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He's getting an unfair share of the blame

It's only a big deal if it involves cheating


Ezra from Frederick, MD

I think you're selling the power of redemption as a motivator short. Your experience with the Jaguars is a telling tale. Obviously, letting that revenge consume you is a big pitfall, but if it's harnessed it can be a powerful motivator. I'm not saying we shouldn't turn the page, but you always say whatever it takes. I think revenge played a huge factor when you talk about the 2012 Ravens. I know beating the Seahawks won't change the past, but it will feel good.

OK, so the Packers should turn the page, but they should also live in the past. Got it.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, I was wondering if "Video Ask Vic" will return now in the offseason?

It returns today.

Pedro from Petropolis, Brazil

Vic, Seattle is on Green Bay's schedule again next season and some fans are acting like it will be time for revenge. I read the answer you gave someone that asked you about that yesterday and I totally agree with what you said. I would love to win that game just like I would love to win any game. What happened can't be changed. Winning a regular-season game against Seattle won't make the Packers champions. Seeking revenge will not do any good to anybody; winning games will.

The worst thing you can do to a team is beat them.

John from Farmington, MN

Vic, this quote from you about the team's arrow gave me goose bumps. "It'll stay that way for a long time because the roster is young and the cap is clean." Thanks for helping me turn the corner.

Hope is what turns the page, or in your case, turns the corner. The Packers' commitment to the future always gives us hope. Imagine how you would feel today if that was a built-for-now-team that lost in Seattle.

Bob from Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA

Vic, Aaron Rodgers' playoff record (6-5) is more akin to Peyton Manning's (11-13) than it is to Tom Brady's (20-8) or even Ben Roethlisberger's (10-5). Is that possibly a reflection of a quarterback that has taken his team into the playoffs that would not have made it without him?

The Colts didn't make it into the playoffs the year after Manning left. The Patriots didn't make it into the playoffs the year Brady was out with an ACL. You have to have "The Man," and the Packers have him. With a Super Bowl run next year, Rodgers' record would go to 9-5 or 10-5. The disappointment from the Seattle game is so intense that we're looking for somebody, anybody to blame. The quarterback and the coach are always the first guys to get the blame. Rodgers was playing on a bad leg against the No. 1 defense in the league and in a very difficult place to play. I didn't read nearly as much reference to his bad leg after the loss in Seattle than I did after the win over the Cowboys. Did we forget, or were we just too angry to remember? I saw his right ankle turn on a screen pass; that told me all I needed to know about still playing on one leg. I get the fact that the quarterback makes a lot of money and he has to take more than his share of the blame, but I think he's getting an unfair share of it. Go back to 3:52. He's the guy that got them there.

Nate from Whitewater, WI

I love that McCarthy is committed to his play-calling, but don't you think the situation should be a factor in what you do? The goal might be 20 runs, but you can't be stubborn, I think.

Chuck Noll is the most stubborn person I have ever known, and the fans complained about his stubbornness, all the way to four Super Bowl wins in six years. I can't think of a great coach that wasn't stubbornly committed to his beliefs.

Gary from Oconomowoc, WI

Vic, what do you think of letting quarterbacks decide how much air they want, but the kicker has to use the same ball?

I can't believe what I'm reading in my inbox. I'll try to be calm about this. I think everybody should play with a ball of standard size. I just think it makes sense.

Norma-Gene from Rolla, MO

Vic, our GM signs a punter and all the comments about Masthay are fairly negative. The guy spent part of the year on the Cowboys practice squad. Are we looking to develop a talent there or did I miss something?

It's competition. It worked for Mason Crosby a few years ago. Nobody is above competition. As far as negative comments, I'm waiting for somebody to blame the beard guy. Hey, what happened to the magic beard?

Connor from Islip, NY

Is the quest for "The Man" the only thing that's keeping teams like the Raiders and your Jaguars in the doldrums?

It probably is. You can't win without him.

Mike from Rockford, MI

Vic, I'm not going to watch the Super Bowl this year. I feel embarrassed about the level of hurt and sadness that still lingers with me, all caused by a stupid game. I need a break to help achieve perspective.

I'm so proud of you.

Jon from Cedar Rapids, IA

Vic, thank you for sending Mark to the Hall of Fame for his comments on the deflated footballs. When I see how big of a deal people are making about this, I worry about the kind of world my kids will inherit. What is your personal take on this matter?

I think it's a big deal only if it's discovered that somebody intentionally deflated those balls. If that's what happened, then it's a huge deal because cheating threatens the integrity of the game if it's allowed to continue. Where does it stop? I mentioned that I can't remember the last time I covered a game in New England that the visiting team's sideline communication equipment didn't malfunction. It was a joke in Jacksonville. I can remember Jack Del Rio joking about it with me one day. We were "betting" on what quarter it would happen. I hope the league does its due diligence on this. I think we need to know the truth.

Al from Sun City, AZ

Who made the choice to not receive but punt in the overtime?

I need a break, too, Mike.

Tim from Fuquay-Varina, NC

Since we're talking about 2015 opponents, I see this is the one year out of 12 that we have both AFC West and NFC West. Three of those games will be on Pacific Time. How challenging will this schedule be just in time-zone changes? Will the schedule-maker make it especially difficult for us?

It'll be challenging, but being positioned in the middle of the country helps ease the travel burden. The Seahawks have to be road warriors because of Seattle's location. I think you can count on the schedule-maker creating an unfair-looking challenge somewhere in the Packers' schedule. That seems to be a given for all of the elite teams.

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