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Inbox: We'll soon all find out together

The 2023 offense will feature a barrage of skill-position players

Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love calls a play during a 2022 training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field.
Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love calls a play during a 2022 training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field.

Mike from Cascade, ID

So, can we name this dead zone: "Wes and Yes"?

It's my Inbox and I'll yes if I want to…yes, if I want to…yes, if I want to…

Steve from Middletown, KY

Good morning. Is it fair to say Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs will get all the early attention by defenses? Leads me to believe Jordan Love must make good decisions to spread the ball around. Should we expect Matt LaFleur to dial up a lot of quick hits to the other receivers? This may be obvious, but we must establish the possibility of other offensive threats early. GPG!

Find the open receiver. That's it. One of the best points Love raised on Wednesday was how this offense won't be predicated on passing the ball to one or two specific individuals. While Watson and Doubs likely will be the top two names on most scouting reports, the 2023 offense will feature a barrage of skill-position players.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

How are Luke Musgrave and Tucker Kraft alike and how are they similar?

Is that two questions or one? Both have the desired size and speed for tight end. While they're both listed at 6-5 and 260-ish pounds, Musgrave seems to be more in that lengthier Travis Kelce mold. You don't need to be an NFL general manager to realize Musgrave had the fastest 10-yard split of any tight end in this year's draft class. He has long legs, and it translates in his stride. Kraft is also fast but looks more like a traditional in-line tight end. Again, we've only seen them for a handful of practices.

David from Fife Scotland, UK

I always think key positions for successful passing offense are slot receiver and tight end and we appear to be strong potentially here given our several TE and WR through the last two drafts. Who would be currently the likeliest to be starting at TE and in the slot in Game 1 of the 2023/24 season?

This year's second-round picks have a good shot at it. Both Musgrave and Jayden Reed received first-team reps during OTAs and are logical fits at young positions without many veterans. Bo Melton, Samori Toure and Dontayvion Wicks also had moments during the offseason program, particularly during two-minute periods. Like I wrote in our “5 things learned” story on Friday*, training camp is going to be a five-week marathon. May the best skill-position player win.*

Al from Green Bay, WI

Mike and Wes, since the early rumblings of the Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets, you have answered dozens (or hundreds?) of questions about Jordan Love. I have no question, but I simply wanted to express my appreciation for the measured way in which you've answered each of these questions. You've told us he has the physical tools and the demeanor to succeed, but you've promised nothing, and you've reminded us that the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding isn't even on the stove yet. Thank you!

We'll soon all find out together.

Jeffery from Brooklyn, WI

Hi Mike and Wes, Jaire Alexander interrupted Jordan Love's interview to let everyone know he's QB1 and the best in the NFL. That's a lot of pressure to put on a young QB but Jordan looked comfortable with the comment. These players look like they're having more fun than in years past. Does there seem to be a different vibe around since the departure of so many veterans?

*I didn't take that as pressure. I saw it for what it was – an All-Pro cornerback and former team captain putting some respect on the name of his new QB1. I'm not gonna compare the vibe around this team to previous years, but I felt Green Bay's locker room came off loose and comfortable in its own skin this spring. *

Ross from Hudson, WI

In the latest iteration of “Three Things,” words used to describe Jordan Love were: aggressive, attacked, pushed boundaries, tested some things, willing to let it rip. In "Unscripted," y'all referred to him as having some "gunslinger" in him. Are these traits of who J-Love is as a player? Y'all said it needs to be reined in a bit. Is there a concern he is trying to be someone or something he isn't?

No, that's who Love is. What's more, the only person Love needs to be. I'm not concerned. Once the Packers report for training camp, Love just needs to bring his positive attitude, strong work ethic and developing toolbox. Matt LaFleur, Adam Stenavich and Tom Clements will coach up the rest.

Bill from Clive, IA

Hello, editors. When I was "offered early retirement" (read: shown the door due to a management change), I still had some personal and professional goals to achieve. To achieve those, I had to take a different job for about three years, and that came with a pay cut of about one-third. But it was worth the step back in pay and prestige to complete those achievements. Do you think that Marcedes Lewis might be ready to rank longevity goals higher than pay, and come back at the veteran minimum?

I'm neither Russ Ball nor an NFL agent. I know doodly squat about contracts. What I can say with full-throated confidence is playing an 18th season means more to 'Cedes than anything – more than salary, playing time or roles. At this stage, Lewis simply wants to put that capstone on his football career.

Subhadeep from Middletown, CT

George Kittle's and Travis Kelce's Tight End University: How does that work? Do players (college, NFL, or both) apply, and Kittle and Kelce select? Or they invite? Also, who pays for these? Players themselves like any of us taking a class or training to be better at our day job.

Tight End U is more conversation than convention. If you're an active or retired pro tight end, you're pretty much in. I think Lewis joined Robert Tonyan there a couple years ago. I'm not sure whether any of the other Packers tight ends will be there this year. I'm also not familiar with any college players who attended.

Steve from Wauwatosa, WI

Were any reporters observing the paintball team-building activities and if so, what takeaways were gleaned that may factor into my projection of the final outcome of upcoming season?

