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He's probably never going to forget it

How many times have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams all scored in the same game?


Mark from Amarillo, TX

Have any of the players noted that the Packers are undefeated at Jerry World? I won a beer yesterday with a Cowboys fan who disputed that.

It sounds nice to say, and last year's playoff game is a great memory for the bulk of the roster, but otherwise it's meaningless. Only five players on the current team played in Super Bowl XLV, and only five more played in the Flynn comeback in '13. Dallas didn't defend its home turf in the playoffs last year, nor last week after building a two-score lead. You can bet those messages are being hammered home this week down in Big D.

Jonathan from Columbia, SC

I've just heard the news Trevathan's suspension has been reduced to one game. I am sorry, but in my opinion this is in stark contrast to the NFL's supposed effort on player safety. How will you hold players accountable if they only get a one-game suspension for a hit like this?

It's also equivalent to a fine of more than $100,000 as Trevathan loses 1/17th of his base salary, but I get the frustration. I think this was the result of a player with no history of these sorts of violations pleading his case as a first-time offender. While that may not satisfy some as it relates to a league-wide message, the fact that one hit can earn a suspension now is a step forward in accountability from where the league was not long ago.

Jack from New York, NY

Hey Insiders, what 0-4 team are you surprised they are 0-4 at the most? The Browns, Giants, Chargers, or 49ers?

Definitely the Giants. That was an 11-5 team last year with two wins over the 13-3 Cowboys. It's a cruel game. Two straight losses on walk-off field goals have turned a rough start into a devastating one.

Chris from San Antonio TX

Not looking at records, are the Chiefs the best team in the league?

Right now, yes, but it's the first week of October.

Ralph from Naples, FL

Here's a candidate for biggest surprise of the new season – the Patriots' defense. They were almost everyone's pick for the Super Bowl win and an undefeated season. Is that why they play the games?

Of course, but everyone wanted to bury the Patriots at 2-2 in 2014 as well. They were on to Cincinnati, and we all know how that turned out.

Steve from Chesterfield, VA

In Monday night's game between the Chiefs and Redskins, a touchdown was scored on the game's final play but no extra point was attempted. Following the "Fail Mary" TD, the Packers had to come back out for a meaningless extra point. Has that rule been changed?

No. The Chiefs did attempt the extra point after the final touchdown, per the rule, but they took a knee. Now that the defensive team can score two points by returning a missed/blocked PAT, taking a knee will become more common in those situations (even though it wouldn't have affected Monday night's outcome), so they might as well get rid of the rule requiring the attempt.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Ty Montgomery has confirmed he is dealing with multiple broken ribs. Because of the nature of the running back position, can we presume he will not be able to play through this by using a special protective vest like Jordy did when he had broken ribs?


I would think the risk for further injury would be significant, but I'm not a doctor, nor a football player. Montgomery **sounds determined to try to play**. The courage of these players never ceases to amaze me.**

Jeremy from Edinburgh, UK

The last “Rock Report” featured a comment by McCarthy talking about Alex Van Pelt being in charge of the team's red-zone planning. Is this a new part of his role? Does this extend to play-calling or just play-design?

Different offensive coaches get assigned a portion of the game plan – short yardage, red zone, goal line, third down, etc. They're responsible for selecting the plays to be part of that week's situational package, with the final decision to include something and/or call it up to McCarthy.

Dante from Fredericksburg, VA

In 2018 we play the AFC East and NFC West. Besides that and our division games, who will be the other two opponents?

The teams from the NFC East and South who finish in the same place in their 2017 division standings as the Packers.

Josh from Brandon, MI

Does it seem that overall the officiating is very poor so far this season? Not just in Packers games, but most games I see blatant missed calls for holding, pass interference, push-offs, and things like that. Not to mention all of the questionable calls for those. Am I wrong or does it just seem like an especially poor year?

The more cameras that are on the action, the more action the officials will miss that the home viewer sees.

Garrett from Houston, TX

Saw Kirk Cousins yell "middle – ball in the middle of the field" to the ref before the Skins' first snap of the third quarter. Do quarterbacks get a chance to choose where the ball goes after touchbacks?

The offense gets to choose left hash, right hash, or middle after a touchback. It gets the same choice on a PAT, whether going for one or two points.

Chase from Sunnyvale, CA

If the Bears don't have this mini bye, does Trubisky start next week?

Sitting in my hotel room in Atlanta in Week 2, I watched almost all of Chicago's game in Tampa, and I was surprised Trubisky didn't start in Week 3, but what do I know?

Mike from Milwaukee, WI

Favorite Tom Petty song? RIP to a legend.

"The Waiting."

Jay from Land O'Lakes, FL

After watching the first quarter of the season, I wonder how did Josh Jones drop to round two? He is my favorite rookie since a guy named Clay Matthews.

In doing a "Prospect Primer" on Jones, I remember the questions being about his aggressiveness working against him, leading to missed tackles or missed assignments. That's probably why he wasn't a first-round pick, because all the measurables said he was. I also remember Jones' interview at the combine, and he unequivocally believed he was the best safety in the draft. He was the ninth one taken, and he's probably never going to forget it.

