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Inbox: There's still a ton of unknown

The Packers are going to ride their 1-2 as much as health allows

Team huddle

Dwight from Brooklyn, NY

I think you have a keeper in Dan the Bouncer.

I'm counting on his presence to help keep me sane until the season starts.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Hey Mike, I just had a thought how hilarious it would be if you devoted (today's) II to only answering questions related to the forbidden number, to coincide with the jersey-by-number countdown.

See above, Scott. Sanity is my goal.

Brian from Rochester, NY

This year feels like a big year for this defensive unit from a roster standpoint. The secondary has the needed depth to be special. For me, this unit can be dominant if the guys up front can take a step. That includes D-line and the plethora of pass rushers on the roster. If the secondary and big boys fire on all cylinders and play off one another, man watch out. The pieces are in place.

I'm not dismissing run defense because you can't just get run over and win in this league, but rush and coverage working hand in hand is what really takes a defense to another level in today's game. If the rush is a tick slow, can the coverage hang on a beat longer? If there's a coverage breakdown, can the rush get there a tad quicker? I still think the Packers are one pass-rushing interior lineman from having all the pieces they need, but if Kingsley Keke's pair of two-sack games last year was just him scratching the surface, then they might be even closer than I think.

TK from Grafton, WI

Do coaches actually post depth charts? How do rookies get an idea of where they stand? Number of practice reps? Or by getting time with the "first-stringers"?

Coaches inform the players where they stand on the depth chart on any given day, in their meetings or by posting the info. They have to, so the players know which practice reps to take. There's no waiting around at practice when the reps are called out. Guys are expected to know when they're up.

Benjamin from Burlington, WI

In further response to Dan, my understanding is that even beyond mandatory vaccination needing to be negotiated, employers can't require it due to the current status of emergency use authorization. I'm a health care worker, so I am required to get my yearly flu vaccine, but getting the COVID vaccine was my choice. That appears to be another reason why the league is just giving minor incentives to teams for vaccinations like less frequent testing rather than any penalties.

All true to my knowledge.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Is Brett Favre the last Packer wearing a single digit number to catch a pass for the Packers? Amari Rodgers is hopefully fixing to be the next.

Brett Hundley, wearing No. 7, caught a 10-yard pass from Randall Cobb in the 2017 season finale at Detroit.

Geoffrey from Rosemount, MN

Any idea who the most successful QBs are that listed at 6-6 or taller?

Joe Flacco and Nick Foles, both of whom I believe are 6-6, have won Super Bowls.

Brendan from Mount Clemens, MI

Mike, I hope you enjoyed the baseball game, even though the result wasn't great. I made a return trip to Comerica Park this past weekend; it was great to be back. My question is, when you attend public events like a baseball game, do you and Wes find yourselves being recognized and approached by the loyal II readers, or not so much? I'd hypothetically welcome the chance to buy you a cold beverage to thank you for your awesome work covering the Pack, and quickly get out of your hair. Cheers.

It's hit or miss. I get recognized occasionally, and I've had some fun conversations. I also appreciate just blending in and going about my life. But I would never blow off an II reader unless I were truly in a hurry or late for something. It's the least I can do for everyone's dedicated readership. It was great to be back at a ballpark, outcome notwithstanding. I'm going back again in a couple weeks.

Dennis from Appleton, WI

Why is it that quarterbacks are often poised with all fingers spread out on their non-throwing hand when in a passing stance? Almost of if they were a child preparing to trace their spread hand on a piece of paper to create a Thanksgiving turkey! Is this part of Quarterbacking 101 for a specific reason?

Maybe ball security? If the other hand is already spread out, it's ready to help cover up the ball in case of a hit.

Scott from Grovetown, GA

Greetings. Here's the deal. Every year it seems during OTAs there is a declaration of this being the deepest roster in a few years, or the coaches like what they see on the field, or the effort players are putting in is extraordinary. This hype "game" plays out every off season and frankly all it is at this point is bologna or baloney (whichever you prefer) – only not that b-word. I'll still read to keep up, but I am waiting until 12 Sept. to put away the bologna to see what's really cooking.

Aren't we all. I will say this – just because I mentioned this is the deepest 90-man roster I can recall in several years doesn't guarantee the 53 will be any better. That's the idea, of course. A deeper pool means a better finished product. But injuries, performance decline, rookie readiness (or lack thereof) all contribute to the construction of the roster the Packers will take into the season, and there's still a ton of unknown.