I am not cut out for paintball, but Evan Siegle, and our broadcast and social departments did a great job covering the event*. I leave it to the pros.*

Joseph from Sioux Falls, SD

Have either of you ever had the pleasure of a paintball skimming your scalp above your helmet?

No…but I can confirm our videographer Mike Vandersnick enjoyed that sensation Thursday.

David from Sarasota, FL

Now that we're in the dead zone, maybe time for a little reflection. It looks like we're turning the page in Packers history with our new kicker. With all of Mason Crosby's accomplishments for the Packers and us fans, do you think there is a place in the ring of honor for a kicker? I, for one, would love to see that acknowledgment for what ended up as an amazing career in Green Bay.

Lambeau Field's façade only includes players who have been elected to the Pro Football Hall Fame, but I'm sure the Packers will do plenty to honor Crosby's career one day. He's a great teammate, true ironman and undoubtedly a Packers Hall of Famer.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Wes, with the dead zone nearly upon us, I'd like to resurrect one of the best offseason ideas Inbox has ever had (other than laser goalposts). Weren't we going to start a cantina and have Taco Tuesdays? I could also see us offering a line of tasty Hodkiewiches (a little ham in each). I'd be willing to help you and Spoff behind the bar, and I know others here would volunteer. With the NFL Draft coming in 2025, this could be a real plus for the community! What should we name it?

I'd say "The Insider Inbox Lounge" has a nice ring to it.

Jerry from Rockford, IL

Good morning, Insiders. During the dead, dead, dead zone, how often is considered obsessive to look at the app for new stories and information? I don't think every hour is out of line. At what time of day is the last posting of a story already in queue expected? Is this site most active when Inbox debuts in the morning? I enjoy all content, for me though, I prefer the written content. Is this a lost art, reading? As always, the Inbox gives thoughts to ponder and is much appreciated. Thank you all.

I don't know if reading is a lost art, but we are appreciative of your patronage. We like to post our written content right away in the morning, but we also react to news as it happens. I can't tell you how many times I was getting ready to pack up for the night when a veteran signs and suddenly we need a new "Five things" article. We will try to have a new piece of written content Monday through Friday until the start of camp.

Kevin from Savage, MN

Welcome to the II weekend! Or is it the weekend, II? I am curious to know if either/both of you have any relationships with anyone related to other teams in the NFL (NFC North in particular). Being in the land of the Purple, but not one to pay too close attention to MN sports, I have some knowledge and appreciation for Paul Allen. But nothing else Vikings- or Bears- or Lions-related. Any thoughts on other teams' media (not players, coaches, etc.) that you'd be willing to share?

It's funny you should ask. I did a podcast with Travis Wingfield, of the Miami Dolphins, on Friday morning and we were talking about the small NFL media community. There aren't many of us out there and I think that forms a natural kinship. Some might consider us to be a pox on the industry but some of my favorite people in the NFL are team reporters – that includes our brothers and sisters in the NFC North. I don't know Paul Allen, but I've always had a great relationship with Lindsey Young and Eric Smith, who now works for the Chargers. One of our former interns, Kim Ippolito, also works for the Vikings.

Dennis from Appleton, WI

It must take a considerable number of support staff to deliver and continually position all necessary equipment for a practice. A thank you goes out to all of those individuals.

Deservedly so. Bryan Nehring is a saint, you understand me? Bryan Nehring is a saint.

Dan from Honeoye Falls, NY

After reading Cliff's latest piece bringing to light all the inaccuracies with the NFL Throwback videos on their official YouTube, I am left in awe of his meticulous research and pursuit of the truth. He is a treasure, and I've no doubt that the team realizes how lucky they are to have him on board. Is there an apprentice or similar being groomed to carry the torch when he eventually hangs up his detective hat and keyboard?

We can try, but there will never be another Cliff Christl. He is a rare breed of journalist, who is relentless and bold in his pursuit of historical accuracy. Packers fans owe Cliff a significant debt of gratitude.

Patrick from Burlington, IL

I gotta say, Wes was actually right about asparagus on brats. I have a vegetable garden with an asparagus patch. Last night I grilled some of it up with my brats and put it on there with my onions and mustard. It was really good. Maybe Wes knows what he's talking about. Now I have to go out and try some root beer. Any suggestions?

SEE! I told you! Sno-Cap from Titletown Brewing in Green Bay is my favorite root beer.

Shannon from Ovilla, TX

Now that it's officially dead zone time any specific plans for the next few weeks besides some well-deserved vacation? Binge-watching some shows you are behind on or interested in checking out? Family time hanging out or a getaway trip? You both deserve the downtime before training camp gets going.

I know I'm going to Wisconsin Dells on Sunday. That's about the extent of my plans at this point.

Keith from Bakersfield, CA

Leadership takes many forms. Yesterday, Spoff referred to "Wes's Outsider Inbox." Is that an example of the leader making sure to credit his team for great ideas, or is that a warning about who'll catch the blame should things go poorly?

Ha, I think that's mostly Spoff wanting nothing to do with it. Wishing those of us blessed with children the happiest of Father's Days.

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