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Inbox: This will be an unforgettable weekend for Packers fans 

That’s 546 opportunities for development and growth 

WR Romeo Doubs
WR Romeo Doubs

Eric from Fuquay Varina, NC  

Will they move Big Ben ahead 15 minutes so Packers players will be prompt by Lombardi time for practice? 

I'll have our people talk to their people. Good morning! 

Jeff from Athens, WI  

Here we are four games into the season, and a lot of playing time for some of this year's draft class. I think they have performed well so far. I know many will point out Christian Watson's drop in Week 1 as a negative but to say the least, this draft class is looking pretty darn solid. Gotta give a shout out to Romeo Doubs, Quay Walker, and Watson for how they have developed so far this season and I would say never underestimate Devonte Wyatt. This has to be one of the better draft classes for Green Bay, doesn't it? 

Now is the time to perfect the imperfect. Larry McCarren provided some valuable insight into Walker during our "Three Things" segment on Tuesday. There were a lot of teachable moments on the film for Walker in the New England game – but his tools and makeup are off the charts. I feel the same way about Doubs and Watson. The Packers' rookie class has played 546 combined snaps on offense and defense through the first four games of the season. That's 546 opportunities for development and growth. 

Ryan from Freeport, IL 

For the hand-wringing and negative talk in the national media about how the Packers aren't dominating lesser teams (which neither I nor the team cares about), I remember a wise man once saying, "The worst thing you can do to the other team is beat them." 

While prepping for today's "Unscripted," I was looking at the NFL standings through the first four games and you know what I saw? Detroit has the league's highest-scoring offense and is 1-3. Las Vegas has three losses by a combined 13 points. San Francisco has the stingiest defense and is only 2-2. At 3-1, the Packers have nothing to apologize for. This ain't an all-play fantasy league. It's about who was better on that Sunday. Of course, the Packers have corrections to make to keep racking up wins, but they are what their record says they are. 

Vinny from Arlington, VA 

When the London game was announced, I wondered do you think there is another NFL team that can outdraw Packers fans in London? Just curious on where our fanbase stacks up against other NFL teams on a global stage. Thank you. 

There is no comparison. To quote Roman Reigns and the Bloodline: "We the ones." 

Nick from Bristol, UK 

I'm a Wisconsin guy transplanted to England and looking forward to being at the stadium Sunday! Do you think the grind of the long flight and time difference will change their game plan? Go Pack Go! 

I think Matt LaFleur is spot freaking on when he says the team that prepares and acclimates the best to the time change is the one that prevails on Sunday. I also think there's a lot of truth in LaFleur comparing this week to readying for a Thursday Night Football game. 

Keith from Greendale, WI  

Insiders, will the team have any time for sightseeing? I'd think the chance to visit the sites or meet the Queen would be a huge thrill for the Green Bay contingent. 

I doubt there will be much time for that. While LaFleur said they aren't locking players in their rooms or anything, the Packers still have a preparation schedule to keep. Like usual road games, players should have some time to themselves after meetings on Saturday evening. As for the coaches, it doesn't sound like LaFleur will leave the hotel property. There's too much work to be done.

Karen from South Beloit, IL 

How long until our opponents start realizing they need to double- or triple-team Randall Cobb on third downs? I hope never, but you'd think they'd have figured it out by now. Thanks for the informative article

I mean, it's not like Cobb has been open by five yards on all these third-down catches. Aaron Rodgers throws darts and Cobb catches them. It's a tale as old as time. But if teams start doubling Cobb, then it's up to another skill-position player to take advantage of his one-on-one opportunity. It's a game of moves and countermoves. 

Dan from Algonquin, IL  

Hi II, we often hear that the talent gap between the best and worst teams in the NFL is not very large. The current win-loss records and weekly parity in the league backs this up. An elite QB will certainly "tilt the field." Beyond that, would you agree the most important variables for determining wins and losses are injuries and a team's turnover ratio, or do you have other variables at the top of your list? 

Bingo. If you're falling short in the turnover department, your team better be good on third down and inside the red zone. Football is the ultimate "everything comes out in the wash" sport. Elite QBs are a huge part of the equation but teams typically get what they earn. 

Tom from New Braunfels, TX  

I am a huge Romeo fan already, and yes, it is Tom from N.B. not Juliet. I think his propensity to lose control of the ball when hitting the ground is simply a matter of technique. I was always coached to twist my body so I would not be landing on the ball, but on my side so to let my body absorb the shock. Landing on your elbow or the ball hitting the ground first is the formula for losing control. The game is fast, the defenders are going after the is just an adjustment that will come. 

Romeo Doubs is playing at a high level for a rookie fourth-round pick who won't turn 23 until April. He's a bright guy and going to get better with every snap he takes. I wouldn't worry about Romeo Doubs. The kid is gonna be OK. 

Kurt from Waterloo, IA  

II, if you fell asleep and woke up in three years, is Watson or Doubs the better player? I say Doubs is Robert Brooks. Watson is Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and neither is a No. 1. Thoughts? 

My thoughts are neither of us are soothsayers. If both Watson and Doubs are players in 2025, then Brian Gutekunst and his team got it right. 

Mike from Baraboo, WI 

It is no secret our offense needs some more weapons on offense. What are the chances the Packers go all in and sign OBJ? 

I suppose I should just be happy the words "Will" and "Fuller" weren't included in this submission. 