Brian from Okinawa, Japan

This year, Russ Ball might be as responsible for the team's depth as anyone.

Valid point. The salary cap gymnastics to keep the bulk of the team together were the most challenging they've ever been.

Thomas from Evansville, IN

Do you think we'll see much of Kylin Hill this year or is he simply a depth piece behind Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon?

Barring injury, he's not going to play close to as much as Jones or Dillon, if that's what you're asking. If he wins the No. 3 running back spot in the competition with Patrick Taylor and Dexter Williams, he could see some action, but the Packers are going to ride their 1-2 as much as health allows.

Neal from Fort Worth, TX

While in Grenada for my son's wedding, I met a couple who were die-hard Clemson fans. They echoed everything you've said about Amari Rodgers. Talent, playmaking ability, high character and an endless desire to improve every day. Sounds like a perfect Packer. How as he looked in your limited looks during OTAs?

Like he belongs.

Tony from Chanhassen, MN

With the deadline for free-agent signings to impact compensatory picks next year now passed, any early guesses in which rounds the Packers will receive picks?

I've seen projections indicating the Packers will get a fourth-rounder for Linsley and a sixth for Williams.

DT from Bozeman, MT

I'm thinking, "If they were half as smart as they think they are they would be twice as smart as they really are" applies to many football talking heads. "Too clever by half," too. Many thanks to both of you for keeping it real while keeping it fun.

This isn't good. We're getting back to math, fractions even, in the Inbox.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Last week in OTAs it was widely reported that Jordan Love had a rough day on Tuesday sprinkled with hesitation, uncertainty and weak off-target throws. On Wednesday it was a complete turnaround with confidence, conviction and strong accurate passes. It sounds like Tuesday was a great teaching and learning opportunity and Wednesday may have been the result. Was it? Do coaches go through tape with the player post-practice or the next morning before the next practice? Is the turnaround that quick?

It can be. Practice film almost always is watched prior to the next practice, especially this time of year. But I would say your characterization of Love's progress isn't accurate. As I wrote and stated in videos last week, the hesitation and uncertainty was in the early stages of OTAs. The first minicamp practice, last Tuesday, the timing and decisiveness were there, but the accuracy wasn't. Then Wednesday the accuracy joined the rest. It's been step-by-step, not a wholesale change, and he's continuing to take the vast majority of the seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 reps this week, from what we saw yesterday.

The Packers were on the practice field Tuesday, June 15 during the offseason program.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Two other fine cold-weather kickers to lump in with Mason Crosby and Justin Tucker. Fred Cox, the venerable Vikings kicker, did his home kicking at the weather-swept old Met in Bloomington, and there were no domes in the old "black and blue division." Also, Scott Norwood of the Bills deserves mention. Do you think he'd be thought of in a much better light if it weren't for his infamous wide-right in the Super Bowl? Great kicker, but that one moment seems to overshadow all else.

Nature of the beast.

Jeramiah from Appleton, WI

Less of a question and more of a statement: Herman from Clarksville, IN, sounds like he would be a poor teammate. "Collect money and tank!" Yikes. Says a lot about the kind of person he is: not a very good one.

Meanwhile, all the veteran returning starters for the Packers are skipping the on-field work during this final voluntary week except one – Aaron Jones.

Julian from Gastonia, NC

Who do you think is the most underrated player on the Packers' roster? My vote is Allen Lazard.

Adrian Amos, with an honorable mention to Dean Lowry.

David from Appleton, WI

Hello Insiders! You help us get through the daily grind with aplomb and decorum. What is the most mundane part of your job?

Hitting delete hundreds of times a day.

Mike from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Hi guys not a question just a thank you. I'm a loyal reader and I thank you both for keeping us Packers fans entertained and informed. My mom passed away from a battle with cancer five days ago and I used "it's the memories that make us rich" line in her eulogy. I added that if that's true she made me and my siblings millionaires. I guess I just want to say thank you for providing such a wonderful forum that I look forward to reading on a daily basis.

So sorry for your loss, Mike, and we will be keeping the website's lights on with Inbox at a minimum during the dead zone between now and camp.

Chuck from Sun Prairie, WI

Yesterday's Inbox comment regarding "Miller Park" hit a home run with me. In conversation on Sunday with my wife I referred to the Milwaukee Brewers' home as County Stadium. I really enjoy a cold glass of Tang on these hot days. Please excuse me, I hear my rotary phone ringing.

You can't even connect that to the internet, can you? Happy Wednesday.


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