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Inbox: Those are the best moments

Discomfort also means growth and development

2023 Packers Tailgate Tour

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Wes, have you performed the first of your annual re-watchings of "Draft Day" yet? Who would be on Sonny Weaver's big board this year?

Oh, we've already watched it twice, Dar…with another four or five viewings before April 27. And Vontae Mack…no matter what.

Robert from Verona, WI

When we hear that a player is moving up draft boards, do you think there is really that much movement, or is it more likely that information is simply leaking that gives insight into how teams have evaluated/rated these players that results in the public's perception that a player is moving up the board?

A little of both. Some of it is just agents doing their job and hyping up their guys, but information leaks are real. How many times have we seen a player with a second- or third-round grade vault into the first round during the week leading up to the draft? We're not privy to all the conversations in NFL circles but you better believe at least some of that intel trickles down to us. Players will rise up, and fall down, draft boards until the first pick is turned in.

Dana from Eau Claire, WI

While I agree with many sentiments in II that there is some excitement in seeing what Jordan Love can do and what kind of team and offense the team has post-Aaron Rodgers, it feels like many are expecting the train to keep rolling and I don't think that's realistic. I expect struggles with a new starter at QB plus some holes all over the team (at least pre-draft). Do you think expectations are too high?

Mayhap but I also think there's a difference between excitement and expectations. There are many out there, including me, who are eager to see what the future holds. You can set your expectations wherever you wish, but I prefer to stick to Matt LaFleur's mantra of, "No expectations mean no limitations." Inevitably, the Packers will experience some growing pains this year, but discomfort also means growth and development.

Jim from Mundelein, IL

If the Jets packaged their top three choices (No. 13, 42 and 43), how high in this year's draft could they reach? Could they get into the top four and grab a QB? After Zach Wilson, not sure the will would be there, but desperate people do desperate things.

That package could get the Jets up to No. 4, according to DraftTek's value chart. But again, time is not on New York's side. This current Jets team may be only a quarterback away from contention and Aaron Rodgers is the bird in the hand for a franchise that needs to win now.

Mike from Niles, IL

So glad to see you both commenting on Jordan Love's poise in the pocket! Yeah, he has all the tools (arm, accuracy, size, mobility), but they're all worthless without that poise and solid QB mentality. Gives me a bit of confidence. (After almost putting my foot through the TV screen three years ago, upon hearing Roger Goodell intone, from his basement: "the Packers select Jordan …).

There are many things we have yet to learn about Jordan Love, the quarterback, but I feel we've seen how tall he stands in the pocket. Now, he'll need to keep that same composure in the face of the blitz, but Love isn't going to forsake his fundamentals in the face of pressure.

Jim from Naples, FL

I had this weird dream that I was walking into a bathroom at Lambeau and walking out was an older gentleman and his grandson, who was wearing an Adrian Amos jersey. I'll confess I haven't given Amos any thought with all the AR distraction. I know there's no math or gambling but how about dream interpretation? Does this mean "31" is coming back or going? Maybe I need to take a hiatus for a bit.

That would be one heck of a premonition. You heard it here first (maybe).

Andy from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

When fans (and media) speculate about trades, be it moving up and down the board, or for picks and players, we have to keep in mind that there needs to be somebody willing to trade with. I believe Mr. Thompson always said, "It takes two to tango."

There's a reason nobody in my fantasy football league has made a trade since I was a college freshman. No GM wants to come out on the short end of a deal.

Mike from New Orleans, LA

Not that I expect this to happen, but what reaction would you expect if the AR deal included Allen Lazard returning to the Packers? Are you aware of any such trade in Packers history?

It would be personnel malpractice to do so. Why would a team sign up for that much dead money just to trade the player back to where he just came from? This is the NFL, not Amazon Prime. The only example I can even think of was the Packers reacquiring Randall Cobb, but Cobb was already gone for two years when that trade happened.

The Packers Tailgate Tour spoke to students at Ironwood K-12 School before touring the Stormy Kromer facility and meeting with employees.