Bryan from Venice, CA  

With all the talent on the defensive line, why are we giving up so many yards on the ground? Is this something Joe Berry can fix as we get to colder weather? 

Asked and answered, by the head coach himself. The Packers just need to play physical, fill gaps and get the ball carrier to the ground. They have the talent to get it done.

The Green Bay Packers held practice at Clarke Hinkle Field on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022.

Krystl from Annville, PA  

What's the key to stopping Saquon Barkley? 

Finishing tackles, getting multiple hats to the ball carrier and not falling for the Giants' offensive eye candy. Even if Daniel Jones plays, he's not going to be 100%. I would expect the Giants to take what they did with Barkley against Chicago and build off that performance. 

Jeff from Omaha, NE  

Hey Insiders, a quick roster management question here. Multiple teams including the Packers have players on the 53 that have not played a snap yet and practice-squad guys at the same position who have been activated and played in multiple games. Is this normal and if so, why? Is it buyer's remorse with who was signed to the 53, matchup driven, or something else? 

That's become the new norm after the NFL relaxed the practice-squad rules. Now, more teams are protecting long-term prospects on the 53, while using the practice squad to replace injured players or fill out the special-teams unit. 

Richie from Oceanside, CA  

I have two questions. First, when a DPI occurs, does that count as a completion for the receiver or a first down by penalty? When you mention the team rankings in statistics what site are you getting your information from? How can I access that site? 

It's not reflected in the standard NFL statistics. Maybe NFL teams have a way of tracking that. It's similar to an edge rusher forcing a holding penalty. That's a big deal. The NFL has a statistical database media members have access to. That's where most of my stats originate from. 

Richard from Farmington Hills, MI  

Can you explain why the ground can't cause a fumble on a running play, yet the receiver must hang onto the ball when he hits the ground on a pass play? 

My answer about the need to "possess" the football really went nowhere, huh? 

Steve from Palm Springs, FL 

Hi Wes, confirming your tailgating menu. App: Scotch egg. Main: Banger's and Mash. Side: Toad in the hole. Drink: lukewarm root beer. Dessert: Packers victory. Enjoy your trip, gentlemen. 

I'm excited for the trip but also happy for all the stateside Packers fans who get to plan their mornings around their team. I've heard a lot of stories of Green Bay area bars and restaurants opening early for the game on Sunday. I know this is a significant challenge for the football team, but this will be an unforgettable weekend for Packers fans. 

Joshua from Auburn, AL  

Since we'll be playing at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as the home team, would you call the traditional touchdown celebration a Hotspur Hop this week? I'll see myself out, thanks. 

I prefer "The London Leap" myself. 

Mike from Keshena, WI  

Wes, I really love your one-word answers. Brevity is underrated. 

Thank you.

Ian from Kirkwhelpington, UK 

Wes, are there multiple Lori's submitting questions to II or is "our" Lori a busy traveler? Are we going to get a question from Lori in London in the next few days? Enjoy your visit to the UK. 

We have multiple readers who submit under the guise of Lori…but only one that can be referred to as "The Lori." 

Mike from Marquette, MI  

Good morning! Since the Packers are giving up a home game to play in London, I would assume they are considered the home team. Does that designation give us any advantage, other than probably choosing whether to wear their light or dark jerseys? Just beat the Giants! Thanks for all you guys do! 

It's a neutral-site game, so I don't think the Packers hold any advantages other than what the crowd at Tottenham provides them. I haven't heard which uniforms Green Bay is wearing yet. The Saints, who gave up their ninth home game, wore their road white jerseys in London last weekend. 

Richard from Madison, WI  

New England one week, Old England the next. Who says you can't have time travel? 

It's just too bad there wasn't time to schedule a practice at New London High School to really prepare the team. 

Andrew from Burke, VA  

Do you have your playlist set up for the long flight? What will you be listening to? 

It'll be a lot of wrestling and MMA podcasts, and the Calm app. I'll make a few music playlists, too, to switch things up. But once I file my Thursday story, I'm going to try my darnedest to get some sleep. Friday is gonna be a long day. 

Dar from Mansfield, TX  

Weston (let me this week call you by your full name of British origin), which of the three of you (including Larry) is most likely to return home with a slight, inadvertent British accent or affectation? Many of us will be listening attentively to next week's "Three Things" to see if anyone drops in an unintentional "brilliant," "mate," or "jolly good." 

I've been walking around the office shouting, "Hello Guv'na!" all week…so I'm pretty sure the answer to your question is the two thumbs pointed towards this guy. 

Stuart from Hobart, Australia 

G'day Insiders! With the Packers having a taste of playing in London, do you think the NFL would bring a game (and the Pack) to Australia? There is a huge contingency of GB fans down under, and the green and gold are our national colors. It would be an incredible marketing opportunity for both the NFL and GB. 

Maybe one day. But my guess is the NFL will concentrate on getting the Packers to Germany after this. The league can only force an international game upon the Packers once every eight years. 

Linwood from Travelers Rest, SC  

Wes, thanks so much for stopping on your way into work Tuesday to say "Hi" to me, my wife, and her brother. You were gracious to let us get a picture with you and chat for a bit. We had a great tour of the stadium with Don and Tom. Have a productive and enjoyable trip to London. Go Pack Go! 

It made my day. Thank you for saying hello. I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed the game and your tour.