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High expectations for young defensive linemen

Are the Packers going to run out of numbers?


Justin from Titonka, IA

Who is the best quarterback, wide receiver, running back trio in the history of the NFL?

That's an intriguing question; never got that one before. My first thought is the trio would all have to be in the Hall of Fame. Unitas/Moore/Berry, Bradshaw/Harris/Swann or Stallworth, and Aikman/Smith/Irvin immediately come to mind. Who'd I miss?

Ted from Oshkosh, WI

It's hard to argue with the All-Vic team you assembled. Can you explain why you chose Earl Campbell over some of the other greats at the position?

I love power backs.

Cliff from Denver, CO

Vic, I saw a story that said after signing Damarious Randall the Packers are expected to have $14.3 million in cap space. Why would a team want unused cap space? Is it in expectation of bigger contracts in coming years?

The Packers have a plan for it. They might want to use some of it to sign a current player to a long-term contract. At the least, they're going to keep a chunk of that money in reserve for emergency moves during the season. Never worry about this team's use of the salary cap.

Greg from Bellevue, WA

Will Tiger ever win another major?

I think the bigger question is will he even make the cut this week?

Jerome from Midland, MI

Vic, are the Packers committing too early in retiring the right QB's number? Yes, Favre brought Packers mania alive and won a Super Bowl, but so has Rodgers. Who do you believe is the better QB in comparison and whose jersey number should be retired; it can't be both.

It's going to be both. This team is going to run out of numbers.

Dan from Pyongtaek, South Korea

Terry Bradshaw not mentioned in your answer in the discussion of greatest QB?

The peak years of his career are too few. Elbow surgery cost him some good years.

John from Milwaukee, WI

What exactly is a defensive quality control coach?

He assists the defensive staff. He'll break down film and provide statistical information and analysis that'll assist the defensive staff in preparing for opponents. He'll do other things, too. In the process, he'll learn how to be a coach.

Neil from Chippewa Falls, WI

Who would coach the All-Vic team?


Eljay from Airdrie, AB

Just wondering why you did not include a placekicker or punter in your All-Vic team.

Adam Vinatieri and Ray Guy.

Brian from Fulshear, TX

Vic, lots of talk about how good the offensive line looks. How do you rate our defensive line?

The Packers have accumulated a lot of young defensive linemen over the past few drafts. I expect that position to become one of the strengths of the team.

Tim from Wausau, WI

Vic, in the spirit of this beard fascination we seem to have, which player you've covered had the best facial hair?

Justin Strzelczyk. He was a good guy. His demise saddened me.

Daniel from Copenhagen, Denmark

What are your thoughts on and expectations for our division rivals going into the next season?

Teddy Bridgewater's development will define the Vikings' hopes. If Bridgewater takes a big step, so will the Vikings. The Lions have the offensive firepower to compete with anybody; defense will define their season. John Fox is laying the groundwork to the future in Chicago. Nobody knows what to expect at quarterback, but you can expect the reconstruction of the Bears to be led by defense; that's what Fox does.

Ken from Easton, PA

Vic, you provided two very good examples of Packers pictures, but how about one more, Lombardi being carried by Kramer?

That's an oversight on my part. It's one of the great sports photos in history and the eye contact between Vince Lombardi and Jerry Kramer defines the Lombardi era of Packers football.

Dave from Loomis, CA

I don't read your column every day. Could you let me know if you pick my question to answer? I don't want to miss it.

I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that.

Tom from Gresham, WI

Unitas, Montana and Brady. Agreed. You say multiple titles. Where does Bart Starr fit in that equation?

I also said body of work (regular season stats), and that's where Starr lags behind Unitas, Montana and Brady. It's not fair, since Starr played for a run-the-ball team, but it's the way it is. I love championship quarterbacks, and Starr might be the greatest of all championship quarterbacks.

Chad from Fredericksburg, VA

Vic, I used to like your blog until it got extremely pretentious and irrelevant to the Packers. Fix it. You're paid to be a writer and predict, not to tell us to wait for father time.

Chad, I'm sorry, but this is the way it is and this is the way it will continue to be. You've got a decision to make.

Andrew from Wichita, KS

What would you think of the Packers offering a one-year contact to Reggie Wayne?

I think I would favor not doing that and, instead, continue to develop the young wide receivers the team has.

Alex from Midland, TX

Vic, I've never been to a Packers game at Green Bay and I plan on taking my son when he reaches an age he can appreciate it so we can both experience it together. Can you describe the difference in experiencing a game at Green Bay compared to other teams you have covered? What's the environment like?

This is a game of the heart and it's all about what you feel. If the Packers own your heart, then Lambeau Field is special. If the Jaguars own your heart, then EverBank Field is special. I have special feelings for Lambeau Field, EverBank Field and Three Rivers Stadium, for the obvious reasons. I have a picture of Three Rivers in my study. Framed inside the picture is a piece of plastic with the number 37 on it. It was scraped from what had been my seat in the press box. My heart sat at that seat for a long, long time. Then it sat in Jacksonville, and now it sits in Green Bay. With every game I cover, my heart fills with more riches. Lambeau Field has become very special to me.

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