, after eight years of daily Inbox reading, I will be "meeting" some of you in person. The question: What are the must-do, must-see or must-eat in Green Bay for the afternoon and night? Thanks, and see you Sunday!

That's awesome. There's a lot to do and see around Green Bay on home weekends but my favorite vibe is around Lambeau Field and Titletown on Saturday evenings. There's so much energy and excitement. I also love how we run highlights on the videoboards all night. It's such a great atmosphere. I wish you safe travels and a memorable trip to Green Bay. Hopefully, these guys pull out a win for you.

Lori from Heredia, Costa Rica

Hey. How are you doing? Missing the II today. Everything okay up there?

Again, our sincerest apologies for all the issues the past two days. Trust me, I'm not thrilled about the delay, either. Hopefully by the time this runs, everything will be sorted out. Have a great day.

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