Tim from Upland, CA

I know the basic rule is that if you pay the money to a player, it counts against the cap. With all the injuries and continued signings of players to replace those who are injured, could a team dangerously close to the cap essentially cap themselves out of having a full team of players?

In a pinch, contracts can be re-done to spread out money cap-wise. There's always a way to create cap room if absolutely necessary.

Roger from McGrath, AK

In the third quarter of the Vikings-Lions game, Stafford "tucked" the ball, lost it and the Lions subsequently recovered it for a substantial loss. Upon review, the announcers, including an official, discussed whether it was a fumble or an incomplete pass and focused on Stafford's attempt to bring his non-throwing hand back to the ball to secure it. The ruling on the field was a fumble. However, nobody mentioned that the ball landed behind Stafford, and whether he was passing or not, that ball, being either a fumble or a backward pass, was live. Right?

I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it, and you're right, the issue of it being a backward pass anyway never came up. But at least the tuck rule was eliminated. It never made sense to say a QB was throwing the ball when he was trying not to throw the ball.

Stephen from Washington, DC

Hi Insiders, I had a general NFL business question. Why do teams change their kicker? I see a lot of kickers on new teams, like Stephen Hauschka, Robbie Gould, Blair Walsh, etc. But it's not like when the Bears let go of Gould they got a significantly better kicker, and Gould has proven that he's still NFL-caliber. So the middle-caliber kickers get shuffled around. Is it mostly money? Or do teams just want a change sometimes?

Both. With kickers, a change of scenery can be beneficial at times, and a new team will try to capitalize on that when a former team feels it's not getting its money's worth or a cheaper alternative with upgrade potential is available.

Bill from Piedmont, SC

Mike, I really miss the original WYMM videos. I always watched them a few times, not so much with the new format.

I miss them, too, but some decisions are not mine to make, and I just try to make the best of the ones that are.

Peter from Milwaukee, WI

I was watching the WYMM from last week and had a question about a cornerback's responsibility. Why doesn't the corner just follow the WR the entire time? Why would his eyes be in the backfield at all? He shouldn't be expected to make a play on the RB, right?

You don't think corners have responsibilities in run defense?

Tony from Oak Lawn, IL

I love coming to because I get personal stories on the players and also positive but at times constructive criticism of the team. I'm not going to name any networks or call out any people, but I think the 24/7 sports cycle has really made me disenchanted with most networks and analysts. There are some great Packer writers on other publications, but it seems like the negative sells over the positive, which bugs me. Not really a question, but I appreciate you guys giving me what is needed from the team without getting too high or too low. The coach and player interviews help too because I get insights into the game I never would have noticed otherwise.

Thanks for seeing the value in our content.

Dennis from Troon, Scotland

Fascinating to see the different style of offense engineered by the Packers on Thursday. Do you think this will impact on the personality of the offense moving forward, or will it be put back in the drawer with the improvised O-line?

The Packers found themselves in a situation that dictated they figure out whatever it would take to find success. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they discovered something in that process they might use more than anticipated going forward. Necessity indeed can be the mother of invention, even in football.

Rob from Amston, CT

Do you think M. Bennett is getting a little of the short shrift from fans and some media? Look at Jordy's wide-open TD vs the Bears. Bennett is so big a target that two defenders jumped him at the goal line leaving Nelson wide open. I think Bennett is drawing coverage in the red zone and that is really opening things up for the rest of the offense.

Through four games, the Packers have no one on pace for 100 catches nor 1,000 yards receiving. They have six players on pace for 60-95 catches and 500-800 yards receiving, and Rodgers is on pace for 40 TD passes. That works for me.

Justin from Sherwood, AR

It was nice to see all three of our starting receivers catch a touchdown on Thursday. Do you know how many times Nelson, Cobb, and Adams have all scored in one game since 2014?

Four times now. It also happened twice in 2014, vs. Minnesota (Week 5) and Carolina (Week 7), and again last season vs. Indianapolis (Week 9).

Daniel from Aguascalientes, Mexico

Hello Insiders! I'm sure you probably know this, but the NFL in Mexico is a big deal for millions of fans, and the number is growing every year. Now that the NFL has returned to do one game per year in Mexico, do you see any chance in the near future for the Mexican cheeseheads to attend a (visitor, of course) Packers game in our country?

Maybe, but I anticipate the Packers playing a game in London in 2018 or 2019 before they'd be scheduled to go to Mexico.

Collin from Mechanicsville, VA

So only question that matters, how are the B's doing? Let's hope their legs get healthy for Dallas.

Bakhtiari and Bulaga did not speak to reporters during Tuesday's open locker room. Our first indication will be later today at practice.

Steve from Cottage Grove, WI

Love the Lego highlights. Like the need for more cowbell, I need more Lego highlights!

They are a treat and a treasure. Nelson sliding on his back out of bounds was my favorite moment in this one.

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