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Finesse team? Who's saying that now?

Get ready for Patriots-Packers hype week


Kai from Columbia, SC

I can't believe it, but you're right. The Pats are underdog to the Packers. The Lions took the run game and Gronk away from Pats, yet, they still gave up 34 points. How can the Packers stop New England?

When you scheme to take something away, you open yourself to something else. Nobody outschemes Bill Belichick. The best scheme is to play it straight and win the one-on-ones.

Andy from Dortmund, Germany

The defense, especially the secondary, needs to do a better job next week or it's going to be a long day against Brady. I think we were fortunate Bridgewater missed some open guys or the receiver didn't make the play. What do you think about that?

I think the defense played well, but not at its highest level. I think the defense will have to play at its highest level to be able to stop Tom Brady.

Shaun from Milwaukee, WI

We won, have sole possession of first place in the NFC North, and for the people too busy complaining, Arizona also lost, putting us one step closer to gaining homefield advantage in the playoffs.

You couldn't have scripted the day any better for the Packers. Every goal this team had going into the season is in front of it and attainable.

Jonah from Tel Aviv, Israel

Vic, what about the Vikings caused the Packers to huddle up and use the full play clock?

If I'm reading the situation correctly, the Packers accurately expected the Vikings to invite the run and try to deny the pass, and that's exactly what they did. The Packers turned to the run game. When you have that kind of balance, you're not taking what they give you, you're taking what you want. Yesterday, the Packers wanted to play old-fashioned football: Run the ball and bleed the clock. It's good to know they can play that kind of game. Go back to Week 3 in Detroit. The Lions invited the run and the Packers couldn't take it. Good teams can do it all.

Blair from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, time of possession, power running, defensive stops, field position, and the score was 24-21. Your type of game. Did you love that?

Yes, I loved it. With 3:23 left in the game, the game was still on. That's my kind of game.

Ben from Wauwatosa, WI

Vic, was that you Coach McCarthy was ridiculing on how to wear one's tie (going for the tough-guy look)? If it was, what look were you going for?

I wasn't going for a look. My tie was hanging onto the keyboard of my laptop, so I tossed my tie over my shoulder. It's a tough game for tough ties.

Randall from Sun Prairie, WI

How did Bridgewater grab you? Do the Vikings finally have something to build around?

I was impressed by his willingness to stand in the pocket and look downfield. I was also impressed by his ability to find open receivers. Accuracy is his issue. Some of the same throws from his personal workout that dropped his draft stock were evident yesterday. I suspect the Vikings will try to smooth out his throwing motion. In all other ways, he's got the goods.

Tony from New Lisbon, WI

My question is do you agree the team with the least mistakes will win next week?

I see this next game as a shootout. In a manner of speaking, the team with the ball last will win. It wouldn't surprise me if Brady and Aaron Rodgers each throw 50 passes.

Katrina from Salem, OR

Sunday will be the first time Aaron Rodgers starts a game against Tom Brady and the Patriots. In light of the upcoming game, can you remember any truly great games in NFL history between two elite quarterbacks?

There have been so many classic matchups between great quarterbacks I don't know where to start. Marino and Montana in Super Bowl XIX. Bradshaw and Staubach in Super Bowls X and XIII. Peyton Manning and Brees a few years ago. How about Rodgers and Roethlisberger? How about all of the Brady and Manning classics? Layne and Graham? Starr and Unitas? This Sunday's game might become the most hyped game of the season, but let's not completely lose our minds. It's just one game. Frankly, yesterday's game was more important.

Brandon from Osseo, WI

Vic, what did you see in that last four-minute drive? I saw a team that wanted to win the game on the ground, and even when the defense could see it coming, the Packers still took what they wanted. What message did it send the rest of the league?

The message had already been sent; that's why so many opponents were playing single-high safety. No team wants to get flattened by the run. The No. 1 goal of every defense is to stop the run. The Vikings must've thought they could do it with a light front. They couldn't. The importance of what we witnessed yesterday is enormous. It's what the Packers couldn't do in 2011 and '12. They couldn't make teams respect the run. Now, it's pick your poison. How do you wish to die?

Patrick from New York, NY

One one hand, I do enjoy watching catches like the one Odell Beckham made for a touchdown on Sunday night. At the same time, I wonder how much that catch was due simply to the gloves he was wearing that previous generations of players didn't have at their disposal.

A few years ago, I put on a pink pair of players gloves to do a "Final Thoughts" video for an October game. It was the first time I had ever worn players gloves. I was amazed at their tackiness. I couldn't imagine dropping a pass with those things on. Not only do they make your hands stickier, they make your hands bigger. What if Raymond Berry had those gloves to wear?

Chris from Winona, MN

Is Belichick the worst conference call in the league?

No, he's the worst conference call in the history of the world, and that's what makes him such a great conference call. He's so bad he's good.

John from Allentown, PA

You will probably yell at me for being all doom and gloom after a win, but I'm very worried about the Patriots game. The Packers' pass defense began to look suspect yesterday. There were a lot of missed opportunities Teddy Bridgewater could not capitalize on, but I don't think Brady will make the same mistakes. I know us Packers fans don't trust our defense, but I think lately our outstanding offensive play has made the defense's job easier. I don't see the Packers blowing out the Patriots, so how is our defense going to shut down Gronk and Brady?

I don't know. I'll leave that to Coach Capers. I'm not worried.

Curt from Portland, OR

The Packers control their destiny. That said, the Lions do, too.

You're absolutely right. Each team can win the division title by winning out. The Lions would own the No. 1 tiebreaker, head to head.

Jeff from Winnebago, IL

Given the critical role of center, and the level of performance of Corey Linsley since he was abruptly thrust into the starting lineup, is it too early to consider candidates for top rookie honors?

The thought of a center winning rookie of the year brings a smile to my face. You figure a rookie receiver or running back will make a big splash, and touchdown-scorers are the guys that win awards, but what rookie has played to the level Linsley has? He's been nothing short of amazing. I can think of a bad snap in the Eagles game; that's all. I think he should be the leader for offensive rookie of the year.

Ryan from Schofield Barracks, HI

Vic, five straight runs resulting in two first downs to kill the clock. What do you think of that? It wasn't pretty but I'm excited our December friend has arrived early.

I thought it was beautiful. The Vikings knew what was coming and they couldn't stop it. That's muscle football. Finesse team? Who's saying that now?

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