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Here's a prediction for Sunday's game

Offense will grow as young weapons emerge


Ryan from Menomonie, WI

I like Peppers' quote that this is a business trip for him. It should put the game in perspective for us fans. Have you received any Peppers bashing questions for his statement?

No. I think fans understand it's a business trip for the players. What else could it be? Football is their business.

Christian from Trondheim, Norway

You said yesterday Peppers could've been used as a linebacker, instead of having to put his hand down and identify himself and being easier to find and block. Can you explain some more on this for those of us less versed in football tactics and strategy?


Dom Capers was the head coach of the Texans when Peppers was draft eligible in 2002. Capers wanted to pick Peppers first overall. Charley Casserly was the Texans' GM and he picked David Carr. Capers' vision was he would make Peppers the featured player in the Texans defense, which meant using him as a linebacker. As a linebacker, Peppers could've been moved around more freely. He could've been used to rush or cover. He could've been used to literally direct the ball. The athletic ability that allowed Peppers to be used in so many roles would've created an overload of preparation for opposing offenses. Coach Capers had done that successfully with Kevin Greene, Greg Lloyd, Chad Brown, LeVon Kirkland, Lamar Lathon and, especially, with Tony Brackens out of a 4-3 look. Coach Capers has always needed that kind of player to define his defense, and I don't think it was any coincidence the Packers drafted Clay Matthews when Coach Capers took over the Packers defense.**

Paul from De Pere, WI

Do the Packers have the weapons to make this offense go?

This team has lost a lot of receivers through attrition. Age, free agency and injury deplete all teams and force them to replenish their ranks. The Packers are going through some of that right now with young receivers such as Davante Adams, Jeff Janis, Richard Rodgers and Brandon Bostick. As they emerge, so will the offense.

Jeff from Minocqua, WI

Vic, Minocqua is celebrating the color change this weekend with its 50th anniversary of Beef-O-Ramma. The Lakeland area will be teeming with both fall color and hoards of Bears and Packers jersey-clad fans cordially intermingling with beer and beef in hand. It will be a great party; wish you could see it.

No fights, huh?

Brie-Head from Paris, France

What do you think about the play call that led to the safety? Any other option that could have been better?

Well, they got sacked for a safety in that same end zone in 2013, so rule out a pass play. If they knew somebody would miss their block on DeAndre Levy and Eddie Lacy would be tackled in the end zone, they could've just run three quarterback sneaks and punted, but I doubt that would've pleased the fans. I think they should've run a play in which Levy was blocked.

Nick from Durand, IL

What about Elliott? He proved himself in all four preseason games to steal his roster spot. Would two have been enough to do the same?

Yeah. His talent was obvious in practices.

Ross from Ankeny, IA

Vic, you've been part of our Packers family for far too long now. Win, lose or draw this Sunday, I truly hope you get that feeling that embodies what is the NFL's oldest rivalry.

I'm going to go out on Saturday night, find a really little Bears fan and pick a fight with him. I am not leaving here until I get that feeling.

Jesse from Truth or Consequences, NM

Vic, if you were out of work and the only team that called was Cleveland, would you write for them?

Fighting, bottle throwing … remember what Sam Wyche said? "You don't live in Cleveland." I've always liked Cleveland. What does that say about me?

Brendan from New York, NY

Vic, how do you square your praise of winsome fans with your love of rivalries that generate anger and spark fights in the stands? I lived in Chicago when the Packers played the Bears for the NFC Championship at Soldier Field. I wore my cheesehead to the game, including when I took the El to and from, and had mostly fun and playful interaction with Bears fans, like the guy with a cheese grater on his head who ran over to try to grate my hat. I appreciated their winsomeness, and at the same time I wanted to beat the Bears in that game even more than I wanted to win the Super Bowl. To me, that's a great rivalry.

I'm not well adjusted. Maybe that's why I'm here. Maybe fate brought me here to heal my damaged soul.

