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Here's a prediction for Sunday's game

NFL might've crossed that line in the sand


Tyler from Apple Valley, MN

Vic, I always check opposing team's sites before they play the Packers. I am thankful we have a website that provides Q&A as well as plenty of articles to keep me busy. I can't stand sites that only have video's. Does that make me old-fashioned?

It's old-fashioned to want to read? I hope not.

Travis from Brookings, SD

College gameday will be in Fargo, nd for 2nd consecutive year on Saturday morning, how cool is this streak ndsu is on!!? U follow at all?

Growing up in Natrona, Pa., I wasn't exposed to a lot of North Dakota State Bison football, but I am aware of the quality of the Bison football program. An old friend, the late, great Ron Erhardt, is a North Dakota State legend, and I remember him speaking lovingly of his days at North Dakota State. Ron's nickname is "Fargo." He is one of the great coaches of his time.

Jon from Sacramento, CA

Do you think haha has a little more motivation towards this game being the jets picked a safety instead of him?

Yes, I do. I think that draft-snub, chip-on-the-shoulder stuff is a little silly and contrived, but if it helps you play to a higher level, use it.

Edward from Canton, SD

Discouraged Packers fans who think that there is no way this team can improve enough to be a payoff contender need look no further back than 2007, when the Packers beat the Giants 35 to 13 in September of that year, but the Giants got better and made the playoffs and beat the Packers in the NFC Championship game. We can do the same thing to the Seahawks!! P.S. my wife drives past a Cenex Station each day going to work in Sioux Falls and we just had to spend $400 on a new catalytic converter so some free gas sure would be appreciated!!

You're going to get gas.

Rory from river falls, WI

why can greenbay NOT field a QUALITY defense ? closest we got was 2010....been all DOWNHILL since !

I don't want to quit on this year's defense. It's too early for that, but if things don't improve, your question is fair and to the point.

Ben from Chicago, IL

Hey Vic, Speaking of Mark Cuban, I worry about you -- do you have any concerns about over-saturation with Ask Vic, Ask Vic Extra, Ask Vic Halftime, and Ask Vic Live Postgame?

You're forgetting "Ask Vic Saturday" and "Ask Vic Raw!" I'm thinking of adding "Ask Vic Hangover."



You're a big letters kind of guy.

Zaquery from Lexington, KY

How are you today Vic? I have often read about the "causal fan" you mention sometimes being the target market for the NFL. What do you consider to be the casual fan? Thank you also for a wonderful column that I truly enjoy reading.

The casual fan is someone I've characterized as falling asleep on the couch while watching on TV a game that is causing hardcore fans' blood pressure to rise. I would also say female football fans represent a significant portion of all football fans, and this Ray Rice thing threatens to estrange female football fans if the NFL doesn't get it right.

Jeppe from Bramming, Denmark

its not important for you to edit our questions

Yinze don't use punctuation in Denmark?

Martin from Tisovec, Slovakia

Vic, I just watched the highlights from Steelers:Ravens game and the flags that flew on those good, clean hits made me sad. Is it becoming impossible to tackle?

That was a Steelers-Ravens game? Really? How could you tell? There were only three hits in the game and they were all penalized. Where was the venom and the violence that are that game's trademark? Do the people in the league office realize they have taken out of that game the very thing that made it a TV ratings bonanza? That might as well have been just another game; it had the feel of one. I've written in the past about the line in the sand that divides safety from excitement – the game wasn't built on safe – and how critical it is the NFL not cross that line in its pursuit of player safety. I fear it's been crossed. All I saw last night were a lot of short passes, penalties and kickoffs out of the back of the end zone.

Jeremy from Evansville, WI

Im sick of people demanding we switch to a 4-3 again. I dont think they remember why we switched in the first place we fielded one of the worst defenses in the league. We lost the game because we got out played not out schemes.

I covered the 2008 Packers at Jaguars game. It was one of only five games the Jaguars won that season. The Packers played a 4-3 in that game. It was obvious to me they were headed for major change on defense during the offseason. That change helped the Packers win a Super Bowl.

Shaun from Milwaukee, wi

When will the panic stop. We were beaten by a obviously better team. Iam of the younger variety fan. It amazes me the cry baby rants especially knowing some of these people played organized sports. You would think we could handle a week 1 lose with a little more composure.

I agree. You have achieved perspective.

Skip from seattle, wa

not a question, a salute. we may see the pack again in january if they play like that all year. we already knew the hawks were better than you thought. the pack is better than i thought. very impressed.

Are you being sarcastic?

Jake from Muncie, IN

I think someone should point out that your surprise pick for a top five back, Terrance West, stepped in for the injured Ben Tate and put up 100 yards in his first game.

I didn't want to blow my horn. Thanks for blowing it.

Jeff from grass valley, ca

I think the bologna stops now but when we get some december football thats when we use the other word.

Bologna is meat. Baloney is nonsense. Where I grew up, we called bologna jumbo and we called baloney baloney, except we didn't say baloney.

Peter from Cairo, Egypt

What the scouting report on Geno Smith? It's a quarterback driven league, ya know! P.S. I started wearing khakis here. They match the dust, and reflect the sun!

The report on Smith is he's an ascending passer whose ability to run gives him an extra dimension he can use as he improves his skills as a passer. Eventually, the Geno Smiths, Colin Kaepernicks and Russell Wilsons all become pocket passers, but their mobility helps get them over the rough spots of being young and inexperienced. My advice? Make Smith be a passer.

Patrick from Winter Park, FL

Following on from your 30th September concerns do you think there will ever come a day when fans pay say $10 to see the game live and the rest of the clubs revenue comes from TV etc. rights?

Are we headed for pay per view? Yes, I believe we are. I don't think it's going to happen soon, but the elements are in place for it to happen. We've already seen it happen in college football.

Louis from coral springs, fl

Dear Vic, does your crystal ball show a packer safety interception against the jets this week?

The Packers will get off the schneid with Hyde, and it'll turn the tide.

John from Verona, WI

How are you? When my beautiful wife saw my question in your column, she gave me a kiss! Can you answer another one?

Maybe it was your obvious command of English grammar that excited her. Give her a kiss for me.

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