Michael from Pound, WI

Gents, if I picked the top three positions of need for this Matt LaFleur-coached team with this year's draft, I'd say edge rusher, tight end, and receiver. And if I knew they would end up being the next Micah Parsons, Travis Kelce, or Davante Adams, I would pick Travis Kelce. But if I knew my three choices were all only going to end up as good mediocre 2-3 string rotational players, I would pick an edge. Would you change your pick out of your three choices with that knowledge?

I'd take the next Davante Adams, but I get what you're saying. As we discussed, Hall of Fame tight ends are tough to come by and Kelce is arguably the best of his generation. I just think inserting the next Adams in this offense would be a great way to begin the Love era, especially with Christian Watson's and Romeo Doubs' continued development.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

I'm expecting the Packers to sign an experienced QB before camp and draft or sign a rookie QB. The experienced QBs either aren't very good or come with a hefty cost. Would you be surprised if they sign someone from the XFL or USFL? Do you think they've done any scouting there?

The Packers absolutely scout those leagues. Shoot, I think they signed like three or four USFL alums last summer – including Micah Abernathy. Still, I'd be surprised if they went to one of those development leagues for Love's primary backup. If that's the case, I'd have Danny Etling compete with a rookie for the gig.

Barry from Green Bay, WI

Regarding Mason Crosby, is the cost of a contract the reason not to have him signed yet the main factor? Or is it his dwindling leg strength the main reason? I would rather have a reliable field-goal kicker than a thumper putting it in the end zone on kickoffs. What say you?

It's tough to say without possessing any inside knowledge of the Packers' intentions and no surfacing reports on Crosby taking any visits elsewhere. Negotiations will be more complicated today than when Crosby was a free agent in 2016 and 2020. Not only is Crosby older but the Packers also are tighter against the cap right now. At the same time, Green Bay hasn't brought in any kickers since the start of the new league year and Crosby is still a free agent. Until someone makes a move, that door remains open.

Richard from Woodstock, GA

While being fortunate enough to attend the London game last year, I know that Packer fans are everywhere! But just having disembarked from a cruise ship in Yokahoma, Japan, and walking into the hotel we were spending the night in, the first person I see in the lobby is wearing a Packers T-shirt. It's always a good reminder of home. Hope to catch the Green Bay-Atlanta game at Mercedes-Benz stadium this fall.

It's special anytime people worldwide bond over their Packers fandom. It can be as serendipitous as meeting fans on a vacation or even an event like the Tailgate Tour. At its core, this sport brings people together. As a society, we need more of that.

Thomas from Superior, WI

I just wanted to thank the Packers for the Tailgate Tour stop in Superior. While here they visited the Bong Veterans Center, senior residents and students at the middle school and high school. There are a lot of Packers fans in this part of the state, and it is nice to know Mark Murphy and players recognize that. The Packers even got to look at the waterfalls at Amnicon State Park and did not fall in! Thanks again and the Packers are truly a class act. GPG!

Ashland and Superior are hidden gems in this state. It is absolutely gorgeous up there, especially off the water this time of the year. Evan Siegle, Mike Vandersnick and Steven Hudy have done a wonderful job of capturing the enthusiasm from this year's event. For me, the most powerful images of all were seeing the players with our servicemen and servicewomen in Superior. Those are the best moments. We've received quite a few submissions with readers expressing their gratitude for the Packers' surprise stops on the Tailgate Tour. Well, that's a two-way door.

Ray from Phoenix, AZ

With GB having so many late-round picks and the heavy emphasis on special teams, I would think the Packers have to select a kicker. To me, Jake Moody from Michigan is worth one of those flyers. He has a strong leg, has kicked in huge games and has experience kicking in bad weather. Do you agree with my thinking, or do you believe the Pack will wait and bring an undrafted kicker or two to compete for the job?

"Have to" is a strong phrase. If Green Bay doesn't sign a kicker before the draft, I would think the Packers would have the pick of the litter of college free agents afterwards. Again, I can only go off what I've read, and I've yet to find a kicker with a draftable grade. But if the Packers identify a kicker they really want, they obviously could spend one of those four seventh-rounders. That's what the Packers did with Hunter Bradley in 2018.