Spencer from Denver, CO

Vic, here we go again. Another Thursday night game in the fourth quarter and it's 45-14. This is not good football. Even the casual fans have got to get bored after a while. I know my fantasy football league friends get sick of it because starters get taken out of games and it doesn't allow for a complete scoring opportunity.

Hang in there, fantasy folks, September is almost over. Vic to commissioner: Fix this, too.

John from Winner, SD

Vic, did you watch the Giants and Redskins last night? The Giants offense is a replica of watching the Packers offense; so similar. It was like watching Aaron Rodgers, except it was Eli running the show.

Same scheme, huh? Hmmm.

Jay from Medellin, Colombia

I'm impressed by the way the Giants seem to be turning the gears on. They started the season miserably and now they look kind of good. Is Tom Coughlin one of the best at keeping cool and not letting fans and media destroy his long-term plans?

Keeping cool? No. Rising from the dead? Yes. Tom Coughlin is the best rise-from-the-dead coach I have ever covered. There was the rise from 4-7 in 1996 to seven straight wins that included the greatest upset in playoff history, and the rise from 0-2 and a 35-15 loss to the Packers in Week 2 of the 2007 season on the way to the Super Bowl title, and the rise from four consecutive losses to begin the second half of the 2011 season on the way to that season's Super Bowl title. He was in a fight to keep his job following the 2006 season, when the Giants lost seven of their final nine games, including a playoff loss in Philadelphia. The guy rolls back the stone better than anybody since You Know Who did it.

Tyler from Apple Valley, MN

Vic, could you describe the feeling you get just before clicking the submit button on one of your columns?

It's not the columns that give me anxiety; it's the game stories. I always check the final score one more time. I had an editor a long time ago that told me if you don't get anything else right, at least make sure you get the score right.

Steven from Torrance, CA

Vic, maybe you should see it through Mike McCarthy's eyes. He is a coach of a legendary team and is going down Lake Shore Drive acknowledging how lucky and grateful he is to be where he is at now, which is the same position the great Lombardi was in going down to meet Halas so many years ago. Maybe that'll help you view that drive differently. Hope I helped and I'll ask Monday how that drive was.

Actually, Lombardi would've been going the opposite direction on Lake Shore Drive, since the Bears played at Wrigley Field back then.

Conrad from Ooltewah, TN

How are you doing today, Vic? I'm laughing hysterically at your response to Frank from yesterday. That one goes into the Ask Vic Hall of Fame, along with the "fighting crows" guy.

Somebody wrote to inform me swans are vicious birds. We didn't have a lot of swans in Natrona when I was growing up – it was probably because all of that soot from the mill would've darkened their feathers – so I didn't know swans were killers. Maybe the Sydney team could change their name to the "Fighting Swans."

Mark from Seattle, WA

Vic, run, Eddie, run!

That's it. If Lacy runs for a hundred on Sunday, Packers win. Write it down in big letters.

Todd from Rochester, NY

Vic, did you ever think you'd see a day when Tom Coughlin would be called "Mr. Positive" on national television?

I remember him leaving me these little stickies on my desk. "Vic, see me, Tom." No way. That's when you didn't want to see him. Wait until his fuse burns out. I remember telling Chuck Noll I was going to Jacksonville. Chuck told me he tried to hire Coach Coughlin. Then Chuck got a big smile on his face and said, "He's very intense." He's also headed to the Hall of Fame.

Ian from New Berlin, WI

Phil Simms said he will avoid using the term Redskins while calling Thursday Night Football, but isn't taking a stand on the issue. As a member of the media, is this the best way to express your opinion on a hot topic like this?

I stopped using the term some months ago. I didn't announce it until now.

Bryce from Iron Mountain, MI

Tom Watson's message to his team? "Just win, baby."

Don't tell me how, just how many. I think it also applies to the Packers this week. Don't tell me about the scheme, just give me the score.

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