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Inbox: We are talking about practice

Running back is going to be one of the toughest position battles this summer

Packers offensive line

Scott from Sheboygan, WI

Having worked in sales my entire adult life, I've noticed the people who don't succeed can't take rejection. I believe that sales is similar to playing cornerback on a football team because cornerbacks have to have thick skin. Which position on a football team would be similar to your profession?

The K-Ball.

Tom from Sturgeon Bay, WI

II, since getting reps in training camp will be the only visible way to evaluate players. Do you think the coaching staff may break the players up to run multiple 11-on-11 drills? No. 1 offense against No. 1 defense and the 2s against the 2s, and so on. Then, as camp progresses, mix the matchups up?

I think so, but Matt LaFleur already was doing that last year during team periods. One other thing LaFleur touched on Tuesday that I think will be a big deal this summer is the coaches' plans to spend more time with young players after veterans are dismissed from practice. I think that'll be critical for developing and evaluating the incoming rookies. I'll say this – We are talking about practice…and I've never been happier about it.

Peter from Beaver, WI

With all the talk of our running back depth, one name has been lost. Dexter Williams, to me, he has a year's worth of experience over AJ Dillon and I think that experience would help him in playing time over Dillon as we know it takes some time for rookies to pick up on the playbook. Do you think this experience is of substance in the backfield competition?

LaFleur went out of his way to mention Dexter Williams' name when asked about Green Bay's running backs on Tuesday. Williams has the benefit of being a full year in this system but he needs to put it to good use over the next month. Because running back is going to be one of the toughest position battles this summer.

Steve from Alexandria, VA

What will be the best measure early on of this team's chemistry development?

Off the field? If players want to be around each other when they're away from the stadium. On it? It's how a team responds the following week after a difficult loss.

Matt from Salt Lake City, UT

Picking Jordan Love is an insurance policy for two reasons. He provides a better backup in the QB room (e.g. Saints/injuries). It also gives the Packers a chance to watch Love in practice and see if he is "the guy." If so, then great! If not, then we still have Aaron Rodgers for a few more years and a chance to draft another QB in the first round. Rarely do teams hit on a QB their first time around...this situation gives us two chances at finding the next QB and not having to be the Bears. Thoughts?

Someone buy that man a steak. Because he's spot-on. The Packers moved on from Brett Favre in 2008 because they'd seen enough to feel confident Rodgers was ready to be "the guy." Nowadays, everyone wants to draft a QB in the first round and put him in the lineup two minutes later. Development isn't a straight line and there's often more way to get to the destination. There's still value in a young QB watching and learning.

Kyle from Osceola, WI

Malik Taylor, Malik Turner, Lane Taylor, Billy Turner, Patrick Taylor: I don't know how you gentlemen keep it all straight sometimes. Kudos.

Fortunately, we're not writing in real time. For example, I accidentally wrote Malik Turner instead of Malik Taylor when I was writing our position-by-position story on receivers last month. I guess that was foreshadowing.

Mario from Montevideo, Uruguay

Will John Leglue "stick" to the Packers? Am I banned?

I'll let this slide since you were the first to go there.

Sreedharan from Pewaukee, WI

Larry's "Ode to COVID" brought back fond memories of the TV shows that he used to do (especially "Packers Live" with Larry McCarren). I hope to see these again soon!

Larry might not be doing his "Locker Room" or "Packers Live" shows anymore but he's still good for a few poems every year on And they're always a laugh riot.

Steven from Ogden, IA

With no fans in Lambeau Field this year, when a wide receiver or running back gets a touchdown, will they be doing the Lambeau Leap?

Not sure. I haven't asked.

Sandy from Green Bay, WI

Mark Murphy has assured us that the Packers will be fine financially despite a football season adjusted due to COVID. Are you aware of any NFL teams that may not be on as stable a financial ground and who may experience problems due to a decrease in revenue this coming football season? Would you anticipate owners/teams trying to make back lost revenue by increasing already spiraling ticket, concession, etc., prices and placing increased financial hardship on fans attending games?

Not that I'm aware of. Again, broadcast deals account for two-thirds of league revenue. As much as all the extra stuff hurts in the pocketbook, the primary objective is to get these games in, and hope for a safer and more stable climate in 2021. If games aren't played, that's when you might see owners tighten their belts. But we're not there yet.

Dale from Lima, NY

If you could change the shape of the footballs used by the NFL – clearly this sheltering at home thing is beginning to take its toll on me – from what it is now to anything else, what shape would you pick? A donut? A cube? A starfish? A boomerang? Something else?

A circle would be fun. Personally, I'd love to watch an NFL game played with a Nerf ball – like the one John Elway and Brett Favre could throw 150 yards.

Geoffrey from Rosemount, MN

I personally am glad to see the Big 12's push to play football this fall. With some conferences committed to playing and some committing to sitting out this season, will this have an impact on recruiting decisions for the top athletes coming out of high school in 2021?

It's definitely going to impact recruiting. The question is which way does it sway top high school players? Because only a small percentage of those players are going to suit up next year.

Michael from Chanhassen, MN

Hi Mike and Wes, regarding no college fall football, they are saying that it could be moved to spring. Spring football would be better than no football for fans, senior players, etc. I have to believe with the vaccines (Russia aside) that are now on track for end-of-year distribution, it should give the Big Ten and NCAA more confidence going forward to playing meaningful games. A shorter season yes, but football nonetheless. Thoughts? Thanks for being there each weekday.

Sure, but we were saying the same stuff five months ago in looking forward to the fall. Our country needed to see tangible improvement for this to be anything more than just kicking a can down the road. You can believe whatever you want to believe – and trust me I've read all of your thoughts over the past 24 hours – but nothing changes unless we get consumer confidence back and people feel safe being in public spaces again. If college football does get a spring season in, it still would need to play a shortened season for business to get back to usual by August.

Ken from Farborn, OH

What do you think of adding more senior bowls this spring as a possible solution to limited action by college players?

If they aren't granted an extra year of eligibility, I sure hope so. Imagine how difficult it's going to be to pick the top 300-350 players for the combine without having seen a guy play in 14 months. I really feel for the seniors at the lower FBS and FCS levels who won't get a chance to widen their exposure.

Ben from Spokane, WA

Wes, if you had a walk up/intro song, what would it be? I think I would have to go with "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire. The start of that song is incredible.

Good pick. "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop.

Dan from Cross Plains, WI

OK, serious question here. I swear I'm not looking for a ban. Are you surprised the T-shirt guy didn't have an "88" on the back of one of those?


Doug from Union Grove, WI

Mike, for years, the sarcasm font used in the comments section has been ~. For extreme sarcasm, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.

Duly noted.