The Packers Tailgate Tour caught up with fans at The Local Bar & Grille before visiting with students & members of the Wisconsin National Guard at Ashland High School.

Tyler from Cartersville, GA

Only considering players from the last decade or so, I have always thought letting Micah Hyde go was GB's biggest let-'em-walk goof. Was this a case of Buffalo severely overpaying him (compared to market value) or did GB truly stub their toe on this one? Which player from the past do you feel fits this category?

As much as I love Micah, the Packers were a victim of circumstance there. They were deep at safety and couldn't keep everyone. People often forget Hyde's last year in Green Bay coincided with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix's All-Pro campaign in 2016. For that reason, my answer is Casey Hayward – and before anyone starts pointing fingers, I will add that Packers fans were as guilty as anyone on that one. I can't tell you how many Press-Gazette live chats I did with readers who were ready to let Casey go after Hayward went interception-less in 2015. However, Hayward was a vocal leader in a quiet position room. I think Green Bay missed his leadership as much as it missed his All-Pro potential.

Jimmy from West Fargo, ND

Seeing questions/comments about Clay Matthews the last few days have made me think of all my favorite memories of him as a Packer. My favorite (not surprisingly) is the Super Bowl XLV forced fumble. As a 14-year-old watching the game, you could not have contained my excitement after that play. That moment made me rich. What makes it even better is the exchange between Kevin Greene and Clay right before it happened. The "It is time … it is time" gives me chills to this day. Rest in paradise Kevin!

There are three moments that always pop into my mind whenever Super Bowl XLV is mentioned – Nick Collins on his knees in the end zone, Aaron Rodgers' touchdown pass to Greg Jennings and Matthews' big play after KG's speech. Obviously, Greene's passing a few years ago adds further meaning to that interaction but it also perfectly captured their relationship as coach and player.

Nate from Blue Springs, MO

Is there going to be any "in the field" reporting by either of you from Kansas City during the draft? It's been interesting, to say the least, watching a stage being built that encompasses the entire front of Union Station. With all the hype, it would be icing on the cake getting to see one (or both) of our favorite Inbox wranglers in person.

As much as I love KC, Spoff and I will be hunkered down at Lambeau for the draft. Frankly, I don't foresee ever covering a draft in-person unless it's in Green Bay. Those three days are some of our busiest of the entire year. It's an endless string of picks, press conferences and conference calls. I hope you have an amazing time, though. The NFL does a great job with it.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

What's your favorite Packers jersey you've ever worn, and why?

The Giorgio Tavecchio camp-worn jersey I bought from last month's tent sale. First, it actually fits me quite well, so that's appreciated. But more importantly, it brings back great memories of covering Giorgio during the summer of 2013. He's one of the kindest human beings to come through the Packers' locker room. It was great reconnecting with him on Instagram after I picked up the jersey. Giorgio said he bought a place in Milan, Italy, where he currently lives with his girlfriend. Wishing him well in his journey.

Roger from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Good morning, Wes. I'm not much of a baseball fan, But I am paying more than normal attention to the Tampa Bay Rays. In this point in the football (non)season, I am surprised there has been no mention of the Rays on the brink of setting a new record in MLB. Has Spoff been snoozing?

It's gonna be Spoff or nothing on this one. I just realized Evan Longoria no longer plays for the Rays (and hasn't for six years).

Kelly from Stoughton, WI

Of course, for the "question of the day," it gives way to the lottery but the real question for Juan and Rod is can you separate yourself from the pack and ask a question that isn't involved in the lottery. Control the controllable, look to II greats and internalize and think "is this worth asking?" Anyways, favorite gas station snack when traveling?

Sunflower seeds. Always sunflower seeds.

Jim from Westland, MI

OK, officially burnt-out on trade talk, compensation and all about it. Summer-like temperatures I conjure up images you two standing with Larry not having a clue what his contribution to "Three Things" might be … never forget the "Wes has no Butt" segment, nor will Wes. Time for football!

Neither will Pa Hod. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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