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Here are some prospects you might like

The combine is off and running


Daniel from Burton on Trent, UK

Vic, would a 3-4 defense like the Packers have 4-3 defensive ends on their draft board at all? How would they best fit into a 3-4 system?

They fit as pass-rushing outside linebackers. They're called tweeners and they're the players that make the pool of pass rushers deeper for 3-4 teams than it is for 4-3 teams. The list of great pass rushers that might not have fit in a 4-3 defense is long. There's a very intriguing tweener type of prospect in this draft. His name is Noah Spence, he's 6-2, 254, and he has top pass-rushing ability. He also has a drug issue in his past that caused him to be expelled from the Big Ten, where he was a top player for Ohio State in 2013. Spence was the biggest of the big recruits coming out of high school. Upon leaving Ohio State, he made a smart decision: Instead of entering the draft, he transferred to Eastern Kentucky, where he got his life back together and reclaimed his football career. Spence was a star performer at the Senior Bowl last month. He'll be a headliner at the combine; that's my prediction. I think he'll pop in testing, and he'll be drafted by a team he convinces in his interview his past problems won't resurface. I believe in second chances.

Bill from Staten Island, NY

Vic, has Tony said anything about Scooby Wright out of Arizona?

He thinks he should've stayed in school.

Sam from Milwaukee, WI

All those who wander aren't lost, Vic. Are you a Dion fan?

No, so I don't know how that relates, but in my opinion I wasn't wandering, I was looking. I have that in my personality. I'm still looking. I like to watch.

David from Prophetstown, IL

Vince Lombardi, (on "What's My Line?") when asked about his toughest opponent, eventually responded, "They're all tough, really." Seems like he knew even back then any team could lose on any given day. Your thoughts?

I wish one coach would come along who would answer questions directly. I'd just like to see what would happen. I think bulletin board material is overrated. There's no way Lombardi could've believed all of the Packers' opponents were of equal difficulty. Why do we even ask?

Ricardo from Rochelle, GA

I just wanna know, does Ted Thompson plan on putting it all on the line and winning the offseason in free agency? With the role players we have, we definitely need a versatile linebacker like Bruce Irvin, and why not even get Dwayne Allen from the Colts? I say, do you wanna win now? That's the big question.

OK, I'm placing a ban on this insanity for the rest of this week. This is combine week. It's about draft prospects and the draft. Let's make that our focus. We'll return to Nutsville next week.

Andy from Tomahawk, WI

Are players required to wear the skin-tight underwear during the combine?

I guess they are. Your question made me think about what the players were wearing in the first combine I covered. I'm having trouble remembering because we weren't allowed to watch the workouts, and they weren't televised. The media just stood in the lobby of a hotel and talked to coaches and scouts as they walked by. I think the players wore gym trunks. I'm serious. I don't think I could participate in the combine if I had to wear that skin-tight stuff. I'm at the point that I wear a shirt when I shave.

Damon from Bolivar, MO

What event at the NFL combine do you like to watch the most and why?

The 40 is the definitive drill. The No. 1 question at the combine is, "What did he run?"

Owen from Tampa, FL

As you said, a butt-kicking linebacker would make our defense elite. Reggie Ragland and Jaylon Smith have to be at the top of our wish list. Are there any lesser-known, butt-kicking linebackers we should be keeping our eyes on? A playmaker would be great, but I'll take one of those undervalued tackling machines.

Auburn's Cassanova McKinzy is a big thumper. He has some speed, too. He's thought to be a mid-rounds guy. Mississippi State's Beniquez Brown is a playmaker with a high ceiling. He can help himself with a big combine. He goes in as an underrated, third-round kind of prospect. He could jump up.

Bernie from Chesterfield, VA

Besides Ted Thompson, who is your all-time best GM?

It's Art Rooney Jr. He drafted nine Hall of Famers (Greene, Bradshaw, Blount, Ham, Harris, Swann, Lambert, Stallworth and Webster) between 1969-74.

Neil from Racine, WI

While I'm intrigued by Hunter Henry, I can't see drafting a tight end in round one. This is a great year for big guys and we could use some jars on the shelf. What do you think, Vic?

You gotta get the big guys early. I'll never complain about drafting a big guy.

Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

If the Packers don't get James Starks a new deal and need to draft a RB, what RB in this draft do you like to replace him?

Here's a down-the-line guy: Brandon Wilds, 6-2, 224, South Carolina. He was a rock of stability in a very unstable year for the Gamecocks. Wilds is underrated. He has a one-cut NFL running style, he's versatile and you get everything he has to give. I see him as a perfect complementary back.

Ron from Port, WI

Trading our first and second-round choices would allow us to move up how many spots?

Five, maybe more.

Ron from Mesquite, NV

Vic, Ted always seems determined to get as many picks as possible in the draft, but since you can only carry so many players on your roster, doesn't it make sense to trade some of those picks to move up and get higher-quality players?

I'm in favor of trading up, if the price is right, but you have to find a team willing to make the deal. That's the tough part.

Caleb from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, can we play fill in the blank? Vic's inbox will go bananas if the Packers select a _ in the first round.

Cornerback. What if a cornerback is BAP? Would you pass on him?

Stuart from Fort Wayne, IN

How does GM Vic decide when to take a needs player over the BAP player?

When need and value meet, you draft for need. Remember, there can be ties at the top of your board. Ties are generally broken by need.

Bill from Olathe, KS

Vic, do you think it's possible the 2016 starting inside linebackers are already on the roster in Ryan and Barrington, therefore, no high draft pick or free agent signing to address?

Sam Barrington was lost for the season in the first quarter of last year's opener. Don't think in terms of starters; think in terms of depth and competition at the position. The ranks are thin at inside linebacker. They need to be replenished, especially if Clay Matthews is moving outside.

Max from Green Bay, WI

Vic, please shed some light. You favor draft and development, which is completely fair. However, we tried to address a need at ILB last year and now we are drafting for it again this year. Why would we continue searching for players and paying multiple salaries, as opposed to finding a player we know can start for us?

Do both, if you can. I'm not saying don't sign a free agent.

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